When your pet is sick, has parasites or in pain, there has been a weakening of his protective electromagnetic field. To regain good health, be free of parasites and to relieve pain, you must use therapies that strengthen the protective electromagnetic field of your pet if you want to affect a cure. Pain is the body’s scream for energy. The right energy. One form of energy therapy is homeopathy.


Homeopathy is a system of medical therapy that uses very small doses of medicines or remedies. These remedies are prepared from substances found in nature. They are of animal, vegetable and mineral sources. One chooses the proper medicine by following a special rule of nature--this is called the "Law of Similars." This law says that "likes cure likes." Thus a medicine can cure a sick person or animal only if it can cause a similar sickness in a healthy person or animal.

An example would be skin eruptions caused by contact with poison oak can be cured by taking a homeopathic remedy made from the poison oak plant, (Rhus Toxicodendron) i.e. similar cures similar. Going further, any skin dermatitis that resembles poison oak reaction will respond to the same homeopathy Rhus Toxicodendron, no matter what is the cause. This basic tenet of homeopathy is true for man, animal or fowl as these remedies will respond and work in all species--even fish.

The use of homeopathy within the animal kingdom is almost the same as it is used in man as all the recorded observations have been done using healthy humans. In humans, homeopathy works on all levels- the mind, emotions and physical levels. It works as such on our animals as well, but due to a lack of verbal subjective feedback we must train ourselves to be astute observers as it is only through accurate observation and interpretation can we determine the causes and or proper symptoms in which we must base our remedy selection.

The world homeopathy is derived from the Greek words homeos meaning "similar" and pathos meaning "suffering." Thus homeopathy means to "treat with a remedy that produces an effect similar to the suffering."

"Homeopathy does not merely remove disease from an organism; it strengthens and harmonizes the very source of life and creativity in the individual."

------- George Vithoulkas

History of Homeopathy

While many alternative and complementary therapies originated in Eastern cultures, homeopathy is of Western Origin. Hippocrates (460-370 BC) had a negative attitude toward potent drugs. Paracelsus (1493-1541), a Swiss alchemist and physician, averred similia similibus curantur (like cures like) that disease should be treated with small doses of drugs, which, in large doses, would cause symptoms similar to those of disease.

In 1795, Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician, re-enunciated the theory like cures like. He coined the term homeopathy and allopathy. He is considered the "Father" of Homeopathy for he spent years cataloging and repertorizing many of the homeopathy remedies we have today, using himself and others as guinea pigs. He thought highly of veterinary surgeons in their skills based on experience and more success than "learned professors and members of the academics".

By 1900, about 20 percent of the physicians in the United States were homeopaths, but due to various cultural and social changes, homeopathy has become relatively unknown in this country. There is wider acceptance in such countries as France, Germany, South America, India and Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth's family physician is a homeopath and she allows only homeopathy to be used on her horses.

The use and acceptance of homeopathy in Veterinary Medicine has fairly paralleled that of physicians It is widely used in these same countries and today more veterinarians in the United States are discovering the effective, gentle, non-toxic way that Homeopathy cures animal's illnesses.


Any plant, mineral or animal substance can be used as a remedy. The original substance is diluted in alcohol, either 1:10 or 1:100 and then each dilution are forcefully shaken. This step is then repeated for up to 100 million times if a remedy of this high potency is required. The potency indicates the number of times the remedy has been diluted and each dilution increases the strength of the remedy-- this may be due to diluting out inhibitors as well as changing the molecular structure.

The strength or potency is measured by an "X", or "D" in Germany which is a ten-fold dilution i.e., 6x, or D6 is a one to one million dilution) or by a "C" which is a 100-fold dilution (3 C is a one to one million dilution). Homeopathy works on the Vital Force or Chi by fine- tuning the essential balance of the vital force to bring about patterns of energy similar to those of the disease state but focused in a way, which restores the body's equilibrium and thus affects a cure or health. In comparison, most conventional medicines act by suppressing a part of the body's system rather than focusing on the CAUSE of the energy imbalance and thus are crude and have the potential for side effects and toxicities.

