Teresa C.
Shaggy's Transformation Testimonial

Around 5 a.m. about 4 weeks ago, we realized that our 10 year old Old English Sheepdog, Shaggy could not get up off the upstairs floor. We called the nearest vet to come pick Shaggy up, as he was moaning and crying in pain. His left hind leg was limp and useless. Shaggy was given 3 pain medications and we were advised to put him in his own private, carpeted room.
The drugs were administered and Shaggy was able to get up, on and off, but he would groan in pain. At times, he could not get up without our assistance. Our hearts were sinking.

We reached out to Dr. Dodd and asked her for her recommendations. In addition to changing Shaggy’s diet to an anti-inflammatory regimen of fish, eggs, whole grains and lots of veggies, we gave Shaggy a series of 4 homeopathic medications formulated by Dr. Dodd. Shaggy also wore his healing halter at all times. The results were phenomenal. Within a very short amount of time, Shaggy was able to get up and down on his own. He is walking and even jumping up on the couch!
When following up with Shaggy's regular vet, a week after the first visit, we were told that there was nothing medicine can do for Shaggy. The only option we had was surgery.

Contrasting this with the recommendations from Dr. Dodd's office and the encouragement provided by Dr. Dodd's staff, the difference in the mentalities and the approaches are day versus night. Thank you, Dr. Dodd!!

Chandra, Teresa & Shaggy
Dallas, TX USA

Barb T.
To my animal loving friends,

Dr. Dodd is an internationally known DVM who has an integrative health practice. I found Dr. Dodd when my Mulligan was very sick and traditional medicine had no idea what was wrong with him. She diagnosed him as being a very sick kitty, 1 year before he passed, utilizing methods taught to her in the 1970's in Germany and South America. She has an array of products that she offers. Her homeopathic remedy protocols have been created by her. She also has commercially manufactured products that she supports and feels are appropriate and safe, that she offers. You can go to her website and check her out. It is very interesting and enlightening about the causes of illness from her perspective. A lot of her protocols can be used by humans also, but as a DVM, she cannot officially prescribe them for humans. One of the products that she offers, which is great for immunity is the Bovine Colostrum from New Zealand. Mulligan could never get enough of it!! :-))) The 25% discount is a great way to try her products.

Dr. Dodd is a cancer survivor herself. She followed the sodium bicarbonate protocol developed by Dr. Simoncinni, who is a pediatric oncologist in Italy, with an 80% survival rate.

If you have some extra perusing time and want to expand your knowledge about holistic healing and wellness, I encourage you to visit her website.

Juliana G.
Dr. Dodd:
I have been purchasing from you for 2 years now. My dogs have skin allergies and colostrum is making wonders for them.
Thanks, Juliana G.

Dear Dr. Dodd and Sara,

We just wanted you to know what a wonderful difference your advice and treatments have made for our 13 year old doberman; Mikka. I know this will sound like hyperbole to some, and it would to us, had we not seen it ourselves. When we first called you about 2 months ago,(the suggestion of a friend who also uses your services), we were hopeful.

Mikka had gotten to the point of almost no movement except getting up to eat. Extremely lethargic, and we suspect, often in pain from his old age aches. The only pleasure he seemed to have left, was one of us stroking his head while it lay in our lap. Sometimes he seemed so sad and listless, we were seriously talking about saying goodbye to our longtime friend. When we heard about you and what you had done for others, we decided to call; thank God we did.

Within 5 days we noticed Mikka was taking interest in life, that he hadn't shown in months. It changed so quickly that we weren't sure we weren't just kidding ourselves. But in another few days it was so obvious, that visiting friends and family members noticed the difference. Mikka's whole being was getting better, he stood more erect, his ears perked up, he would socialize again with our other dogs and cats. In a few more weeks, he could walk with out stumbling, and now after 7 weeks, he walks to our up stairs office with us, something he has not done in more than a year. Yesterday he was chasing and running playfully with our younger dogs, admittedly only for a few minutes, but that was impossible until we had your help.

