March 6, 2003

USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics
Ste. 104, 510 S. 17th St.
Ames, IA 50010

Dear Sirs:

In response to your letter of Feb. 25, 2003, I called your office to clarify the USDA’s definition of “biologics”. Essentially I learned it is any product that has the claim of immunizing an animal against disease. I sell homeopathic Nosode remedies, which do not contain any biological agents, yet historically they have proven to not only detox drug vaccines noxious effects but confer immunity. We have over 300 years written documentation of homeopathic nosodes being used to immunize livestock (re: Dr. Wilhelm Lux in Germany circa 1700’s) against Anthrax, Black Leg etc. and more recently in Great Britain, homeopathic veterinarians are using homeopathic Detox Vaccinosis nosodes to immunize against the common dog and cat virus/bacterial diseases with much success, and no serious side effects like the drug vaccines cause. However in this country in order to be licensed, I would be unable financially to undergo the rigid and expensive testing to prove their efficacy.

I have instructed my web master to edit my web page, to delete any reference to these remedies being used to immunize animals. You know how slow web masters work online, so I expect it will take a few weeks to edit the website, however, I have instructed our staff to stop selling these nosodes for immunization. I hope this settles the matter satisfactorily for you.


Gloria Dodd DVM
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