It is possible to treat an animal's health problems symptomatically with diet change, vitamins and minerals and even supportive homeopathy remedies. However it is my goal to find the causes of why the animal got sick/painful/ or taken over by parasites in the first place and remove these causes. There are as many causes as there are for why people get sick. In my experience of observing the many animals who have come to me since I opened my practice in 1960, and my education in both orthodox and holistic philosophies, I have come to the following conclusion: WE GET SICK FROM ANY AND ALL THINGS THAT WEAKEN THE BODY'S PROTECTIVE ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE FIELD OR LIFE FORCE. We have to stop thinking of our animals as physical beings alone.

All things exist in physical and energy forms. I have proven this to myself by photographing the electromagnetic field (EMF) of dogs, cats and people with a Kirlian camera. This is a special technique that exposes the film with electricity in a light free environment. I have also measured the magnitude of the EMF by using a sophisticated, electronic machine made in Germany.

By both methods I have compared the EMF of "healthy" individuals to those having known organ illnesses. In the Kirlian photograph, the sick animal and person show "holes" in the EMF and the amplitude (the width or thickness of the EMF halo) of their EMF is very weak compared to the continuous, strong EMF of a healthy body.


  • Inheritance of a genetic code that is flawed and produces a weakened constitution. This may produce impaired organ function, immune response or coping with stress. Yes animals do suffer illnesses due to stress as we do.
  • Environmental toxins- chemicals in the food, water and air that is foreign to the metabolism of the body. To this I add the toxic affects of drugs and vaccines.
  • Trauma to any part of the body but especially to the head, which deranges the natural flow of Chi or Life Force. This touches every cell in the body depriving it of the needed energy for health.
  • Noxious energy fields where we work and live. These are EMF's of the earth known as Geopathic forces and man-made noxious EMF's. Geopathic forces are produced where two underground streams of water intersect, giving up a ray of energy. Any animal confined over this point for a period of time will develop painful arthritis, malfunction of the internal organs and impairment of the immune system. I have seen cases of cancer in animals in such areas. In Europe there are documented areas known as "Cancer" houses where people and animals living there, have developed this disease down through the years. Refer to Newsletter #8 for in depth discussion and products offered for protecting you and your pet.  Man-made noxious energy fields are more important, because this element is becoming more omnipresent. Every electrified building, system of telephones, computers, radios, television, telecommunication of every nature from cellular telephones to military and commercial satellites in the stratosphere, which circle this planet, are radiating an ever widening destructive force field to our bodies. Progress at a price. What can we do to protect our animals and ourselves?
  • Chronic Stress of emotional, physical illness, and toxicity and exposures to noxious energy fields in the environment. Please see my new product Anti-Stress Support Formula 30C

I want to share with you what I have learned from masters of healing. Through knowledge is power-power to make a difference in your pet's health and your own. With my informational website articles, and newsletters with accompanying instructional charts you will learn how to do this, and with the products I have developed, I will give you the tools to do so.

Please call the office and discuss our program of  Head Trauma Chi realignment, Detox/Support/Prevention Program and making the home environment healthy for all household members including the animal.





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