We understand our dear friend will not live forever, but we are most appreciative, that you have given us a way to make whatever time we have together, a more pleasant time for him....and us.

Thank you and Sara, for being such caring people and doing such meaningful work.

Carl and Laurie Wiglesworth
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Morgan, my 8 1/2 year old long-haired dachshund, has spondylosis and has been receiving chiropractic and accupuncture for relief of the pain. She does well after treatment, but it only lasts two to three weeks before she is in severe pain again and having trouble walking. Six weeks ago I started her on Dr. Dodd's formulas for spinal/disc problems (Intervertebral Disc Formula, Muscle Spasm/Muscle Tie Up, Exostosis, and Nerve Tonic Formula). She has not had a chiropractic or accupuncture treatment since being on the formulas and is running around like a puppy, completely out of pain. Thank you, Dr. Dodd!
Carol Post

"As a member of the medical profession, I have always believed in Holistic Medicine.  As I witnessed the efficacy of the meds that I have ordered from you, by watching Higgins health IMPROVE so drastically, I could only thank God for leading me to you.
Keep up your outstanding work on behalf of all animal lovers! "
Warmest wishes,

"I have had wonderful results with Dr. Dodd's homeopathic formulas: Seizures have stopped after use of the Head Trauma Formula. We have strengthened both dogs' electromagnetic fields through use of the healing harnesses and all the homeopathic detox formulas, and we never see a flea. Good-bye Frontline, Advantage, and all the other poisons! Eight-year-old Morgan (long-haired dachshund) has spondylosis and problems with pinched nerves for which she has been receiving chiropractic and accupuncture, so we are trying the four formulas for intervertebral disc problems."
Carol Post

"I have found Dr. Dodd's products to be effective and very easy to administer to my animals. Not only are the products a wonderful adjunct to my animal's health, but the information that Dr. Dodd so generously shares with us is immeasurable. She is always more than happy to educate us in the ways to assist our animal companions for a healthy quality of life.

"I have used your products for several years; have your first aid kit and keep it filled. I prefer to keep my pets healthy the natural way. Your products allow me to do just that"
Polly S. Delavan, WI

"Dr. Dodd has developed some wonderfully effective homeopathic treatments through her own research and dedication, in addition to including effective blends of well respected homeopaths who have been practicing for centuries. Because of Dr. Dodd, many animals who's health was considered hopeless have now had many more years of good health. I credit her with saving the lives of not only my own animals (horses,cats,dogs), but several friends' and client's pets too!"
-Pam G.

"Thank you for your dedication and your remedies. What they wanted to do to Dakota post-op would have most certainly killed him. You not only saved his life, but his quality of life is wonderful. Even at 14 he still walks 3 miles with me every day and sometimes does wind sprints!!"
-Elaine Ragsdale

Comment by Dr. Dodd: This dog had cancer of the parathyroid and penis and with my products and treatment we were able to extend his life with quality.

"With all the conflicting information on healing Dr. Dodd is a savior for those of us searching for the truth on how to help our animals stay healthy and if sick or injured how to help them heal without resorting to poisonous drugs. Dr. Dodd can be trusted to give you the most up to date information on how to help your animal live to its fullest and healthiest potential."
-Linda Epstein

My cat Mabelle got a lot of heavy metals in her because of the particularly unhealthy environment we had to live in for a year, 5 years ago. Which was confirmed bMabelley a hair analysis. I had tried and tried to find a way to help with this, as she went through times when she'd lose a lot of hair, become apathetic, come to me crying etc. etc. 2 1/2 years ago, a friend recommended I try Waiora, which I reluctantly did [I don't "believe in" chelation, it makes very little sense to me]. After 1 drop a day for a week, Mabelle's canine broke [I guess the calcium got chelated, too!], and after that I started my long wait for Godot....