Homeopathy treats the patient rather than the disease. Homeopathy remedies are chosen to fit all the symptoms of body, mind and spirit being expressed, rather than the disease diagnosis. This is true in animals too. It goes beyond the physical into the energetic expression of the total being. Having practiced EAV with the energy-reading machine, the Dermatron, I was able to see the energy matches of specific homeopathy remedies to that of the energy- disturbed organs of my animal patients.

It was these "energy matches" that were used to cure the animals of their ailments. Disturbed energy within the weakened protective electromagnetic field (EMF) allows the energy fields of parasites (bacteria, virus, fungi, worms and ectoparasites, and cancer cells) to enter and find fertile ground for reproduction. It is this that produces disease. It is the right energy fields that must be administered to the sick patient (man or animal) to strengthen his EMF. Once strong, the energy environment makes it impossible for the parasites to live and they disappear.

I have used homeopathy to treat every imaginable illness in an animal presented to me. In the majority of cases I have been successful; the failures represented animals whose immune systems were so destroyed by steroids drugs and radiation, that the homeopathy was ineffective. For homeopathy like acupuncture, to be successful, it must work in concert with a functional immune system.


No, but you may find the homeopathy remedies do not work as well if at the same time drugs, pesticides, cortisone and other immune depressive chemicals are being used.


Yes, and I have used homeopathy on dogs, cats, birds, lizards, horses, goats, calves and most recently on a python who was suffering an infection of the urinary bladder. My Custom Homeopathic Formula for Cystitis cleared up her problem. Her owner sent me the nicest email with thanks from him and "Peaches".


Because homeopathy is energy medicine, the majority of which potencies are beyond Avogadro’s number; it is unlike taking a substance medication. It is a very fragile, but powerful energy therapy. The fragility of its essence is overcome and rendered neutral in affects by other strong substances exposure: like most herbs, garlic, onions, camphor, perfumes, strong smelling soaps and hand lotions.

Care must be taken when taking homeopathy and eating; homeopathy remedies should be taken no less than ½ hour before and 1 hour after eating. Remedy tablets should be handled as little as possible for maximum affect. The amount of homeopathy in tablets, or drops do not dictate amount of affect, it is the potency (the number of dilutions and succussions) and the frequency of taking the remedy that matters. There is as much affect of taking two drops of a homeopathy remedy as there is in a bathtub full of the same remedy.


Homeopathy, the Law of Similars, is basic to all other variations on the original classical form of single remedies laid down by Hahnemann. Today homeopaths may use combination remedies, nosodes (homeopathy made from actual causative agents of specific chemicals, bacteria, viruses, fungi, vaccinations, etc. as detected by the use of EAV, and an electronic machine that reads the energy fields that normalize the imbalanced reading of the actual organs via their acupuncture points), high potency, or low potency remedies. I have found that in the hands of a skilled homeopath, all forms work.

I see a bright future for homeopathy in eugenic treatment, treating animals in utero. Homeopathy lessens genetic tendency toward disease and by strengthening the breeding stock, "super babies" are produced. It was that way in EAV in Germany with Dr. Voll’s human patients, and on a limited scale with my animal patients.

Imagine, when breeding animals are cured by homeopathic treatment, their offspring (at least second or third generations) may not be susceptible to breed problems such as hip dysplasia, wobbler, bloat, colic, interdigital pyoderma, elongated soft palates and hypothyroidism.

I will tell you a story of two cats to illustrate this point. Two girl roommates each owned a cat, one male and one female. Both cats were ill with Feline Leukemia and were brought for treatment. After months of detoxification with homeopathic nosodes and treatment with a series of progressively higher potencies of a homeopathy that I made from their own blood containing the Feline Leukemia Virus, I was able to completely cleanse all their organ systems so that they became negative for Feline Leukemia. Consequently the two cats felt so good, they bred and had five lovely kittens. These kittens were robust, healthy and feline leukemia negative. They were my "super babies".


