There is an old saying that originated with the ancient Egyptians, that” the healthiest, wisest man was one with no teeth”. On the surface that may sound pretty drastic, however we know from forensic examinations of mummies found in archeological digs in Egypt, that many of these preserved specimens met an early death from abscessed teeth complications. One can only imagine the suffering of these people, living before modern medical techniques of treatment.

Many of these people were treated with corrosive metals such as mercury and arsenic, which probably also hastened their deaths. Animals too, are afflicted with serious dental problems that lead to acute or chronic degenerative pathologies that produce much suffering and shortening of lifespan. I have seen cases in point in horses, dogs, cats, sheep, deer, cattle, rabbits, and guinea pigs.


As always, health and disease occur on two levels: the physical and the energetic (electromagnetic or EMF) level.


There are a number of ways teeth can be damaged and be open to infection: by injury with breaking of the protective tooth enamel and exposure of the internal tissues rich in nerves and blood vessels. This can occur with animals fighting, or cracking a tooth or wearing down the enamel on hard objects:  dogs with bones, or playing with rocks. I have seen many dogs with worn teeth almost to the gum line from years of chewing on chronically inflamed skin.

Horses many times break or wear down the bridle tooth by playing with the bit, or infect the gums by embedded foxtail awns from their hay; some chip or crack a tooth if small pebbles have been accidentally baled with the hay. We find the most common cause in dogs and cats is the increased tartar formation on teeth that have reached epidemic proportions since the development of commercial pet food.

When I was a student in vet school performing my mandatory period of autopsy, I was alarmed at the number of dogs and cats that had succumbed to failing hearts, kidneys and liver diseases also showed serious dental pathologies. These consisted of teeth heavily encrusted with foul smelling tartar, multiple loosened teeth, and swollen gums oozing pus and or blood. Microscopic examination of tissues of the heart valves, kidney and liver of these animals, showed multiple foci of bacterial growths in these tissues, with resultant areas of active infection and scarring from older infective processes.

What could not be seen on the microscope was the accompanying absorption of these bacterial toxins and their destructive affects in these organs and the entire body being poisoned via the blood and lymphatic circulation. The majority of these cases involved tartar formation encrusting the outer enamel of the teeth. It was at the juncture of the tartar with the gums that injury is done to tissues, and thus enables the bacteria in the mouth to invade locally and systemically when entering the bloodstream. Here they are carried first to the heart where they set up housekeeping and proliferate on the heart valves.

I find the commercial pet food industry guilty of producing an inferior product compared to the normal, natural diet of the early carnivore. Instead of raw meat, with live vital energy force, brimming with nutrients, sinews and tendons to scrub the tooth surface, we now have a product that is not only bereft of nutrition, but actually contains many harmful chemicals damaging to the physiology of the body. These come from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides applied to the grains and vegetables and heavy metal contamination from water and soil, as well as the vaccinations, antibiotics, wormers, steroids and hormones given the meat producer food product.

Then to their packaged product industry adds one more insult- food preservatives many of which are carcinogenic and toxic. The composition of the product is predominantly high carbohydrate/low protein which is the opposite ratio needed by a carnivore (dog and cat). No wonder the physiology, endocrinology, and immune system of the consumer is impaired. One should include raw marrow bones (not steak, chop or neck bones) in the diet with tendons and sinews to  scrub the gums and remove the food placque on the teeth. Placque is the hiding place of dental bacteria.

I advise one more prevention method in your dog and cat:  remove food plaque from the teeth by brushing their teeth every night before putting them to bed, just like your children. Condition them early in age, by applying an enzyme toothpaste made specially for pets that come in tasty flavors of beef or poultry (C.E.T dent) on your finger and rub along the tooth line especially where tooth meets gum, on lip and tongue side of each tooth. Next, graduate to soft bristle brush. Do it religiously, no matter how tired you are- do it and you will reap the rewards of producing an enhanced healthy, happy and long-lived animal companion. If your animal is suffering from dental problems , inflamed gums and tooth infection, please start giving immediately my Custom Made Homeopathy Dental Support 30C before and after teeth cleaning and/or dental surgery.


This is unknown to the general population, but is a very real source of illness and pain. To understand this principle it is necessary to familiarize you with EAV (Electro-acupuncture According to Voll).

I became aware of this only recently when I was educated in Dr. Voll’s method of diagnosis and treatment (EAV) using a specially developed machine that reads energy fields of the organ systems of the body. These readings are taken on specific points (EAV points) of each organ’s acupuncture energy meridian on all the toes of the animal. One can detect normal or pathologic readings and test causative agents with homeopathic nosodes made from these agents.  Dr. Voll and I discovered energy- linked teeth to organ systems in man and animals. The health of one depended on the other, eg: the bilateral upper 2 molars, lower 2 premolars are linked to the mammary glands.

I had a case of a breast tumor in a Sealyham bitch related to an infected lower premolar, I pulled the tooth, treated her with homeopathy, and 6 months later, the breast tumor disappeared. Please study the following energy organ/dental chart and if your pet suffers from any organ illness, please have your vet check the health of the right and left sided related teeth:

1. Central and intermediate Incisors= urogenital organs, sacroiliac, knee and ankle joints, frontal sinuses, adrenal glands

2. Lateral 3rd   incisor (canine tooth)= liver, gall bladder, hip joint, sphenoid sinus, testicles, ovaries

3. Upper premolars =lung, large intestine, shoulder, elbow, big toe joints, nose, post. Pituitary gland, thymus

4. Lower premolars = mammary glands, esophagus, stomach, spleen, ethmoid cells, nose, thymus gland

5. Upper 2 molars = mammary glands, lymph, esophagus, spleen, knee, ankle, maxillary sinus,  tongue, parathyroid, thyroid

6. Upper 3 molar and retromolar space= CNS, limbic system, small intestine, heart, sacroiliac joint, planter side toes of foot, shoulder, elbow, hand ulner side, anterior pituitary gland, internal ear

7.  Lower 2 molars = veins, and arteries, lung, large intestine, shoulder, elbow joints, hand, big toe, ethmoid cells nose.

8.  Lower 3 molar and retromolar space= peripheral nerves, small intestine, heart, shoulder elbow, hand ulnar side, planter side toes of foot, sacroiliac joint, middle external ear.


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