Well, magic is magic and Godot actually came!!! 2-3 months ago, an email landed in my Inbox, from someone I didn't know, just informing me that she was a holistic vet and that she had a homeopathic treatment to remove heavy metals from pets. To this day I haven't a clue of who sent her my way, and, truth be told, I like suspecting every one of my friends to have done Mabelle and me such a great favor, so I don't inquire!

I'm now at the tail end of the treatment, and let me tell you it has been a cat's resurrection. Her hair has grown back pretty much all over [when we started the treatment, even her ears were getting bald, have you ever seen a cat with a bald ear?] It's still a fluffy kind of hair [think of a newborn chick...]. She doesn't cry anymore [she has resumed her old demanding ways instead], she eats a lot [she had been getting rather skinny before the treatment, but isn't anymore] and I believe I now get good reports to the Cat Liberation Front.

So, in case you encounter the same problem with your own furry friends, let me give you Mabelle's resurrection info. Her Fairy Godmother is Dr. Gloria Dodd, and you can contact her through her website that's definitely worth a visit, at
She can also be contacted directly at tel/fax (707) 785-9171.

Love to you all,
Viviane and Mabelle


I have been using your homeopathy nosodes extremely successfully for years. I have a Morgan gelding who celebrated his 35th birthday today! (That makes him the oldest horse in our county!) I have a 13 year old female Golden Retriever . These are two examples of many of what I beleive good nutrition and your nosodes regimen has accomplished for my animals.

Thank you!
Alana P.
New Boston, MI

Testimonial- Rodent Ulcer Cure in Cat
My now 8 1/2 -year-old cat Rosie has had recurring Rodent Ulcers on her lips since she was a kitten, which of course had been treated with steroids whenever they would occur. She'd been on prednisone and depo-medrol shots on and off most of her life.

On March 15, 2007, she was diagnosed with diabetes which I learned that this can be cause by steroids. Unfortunately, after her diagnosis the rodent ulcers got worse, they simply wouldn't go away. The vets didn't want to use the depo medrol shots anymore so tried lower dose prednisone or prednisolone, but they just wouldn't go away. Frustrated and afraid to keep her on steroids, I took her to a holistic vet who gave her Chinese herbs which again seemed to have little effect. We changed her diet (with holistic vet's recommendation), made sure there was no plastic on any of her bowls or plates, looked into other possible luck. So I searched the Internet for something that would help her without interfering with her diabetes.

I found Dr. Dodd's site and discovered not one but two dosages for Rodent ulcer, I started with the 30CC and ended up on the 400CC. It took some time, maybe 6 - 8 weeks but the ulcers (and she had 3 or 4 going on by this time) healed. This was last summer and now, as of February, she has had no recurrence. And I'm not too worried now if she does as we have quite a few pills left and now I have an place to turn without having to worry about the dangers of steroids.

I've sent both my regular & holistic vet to Dr. Dodd's website as they were both very interested in what finally cleared up Rosie's Rodent Ulcers.

Thank you!
Elizabeth, I.
Edna, MN.

"My 11 year- old lab is fighting a tough battle with cancer - she has far exceeded any expectations of quality and length of life due to Dr. Dodd’s extreme patience, knowledge and understanding.  We could not have asked for a better person or better products to help our girl in this battle!!!" - H. Klaus, Manhattan Beach, Ca.

(Dr. Dodd’s Comment: This spayed female Labrador, Jade, has Mastosarcoma. Ms. Klaus asked for help when her veterinarian told her there was no hope, and suggested euthanasia. That was on May 11, 2007. How did we accomplish this? I found Jade had had a trauma to her head that caused her Chi or Life Force to flow to switch from positive energy flow into negative energy, weakening every organ system and immune system over time. We first had to realign the Chi to positive flow with the 3 bottle set Jarquin homeopathic remedies. We immediately put her on a detoxed natural home made diet. Then I had to identify the other causes of her cancer. We continued monthly Detox/Support/Prevention protocol monitoring and treatment via the in depth consultation and Radionics. Together with the owner’s dedication and my specific identified monthly treatments going back in time identifying toxins + the use of my Mastosarcoma Nosode, we cleansed Jade’s system of heavy metals, past vaccinations, veterinary drugs and identified and removed very toxic geopathic stresses and noxious  EMF’s in the home. With our ongoing treatment we have been able to keep the cancer from metastasizing, reduced the size of the tumor, and given Jade quality of life and extended her lifespan.)