I am often asked my philosophy of vaccination in animals. Having experienced the ravages of drug vaccinations in my own Horses, cats and dogs, I have been using homeopathic nosodes in all my animals since 1985 and I would never go back to drug vaccinations in my animals. I prefer building a strong Electromagnetic Energy Force Field (EMF) of protection against disease invaders. I do this with my Dr. Dodd’s Detox/Support/Prevention Program:

1. Feeding nutritious, fresh, detoxed food and water given the animal. Stop feeding commercial pet food, make a home made diet from scratch for dogs and cats; feed grass hay, grains and supplements for horses and rodents—all animal food and water are to be detoxed on my blue green Detox papers before consumption.

2. Use of my homeopathic nosode remedies to detoxify noxious effects of past administered drug vaccines and drugs, dewormers, antibiotics, steroids , heartworm and parasite preventatives, chemical pollutants of food, water and air of  pesticides, heavy metals, hydrocarbons  etc. and supportive homeopathy for  all organs including the immune system.


There has been such a devasting health hazard from vaccination in animals and people that we now have a medical term,”Vaccinosis” for illness produced by vaccines. If you type the search words” animal Vaccinosis” in Google, (October 8, 2006) you will find over 14,600 links of Vaccinosis articles written by independent scientific researchers, veterinarians and breeders. With each article they may reference 2-3 other sites, which means we are talking upwards of 29,000-52,000+ articles written on this very serious health problem in animals. 

Professionally, I have seen German Shepherds become paralyzed from receiving a drug Rabies vaccination, horses go into colic from their combination yearly boosters, cats develop the disease of Feline Leukemia from a vaccination carrying the attenuated virus, and formation of cancer sarcodes at the site of some vaccine inoculations, and hundreds of ill animals with wide ranges of organ dysfunction, chronic skin problems, immune depression diseases, allergies, failed kidney and heart condition due to the contributing pathology of their accumulated vaccinations over the years.

I know this because of my experience using the German EAV method of diagnosis and energy- evaluation of organ function on a sophisticated electronic machine, the Dermatron. I could tell what was specifically causing the disease/illness/pain by testing specific nosodes of infective agents, chemicals, heavy metals, drugs and vaccines that normalized the abnormal readings.  It was only after complete cleansing of each animal’s toxic state of chemicals AND vaccines, with these detoxing nosodes  that the animal recovered. Many times, just removing the noxious affects of the vaccinations produced a remarkable improvement.

All animals who have been vaccinated  with Rabies drug vaccine, and Cat, Dog and Horse drug  vaccinations,  irrespective of age, must start detoxing with the lower potencies of  each respective drug vaccine with the low potencies 12x, 30C, and 60C, THEN , if the animal is 7 years or older up to 10 years of age, continue deeper cleansing of the vaccinations by ordering the 100C, 200C, and 400C. THEN  if the animal is 11 years or older, continue with the last extended potencies of detox vaccinosos nosodes 600C, 800C, and  M

Rabies vaccine of any kind has been absolutely devastating, ranging from paralysis to deranged Central Nervous System symptoms. Some animals would chase imaginary objects in the air, snapping their jaws rythmatically in the air at nothing, or suddenly a loving animal has a personality change to a snarling beast and attacks members of the household. With EAV I found ALL readings of the organ systems and nervous system would not return to normal until all of the rabies vaccinations in that animal were removed.

I have found Rabies, Canine Distemper, and Aluminum (both as part of the vaccine ingredient, but as a pollutant in the food chain and water) to be a causative factor of skin problems, endocrine and digestion deficiencies, allergies, toxicities of the liver, kidney and heart with resulting failure of these organs. I have found cysts and tumors produced in the ovary and pancreas with resulting extreme abdominal pain and insulin coma in the latter. This widespread involvement of the body’s pathology is not surprising since all three go to the brain and nervous system that touches every organ in the body.

