This is a new virus to the Western Hemisphere, having originated in Africa. However, I advocate the same procedure using natural holistic therapies in a clinical case of WNV as for any infective disease. War must be fought on two levels: The physical and the electromagnetic field energies (EMF) of the body.


  1. Isolate all clinically ill animals. Strengthen the EMF all asymptomatic horses, and foals
    with my Detox Vaccinosis WNV Nosode 30C .
  2. Treat Clinically symptomatic horses with my homeopathic WNV Treatment for Male or Female Formula 60C according to accompanying literature. This contains the WNV nosode, german lymph and circulatory drainers, endocrine and organ support remedies and symptomatic treatment of encephalitis if developed.
  3. Add oral oxygen (Aerobic O7 ) drops 15 drops to automatic water cup, or dilute in ½ cup water and give orally twice daily. Viruses cannot live in high oxygen environment of the cells and tissues of the body. Give for at least 3 months.
  4. New Life Colostrum. This contains natural antibodies already made against viruses, bacteria, fungi. Give according to instructions 3 x daily for at least 3 months.
  5. Bach Flower Calming Essence liquid by mouth according to literature to relieve stress of infection and to help lift the Life Force of the animal.
  6. Give Lactated Ringers S.Q. or IV to reverse acidosis which can weaken the animal further. Blood serum Potassium and Sodium electrolyte monitoring may be necessary.


  1. To produce a successful, rapid healing, it is necessary to strengthen the Chi (or Life Force) of the animal while the physical organs are being supported and the virus detoxification is progressing. Measure the sick animals for my Healing Halter which has 6 different healing qualities built into the halter.
  2. Practice massage of acupressure points for all organ systems and immune system according to my Horse Acupuncture point Massage Charts. Try to apply 2 x daily.
  3. Charge food and water with my 6 inch plasticized Crystal Mandala Chargers according to directions. The consumption of the increased EMF of the treated food and water will increase the sick animal’s own EMF.

    All products can be ordered from the product menu. One bottle of 250 tablets. Treatment for Male or Female will treat 2 animals for 7 days, or one animal for 14 days if prolonged treatment is needed. Ask about our volume discounts.


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