Dr. Dodd,

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website.  I used your protocol for feline urethral obstruction on my cat I mentioned in my email of 9-6-07.  His urine was scant and pink tinged when I started on 9-6 and the urine specimen I took to the vet was negative for blood but positive for struvite crystals on 9-7-07.  He started urinating without any problems the evening of 9-6-07 and seems to still be doing fine.  

I am continuing the homeopathics until I can get his GI tract cleansed and rebalance per your article on your website.

You saved this kitty from a very serious surgery and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your knowledge and expertise.

Thanks again.

Susan M., Burt, MI


Dear Dr. Dodd,

This is just a short note to thank you for helping our cat and family feel better under such extreme conditions.

17 days ago our cat was sent home from the animal hospital to die.  We were told he was in the final stages of renal failure.  The vet wanted to euthanize him.

I respect her and all vets' opinion on that subject but I do not share it.  For spirtitual reasons I cannot agree to that.  However, I implored her to give us pain killers to get him through his passing.  ( I must admit that this was very agonizing for me because I did not want to cause him further pain.  I did a lot of praying, too.)

The day after we brought our kitty home I discovered your web site and made contact with you. You graciously returned my call within 2 hours.

You recommended some homeopathic remedies and a supplement and we ordered them.  We have been giving him these consistently for 11 days and the results are nothing short of miraculous!  He is eating,drinking, purring and jumping on counter tops again.  He is doing many of his affectionate behaviors that we hadn't seen in awhile even prior to his latest hospitalization and the sickly weeks leading up to that.

I want to express my family's heartfelt thanks for your help.   We know that our "boy" isn't healed. The prognosis was not good.  But for today it seems we have a happy and healthy cat again and we are thrilled.  We will continue to order our remedies.  Thank you again.  May God bless you and your work!


Gloria W., Lake Clear, NY


Dear Gloria Dodd,

This note is to let you know how much I appreciate you and your products. My first order was in May of 2005. My second order was in October of 2006. I ordered again May, 2007.

Homeopathic remedies are the answer here at my cat shelter. Yes, we have a conventional vet, and she’s open to homeopathy. I always let her know what I am using, and why. We will continue to use the products you have made available, and we tell everyone we know how well they work without any side effects. Thank you, Glora Dodd.

Warm regards,

Cat’s Meow Animal Shelter


Hello! Wow, was I happy to see your website warning people about the serious dangers of feeding pets food containing ethoxyquin! My miniature dachshund, eating Hill’s Science Diet r/d chow for years (as instructed by my vet!) became seriously ill with a mysteriously inflamed bladder, so bad she couldn’t urinate. After spending five thousand dollars between my idiot vet and the local emergency pet hospital (neither had a clue what was wrong with her and tortured her through testing and even a bladder biopsy) she was diagnosed with a “sterile inflammation” (very “weird and rare”, I was told) and sent home with steroids. The problem resolved. I cook her food now, organic chicken with organic baby food, oatmeal, alfalfa, rosemary, and essential oils. She is doing very well and at 13 years of age, is in more vibrant health than several years ago. I believe that ethoxyquin built up in her system and caused this nearly fatal health problem. What a nightmare!

 Thanks for spreading the word!
Lee Ann S.


Dr. Dodd,

Just wanted to let you know that I had Leo’s stool tested for tapeworms and it came back   “No Ova or parasites seen”

I followed the 3 bottle detox set for worms you sent me last year and have just finished the series.  

