"How to" information empowering the animal owner to heal and prevent health problems for self and for the animal. natural diets; use of crystals and color healing energies; detoxification methods of food, self and animal; first aid methods using homeopathy, acupuncture points and CPR; as well as discussion of Alternative Veterinary Medical methods available. View tapes and books available.
1. Alternative Veterinary Medicine: An in-depth discussion of the philosophy, history, and practical application of the different modalities of natural healing available for your pet: acupuncture, homeopathy, electromagnetic field therapy, ozone, hemoglobin oxidation therapy, herbology, flower essences, chiropractic, crystal and color therapy. OUT OF STOCK
2. How To Keep Your Dog and Cat Healthy The Natural Way: Emphasis on prevention, discussion of diet, chemical exposure hazards, vaccination philosophy, how to monitor the acupuncture energy flow of the body, detection of toxin deposition using lridology. Price of tape includes charts on Iridology, and diagnostic acupuncture points of the dog and cat.
3. Your Pet Is Sick, What You Can Do At Home As An Adjunct To Professional Treatment: Discussion of detoxification methods, special cleansing diets, homeopathy, acupressure, herbal teas, crystal and color therapies, Healing Halters™, etc. with handouts.OUT OF STOCK
4. Your Cat and Dog's Diet And Non-Toxic Flea Control: How to feed your pet sensibly and why. How to control fleas and ticks without poisoning your pet.
5. First-Aid Homeopathy For Pets and Livestock: Comprehensive instructions given for 33 of the most common emergencies seen in veterinary medicine for the dog, cat, horse, cow, rodent and bird.The philosophy and principles of homeopathy and its application are discussed.
6. Healing with Crystal and Color Therapy: An instructional tape on how to use the piezo-electric energy field of the quartz crystal to relieve pain, inflammation and imbalances in the acupuncture energy flow of the body's organs, tissue; as well as their use to charge the energy of water and food to empower the body's EMF. The correct use of color for individual illnesses and pain are also discussed. OUT OF STOCK


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