I have written an entire newsletter on “Vaccinosis”. This happens in animals, and infants too. Our government has a secret fund to pay off litigation from parents whose children were killed or maimed by vaccination. The government had paid out 522 million dollars of the taxpayers’ money by Feb. 3, 1995 and estimates for future liability in the billions. You can read about this at Also 20 Reasons Not To Take The Smallpox Vaccination.

In 1999, the mandatory vaccination of children is 13 different vaccine entities before the age of 6 months! Besides the overwhelming of the body with too many multiple viruses and bacteria that must produce an illness to produce an immunity, there are the health damages of the intolerable chemicals: mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde; very toxic substances in even miniscule amounts, (.05 parts per million for mercury). Check out Gary Null’s website on vaccine injury and immunization risks at All that I’ve said for children vaccination risks apply to the animals too. In this country the practicing vaccination  procedure in animals has been starting at 3 months of age, a kitten or puppy starts a series of six valent modified live vaccination 2-3 weeks apart until 6 months old and then boostered within 6 months and yearly thereafter. For the puppy this is Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Corona, Parvo and Kennel Cough all in one vaccine! For the kitten, this is Feline Distemper, Rhinotracheitis, Calici Virus, Feline Infectious Peritonitis and Feline Leukemia. The first four are in one vaccine with the Leukemia separate. Rabies vaccine had been with a modified live virus (still preferred by health care individuals) but lately killed Rabies is also available. This is given at 4 months then at one year old, in California this is boostered every three years thereafter. Rabies inoculations are mandated by public health. Only killed Rabies vaccine is allowed in cats for modified live Rabies vaccine  produces the disease in the cat. Now there are many, many things wrong with this vaccination program: 1.Research has proven that vaccines containing more than two viruses and/or bacteria overwhelm the animal’s immune system with little or no antibodies being formed for proper protection. 2.Periods between vaccinations must be no less than 6 weeks for the immune stimulating process to recover in order to respond properly to the next vaccination. 3.Research has proven that some (such as Canine Hepatitis and Leptospirosis) requires only one vaccination to give a lifetime immunity. There is no need to booster yearly.

Researchers and many practitioners have seen the dangers of the Feline Leukemia Vaccine actually producing the disease! So this brings up the question of the merits of giving it at all. It would be so much better to build a strong life force (EMF) in the animal.

The FDA/USDA have prevented me from selling and advocating the use of my Homeopathy  Vaccinosis Detox Nosodes 30C as a form of vaccination. Please contact  my office for form letter to send to your Federal congressmen to amend the 1913 Virus, Serum and Toxin  Act to allow the safer  homeopathic nosodes  to be exempted from this law.

My  professional experience has shown they can be  used as treatment of the specific clinical infection and protection by strengthening the EMF of the animal to be strong and healthy. I have used the Parvo Homeopathic nosode to treat the disease caused by the Parvo virus in dogs incapable of producing protective antibodies with the drug Parvo vaccine,  and have found the  Parvo detox nosode  prevented infection to exposure of these same animals to Kennel Cough. This occured because the energy fields of the homeopathic detox remedies to stimulate and strengthen  the entire  animal's organ functions, endocrine glands to be strong and healthy.The way Mother Nature intended.

Further Use of Homeopathic Remedies

To help you with any emergency you may experience with your animal, I have developed a line of Animal First Aid Kits, both the Deluxe size and trail bags containing all natural contents, the majority being homeopathy, with illustrative handbook of instructions.

To help heal your animal of acute or chronic illnesses, please see my line of Dr. Dodd’s Custom Homeopathic Formulas that I have used successfully in my own practice.

There is no hard research in nosodal vaccination but there are some holistic vets who use it on their own animals, and in Europe this is an accepted procedure. Dr. MacLeod’s books on homeopathy for animals espouse it.


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