Now I know you are not surprised about the results but I have to admit I was a little skeptical about how a nosode could get kill the massive tapeworms he had. I actually saw them under the microscope when Leo was boarding at the vet when he was really sick with the FIP, so I know he had them bad.  

Your stuff really works!!

Susan L.



As I had mentioned before to Dr.Dodd, I spent almost two years using conventional vet medicine to take care of a very lethargic, completely unresponsive cat diagnosed with very high diabetes mellitus (around 700 according to blood tests); the cat was also missing all the hair (area about 1 inch wide) around the neck with several lesions. Around September 2002 I encountered Everglo-natural Veterinary services and called Dr.Dodd, we immediatelly started "Yellow Kitty" on a brandy solution of homeopathy "Diabetes Mellitus 30c" formula, the" Detox formulas#1,2,3" ,"Total organ/Endocrine/Immune system support " , and "Cool seeking ecsema formula".

By December 2002(4 months later), his diabetes reading had gone down to about between 130-250, he was not constantly drinking water, and for the first time in 2 years when I called his name, he would actually look focused at me (he used to have a zombie look before always starring into blank space). By January 2003, "Yellow Kitty" played for the first time in 2 years with a toy and other cats, and in February 2003 just recently he started crying for the first time at meal time which he has continued doing everyday .By the way the hair around the neck area is almost all grown, there are still some clear patches of skin but you can see some thin peach fuzz hair beginning to come out...Next phase with "Yellow kitty" as per Dr. Dodd is to extract a biopsy of the only remaining large lesion to find out if there is any fungal activity going on (all the other lesions healed completely and are growing hair)..I am very thrilled at the results I have gotten and are now using other remedies from Everglo for other pet needs…..  Martha G.


Dear Dr Dodd,

I was just thinking about you today, and I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that Starlet's eye is still 100%.  We cannot be more pleased.  I'm glad to see that you are still using the video on your website. I hope it has helped other people in our situation.  

Kelley & Grace

(Dr. Dodd’s comment: this is the mare who had chronic uveitis and was blind in one eye that I reversed with my treatment, and is still whole and healthy after 1 year You can see her video at )


This is the story of a little 9 year old girl, "Grace" and her mare, "Starlet".

Not long after Grace was given her mare, "Starlet", the mare developed unresponsive Uveitis, (inflammation of the internal part of the eye) and blindness in this eye. She was taken to many veterinarians, including the Louisiana State University Vet School for numerous treatments both systemically and locally to the eye. One veterinarian injected the eyeball with steroids. Nothing helped, and Starlet" became blind in one eye and could not be ridden. Grace's parents became frustrated with the rising expenses and no improvement. At first they considered enucleation, but then decided on euthanasia.

Grace was devastated, she cried and cried. "Starlet" was her buddy, she loved her very much. It was then her mother, Kelley, found my website on the internet and asked for help. With an in depth consultation and after many weeks of treatment, "Starlet" regained her health and her vision.

Grace wrote me a moving thank you letter, and her mother made me this video to let others know there is hope.

We don't have to put these animals down.

Dr. Dodd,
I also wanted you to know that the homepathic remedy for my horse with uveitis and bilateral cataracts is so much improved I am shocked. He had gone to the large animal clinic at the University of Florida and was prescribed the standard treatment which seemed to make it worse. He reacted so aggressively to the medicine placed in his eyes that I couldn't bare to use them again. I called and ordered yours and he's a different horse. There is no obvious infection or inflammation.

He is much calmer and does not appear to have any pain. Although we were not aware of any past problem with his eyes since he was out to pasture, I believe it may have started after he received his vaccinations after a repair of a skin tear by our local vet. At first I believed he was totally blind because he was not following any movement and appeared to unaware of our proximity to him. Now he follows me when I approach him or watches my car as I leave everyday. I know he will always have some vision loss but I really believe he can now see enough to get by. Thank you so much for everything.

