Testimonials for Rejuvenation Program

About 15 years ago, my six year old cat, Harold, was diagnosed with FIP(Feline Infectious Peritonitis), and given a death sentence. After a couple of months of treatment from Dr. Dodd, he was well - I would say, cured - for Harold lived a healthy and contented life until he died at age 16! I am forever grateful to Dr. Dodd and her multi-level approach for Harold a good, long life with us. FIP CAN be cured! -->Judy Aizuss, M.S.

"My 4 ½ year old neutered male cat, "Taz" was diagnosed with Vestibular Disturbance Syndrome because he could not keep his balance and was constantly going into seizures. His treatment with drugs and antibiotics had not been successful. Your expertise showed us his problem was due to past trauma to his head and chronic heavy metal poisoning of the brain and nervous system. You advised special chiropractic adjustments, your homeopathic remedies and detoxification program and the Healing Halter. Taz is doing quite well now. I thank you for all your help." -->T. Jacobs, Missoula, Montana

"My cat, Mandy, has been treated unsuccessfully for Diabetes Mellitus with increasing doses of insulin. Your rejuvenation techniques of natural healing have cured my Mandy of her Diabetes! The veterinarians were astounded and wanted to know what I had done. I showed them your Healing Halter, homeopathic remedies and detoxification of heavy metals, newsletters and natural diet prescribed. I have bought your anti-radiation devices to clear my home environment of all noxious energies. Mandy has been off insulin completely, feels so much better and has even gained 1 and ¼ pounds. You have performed a miracle! I can never thank you enough, Dr. Dodd." --> A. Guancione, San Jose, CA.

"My 13 year old dog, Betty" had suffered with chronic diarrhea for years, and was diagnosed with an intestinal growth. Her last attack produced extreme weakness and a "spacey looking off into space". This was unresponsive to our efforts so I contacted you for help. You called the veterinarian and asked him to run a fecal and check for whipworms- that came back positive! No vet had even suggested running a fecal all those years. Betty was then wormed for this parasite. Your expertise, knowledge and concern, along with your products, the Healing Halter, diet change, Detox and Support program saved Betty's life. I can never thank you enough, Dr. Dodd." --> C. Walsh, Warminster PA

"I have a 13-15 yr old Himalayan cat, (age estimated, he was a rescue kitty) "Boy Cat" who was hospitalized with failing kidneys. He refused food for a long time. Even with the fluids, steroids and antibiotics there was no improvement. I found your website and began his rejuvenation program as you prescribed: a healing halter, detoxing his natural diet, the special homeopathic Natrum Mur series, crystal charging his drinking water, and the Detox and Supportive homeopathic remedies. Boy Cat had some quality of life, before it was evident that his little kidneys were irreversibly worn out and I had him euthanized. For some months with your treatment he was eating, urinating normally and enjoying sharing time at the computer, curled up next to me. I want to express how much your kindness, sincere compassion, and expertise made a difference in my life and Boy Cat. In short, thank you. Thank you Dr. Dodd." --> Teresa C, St Louis, MO

"I have to admit I am amazed at the rapid results from the Healing Halter™. I noticed within the first day or two that the dog is doing about 70-80% less itching and scratching. I asked my husband if he noticed too, and he said he noticed the same thing. She has had a continuous problem with Demodex, never free from it. She has finished phase one of the Detox and Support program and will start Detox bottle two in another week, bless you, Dr. Dodd." J. Logan, Franklin, NC

"One year ago, my female black lab puppy was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia, your homeopathic remedies and Healing Halter™ has helped her tremendously. Today she is living a normal life, Cheyenne is active, without pain, and her coat is silky and shining. She is all healed and weighs 71 lbs. People are amazed at how well she is doing. Thank you for your all your natural products, your Homeopathic Wormer and Organ Support remedies." K.G., Elk Grove, CA

"Dear Gloria, I am the lady in Australia with my horse, Duke. For 12 months he had gotten progressivley sicker, with inflamed nasal passages, head tossing, multiple areas of pain and spasm in the back muscles. Then he developed a terrible skin disease. The veterinarians prescribed creams that blistered his skin and drugs that made him worse. He became toxic and thin. You immediately prescribed a baking soda skin treatment that brought instant relief to his angry red, open skin sores. His itching and scratching ceased. Your expertise with natural healing, the Healing Halter, homeopathic Allergens, and Detox and Support program has given me back a healthy, happy horse, free of pain and has a glossy coat, Duke has built up his muscles and is happy to be ridden again. Thanks Gloria for saving Duke's life."
--> V. Maleckas, Victoria, Australia

Dr. Dodd's comment: you may read Duke's story and see his recent picture.

"Hello Dr. Dodd, Emma and Henry (my 2 Pomeranians) are doing wonderful! I am giving them their homeopathic remedies and they are wearing their Healing Halters. I want to tell you I washed all our food before preparing according to your Newsletter #7,and all I can say is WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! I didn't tell Charlie my husband, and wanted to see if he noticed a difference. He said, "Well I guess my taste buds are working again…this tastes really good." I was afraid of using the Clorox; I have asthma attacks from cleaning products. But using it according to your newsletter didn't bother me at all. Thank you for a delicious healthy dinner Dr. Dodd!!!" --> Marion M., Wantagh, NY

"Dear Dr. Dodd, I have recently started my 4-year-old female Shi Tzu, Kibbi, on liquid Kyolic Garlic and your DETOX AND SUPPORT program. Within 1 week her severe itching, watery eyes and lethargy disappeared. I am very grateful that I was introduced to your website and that I now have a safe and highly effective way to deal with, and eliminate the skin allergies that the Vet said she would have all her life. Thank you" email, --> Karen B. and Kibbi

"I asked Jean Dodds, DVM (the blood specialist in veterinary medicine) if she knew you and she said yes she did. She said years ago people always confused the two of you She said that you were ahead of the times in your holistic beliefs and the health profession is just now catching up with your way of thinking. She agrees to not vaccinate my dogs, do titers instead, and that my use of Heart guard and Program (toxic heartworm preventative drugs) and drug vaccinations was the reason for some serious health problems I had with my dogs 4 years ago." --> Email-Susan Nelson

"Nina is so healthy, full of energy, happy and playful she is driving Brindy crazy. Since I have been following your natural Diet and Detoxification of the food (newsletters 4, and 7), they eat better than me. Tonight they had mixed veggies with ground meat (detoxed of course!), multivitamin with minerals, 1500 mg of Ester C and Bee pollen, then a raw chicken wing. Thank you for saving Nina's life." --> Noel White, Orlando, FL.
Dr. Dodd's comment: read Nina's story, a Boxer who was gravely ill with failing liver and kidneys, and how she was brought back from a death sentence with my Basic Health Package. Her picture with Brindy and story is in the Pet of the Month section of my web page.


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