Every month I will be including a helpful procedure or information for you, the pet owner, to use in maintaining your animals' health and happiness.

This month I will teach you how to save a life-man or animal, who has stopped breathing and /or in cardiac arrest. This procedure utilizes special acupressure points for resuscitation. It is probably the single most important thing you will ever learn. I would suggest you print this and keep it handy always.

With fingernail, sewing needle or ball point pen, press hard in a bird pecking motion (or press hard in a clockwise direction) over the point of center of the central crease that divides right nostril from left just where the nose pad joins the center of the upper lip (GV 26) until you get some response in breathing. (I warn you this is a powerful point- I have had comatose horses immediately stand up on all four feet after stimulating this point). You can add two other stimulation points on the hind feet (K1). Bird peck over the point of the center of the large pad of each paw of the hindlegs (see illustrations).


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