-Sandra Tate

Dr. Dodd,
I bought your Detox homeopathy series, WNV, Horse nosodes and blue-green detox papers. Your products brought my 14 year old Andalusian mare back from chronic sickness and lethargy. She's a changed horse and I am so happy!

- Grace Jay Crawfordville, Fl.

Dear Dr. Dodd,
About one year ago i found a persian cat at work in a very bad way. About 75% of his fur was missing, he was bleeding all over, and was covered from head to toe in fleas. He also was extremely underweight and was falling over. I immediately rushed him to the vet where they decided he had skin problems that were probably due to alergic reactions he was having to something. They then started injecting him with steroids and other medications. Well this went on and on for months and apparently it wasnt doing any good.

They then suggested that i have expensive tests run on him. At that point i had already spent probably over $1500 dollars on him trying to fix his problems. I then found Dr. Dodds site on the internet and called her. She told me the problems he was having were probably due to the toxins that were built up in his body. She then suggested detoxing him and also gave me some formulas for his other problems. After detoxing him for six months all his fur grew back and he seemed to be doing better. Then he developed a corneal sequestrum in one of his eyes. Upon researching it i found out that it is a rare problem that develops from his immunity system being down and from the herpes virus. Almost all cats are born with the virus but if their immunity system is strong they will probably never have any problems.

His eyes would break out in sores and there would be a rusty colored discharge that would come from them. All of the eye doctors (opthomologists) that i would talk to said that the corneal sequestrum would have to be surgically removed and if i didnt it would eventually eat all the way through the membrane of his eye causing him to lose that eye. I then drove him three hours to the only animal opthomologist in the state for his determination. After examining my cat he agreed it was indeed a corneal sequestrum and it would have to be surgically removed. He explained the procedures and told me that it would be about $1700 for the surgery and that it was the only thing that could be done.

When i got home the next day i called Dr. Dodd and told her what the situation was and that i couldnt afford the surgery that he was recommending. Dr. Dodd said that she could make me a formula that would put everything that was good into his eyes and it would also put healing vibrations into them. I admit i was reluctant that anything else would do anything because the eye doctor told me it just couldnt be done without surgery. After trying Dr. Dodds formula for about five weeks the sequestrum fell off by itself. The eye completely healed to my amazement. I would like to take this time out to thank Dr. Gloria Dodd for her fantastic healing fomulas. She is indeed a sweet and wonderful lady.

"(Dr. Dodd's comment: this cat had bilateral corneal lesions - sequestrum- covering 2/3 area of both eye caused by Herpes Virus. I was able to abort the lesion by the use of my Detox and Custom Support Program for both the eyes and body and using my homeopathic nosode Herpes virus.)"

Thank you so much,
Danny Castille and "Sammy" the cat

I've ordered from you before and these products have brought my dog back to acting like a puppy and he is over 10 yrs old. I first found out about you on the internet, while searching for some help for my dog. I appreciate all your help and these products. Thank you so much!

Douglas K. Little Rock, AR

Gloria Dodd responded to my desperate plea fourteen years ago to take on the daunting task of helping a kitten that had been given a death sentence by two other vets. Flora had been diagnosed with feline leukemia at the age of 6-weeks. I never met Gloria. She treated Flora with products she sent me through the mail, asking for photos of her to help her with her diagnosis, which she did energetically. Three months later, Gloria called and said, "Get her rechecked. I think she is clear now." She was, and Flora has been healthy for the past fourteen years.

Susan Chernak McElroy

Dr. Dodd:
Thank you for inviting me to your site. I visited and think you have done a very good job. The site is very easy to use and laid out beautifully. I did not read through each and every page yet, but I will visit the site again over the weekend when I have the time to sit and really read through it all. I did visit the cat section and you have some excellent information. If you
can, please add some FIV information in the future. I have an FIV cat, so that is something I'm very interested in. (If you already have that on there and I missed it, I apologize!)

I'll also recommend it to others. I know many people who are always looking for holistic alternatives for their companion animals and I'm sure they will love your site.

Shell >^,,^<

Dear Dr. Dodd,
Thank you for my recent order, it arrived a few days after e-mailing it in. Just a few short months ago, my little guy, Frici (Fritzi, spelled the Hungarian way), was dying.

The poor little guy had hard lumps between the toes in front, and also on both sides of his ribcage. He was in a lot of pain, you could see it in his eyes. The veterinarian we had seen for years was totally unconcerned. I am exmilitary and not a quitter.
After exhausting all the local resources, I started cruising the internet. That is how I found your web site. Thank God for holistic medicine, and thank God for you. Anyhow, Frici is doing so much better now. He has quit limping, and can once again go for walks.

I love my little guy so much. There is no question that dogs love us with a love which is unfettered with what humans call reason. I could tell stories about Frici, but won't. Suffice to say that he has thrown himself between me and danger several times never thinking of himself. Because of my heritage and upbring, I was hardhearted(Vietnam veteran). He taught me what true love is. How could I ever give up on him whithout a fight?

Some people act as if they have no soul, and most people act as if a animal has no feelings or soul. We were made in God's image, triune- that is, spirit, soul and body. As we are a pale imitation of God, so are our animals which were put here to serve us as we were put here to serve. I ramble, but animals have a spirit, soul(intellect, will, emotions), and a body. Thank you so much, Dr. Dodd. If it will help, you may use anything I have written, excerpted or in entirety.

Douglas Knight

"Dear Gloria, I would like to have called you about this, but I know how busy you are. I am referring to my roommate's cat and her Healing Halter™. This is truly extraordinary. This poor cat has been on Ovaban (prescribed from another veterinarian years ago) for about 7 years for a terrible rodent ulcer. She has never been able to take this cat off Ovaban for more than 1day before the thing gets away from her. When we met two years ago I suggested natural diet etc. etc. but when we took her off the drug, it started up immediately.

Of course the Ovaban has wreaked havoc with her whole body and mind. The cat has been obese (football type) depressed, angry, lethargic etc. etc. for years. She has had the Healing Halter™ now for one and a half months. Judy puts it on at night, takes it off during most of the day most of the time. There have been no other changes. The cat has been totally free of any signs of the granuloma returning for one month and a half. In addition, she is totally changed. She is losing weight, you can see her flanks appearing through the football now, and she is playing, not so grouchy. It is absolutely remarkable. If you have the time, I'm sure Judy would like to hear from you. She is thrilled as you can imagine."

Lauren DeRock DVM , Santa Clara CA.

(Dr.Dodd's comment: this is an important testimonial because it comes from a veterinarian experienced in diagnosis and treatment of pathologies. Her roommate's cat had a precancerous condition of the skin of the lip and nose. Orthodox treatment with the drug Ovaban not only was unsuccessful but was causing an imbalance in the thyroid making the cat obese. By changing the imbalance in the cat's EMF the hormones were balanced and the precancerous condition disappeared. Emotional balance was also achieved).

"The first use of your Healing Halter™ was on my own dog who suffered from a psychological fear of strangers. Whenever people would come to the door, she would run under the bed and hide until the people would leave. The minute she wore the halter, she became a "social butterfly", interacting with company, and losing her fear of strangers. She hasn't hid under the bed once. Thank you, the halter is marvelous!

More amazing has been the affect on my Shep/Beagle, 12 year old, spayed female, "Mon Amie." She has had osteoarthritis in the spine and right knee, and grade three hip dysplasia physically obvious for two years. I removed all homeopathic remedies, Mega C Plus and discontinued acupuncture treatment for two weeks until she was showing difficulty walking, and was totally unable to go up and down stairs.

At that time I put the Healing Halter™ on her and she wears it 24 hours a day. Within two hours she was walking better and more alert and active in what was going on in our house. In 24 hours she was running without pain and chasing the ball. After one week, she seemed more vibrant and very energized. She didn't sleep throughout the day anymore; she wanted to participate in what was going on. I started the chelated minerals and homeopathy again just to eliminate the exostosis. The halter's still on".

Joanne Stefanatos, DVM, Las Vegas, NV

(Dr. Dodd's comment: this is a widely respected holistic veterinarian who uses a variety of healing therapies successfully in her practice. Being the scientist she is, she withdrew her supportive treatment of "Mon Aimie" to test the affect of the Healing Halter™ alone, on her dog's long standing, painful hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. The results are self explanatory in her letter.)

"Dr. Dodd, since wearing your Healing Halter™, my little poodle, "Sadie" is showing more energy and improved memory, and now asks for her sweater when she is cold, which she never did before, only laying in her basket, shivering".

Emily Maggie, Danville, CA.

"My 14 year old male Newfoundland has suffered from an arthritic condition that has left him stiff in his movements and unable to lift his leg to urinate. As soon as we opened the package he stuck his nose in and wanted the Healing Halter™ on NOW! Since wearing the halter, he has been able to move more freely, he gets up more easily, and has been able to lift his leg to urinate, instead of squatting like before. He is moving more comfortably and I am delighted! Thank you Dr. Dodd."

Wendy Volhard, Phoenix,N.Y.

"My one year old male Pekinese suffered from disc protrusion in the lower back, had much pain in his hind quarters, and had no appetite. Since wearing the Healing Halter™, my dog's energy and activity level has increased and he is no longer mopey."

Vic Meyers, Danville, CA.

"My 13 year old terrier "Mr. Duff", has been treated by various veterinarians for a failing liver. Even with constant veterinary treatment, he lost 10 pounds weight and was unable to play or eat well. Since wearing your Healing Halter™ he is not content to stay in the yard, but now explores my fenced 2 acres by himself. His frisbee game has increased to 25 minutes of constant activity, his skin around his stomach and legs is no longer red, but a grey as it should be. He used to be a snappish dog, but now likes people and goes up to be petted."

Margaret Meyers, Sixes, OR.

"Tramp", my 19 year old male poodle has cataracts several years, sees only a little light now in left eye, has hearing loss, and for 8 months hair gone on tail and coat not too heavy anymore. He walks mostly in a circle, always counter clockwise . Has excellent appetitie, good bowel movements, diet of raw meat and raw vegetables pureed in food processor, good teeth, never been sick enough to take to a doctor. I put the Healing Halter™ on "Tramp" June 1. I am writing you 1 month later. Within a day after wearing the halter, "Tramp" seemed to slow down, his system seems calmer and he doesn't walk in circles near as much as he did. This was my major concern and honestly I didn't think the halter would help. I feel that It did. I believe that halter did the job!"

(update 1 month after this letter):

"Gloria , "Tramp" is back to normal again . He no longer walks in circles and his health is good. He is now 19 years and 2 months old. I believe your Healing Halter™ was a contributing factor to his good health, thanks again!"

Walter Lane, Bell Gardens Ga

Yes your products have help my dog. A six year old west highland white terrier who could not run and had a hard time walking due to arthritis and ligament problems. After starting your products within two weeks Bunny was walking with out problems and is even running for short distance. Bunny was to have a operation to help relieve some of her pain and problem walking, this was to cost around $2000.00. But now there is no plan for anything but to continue her on your product and your diet plan.

Thank you,
Sr. Mary Emmanuell


Dr. Dodd, you may not remember me writing you about 3-4 months ago, about my 7 year old great dane with addisons disease who now, had not only addisons but pyoderma. You advised me that the medicine she was taking for her addisons was causing all her other problems. You also advised me to get New Life Bovine Colostrum and Kyolic. I had to let you know that my dane has been taking these herbals since you advised me and she has made a complete turn around. At one point about 4 months ago I was sure we might have to put her down. Now she is like a puppy.

Thank You so much
Mary McLenon and Cissie Lu Dawg

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