What is it? What do I feel Causes it? Orthodox Treatment vs. Holistic Therapies.

Definition according to the Merk Veterinary Manual:" Rodent Ulcer is an inflammatory lesion of unknown origin on the lips of cats, characterized microscopically by ulceration of the surface epithelium, and underlying zone of necrosis and leukocytic infiltration, and a deeper layer containing large numbers of eosinophils. It usually involves the anterior portion of the upper lip, but additional lesions may also be seen on the lower lip, tongue, soft palate, wall of the pharynx and other areas of the oral mucosa.
No treatment is entirely satisfactory. Some cats respond dramatically to parenteral or topical corticosteroid therapy. Removal of the lesion by electrosurgical techniques or surgical excision, repeated chemical cautery and radiation therapy have all been used with varying degrees of success. The latter methods usually leave a deformed lip" (!!!!)

It has been my experience that corticosteroids are only short term relief, the ulcer reappears after the steroid therapy is stopped. The owner and doctor are tempted to repeat the dosages more frequently with higher doses with each outbreak of symptoms.
Now what is wrong with steroid, radiation and electrosurgical/surgical therapy????

  1. It never removes the core cause of the problem producing the ulcer in the cat- which I feel is due to a failed immune system. I feel this is a pre-cancerous condition of the animal and is a signal that something very serious is going on in the health of that pet.
  2. Radiation and steroids further damage the immune system with resultant more serious health problems developing: (i.e. cat falls prey to resistant infections, allergies and skin problems and tumor development., or becomes a victim of developing fatal , non-regenerative anemia and bone marrow depression.)
  3. Cutting the lesion out of the face/mouth of the cat leaves a deformed area that is hard to heal due to the failed immune system in the first place.

I feel this process of failed immune system function in the animal is the same that we see expressed in other pathologies: tumor formation, bronchial asthma, dermatitis, allergies, Feline Leukemia, etc. Cases that I have treated successfully have to be treated on two levels: physical and electromagnetic.

  1. Physical, I have found with EAV studies, the failed immune system is one of toxicity with numerous chemicals. Chemicals from diets polluted with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, etc and in the case of ingested commercial diets, cancerous food preservatives such as Ethoxyquin, and analine dyes added by the manufacturer. Heavy metals is an omnipresent, growing health hazard in animals and people. Please see my 3 part article on this subject in the Research section of my website.

    Persistant vaccination with multivalent vaccines have a toxic affect in their own right, but also cause an accumulation of the aluminum and mercury preservatives which are highly toxic in miniscule amounts in the body. Drugs such as antibiotics, pest control preventative and dewormers all add to the toxin load.

  2. Electromagnetic: an imbalance and decrease in the Life Force (or Chi) of the individual. This is influenced by various disturbers: past trauma to the head deranging the flow of Chi, destructive electromagnetic fields (EMF) from food, water and air as well as environmental destructive EMF's. Please read "radiation" section of my website.


  1. DETOX, DETOX, DETOX THE ANIMAL OF PAST ACCUMULATED CHEMICALS AND VACCINES with my specific homeopathic nosodes :Detox 3 bottle Set and Cat Vaccinosis 30c, and Rabies Vacc 30C.
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  3. STOP RE-EXPOSURES OF THESE CHEMICAL TOXINS; switch your cat to home made detoxed diet (newsletters #4, #7); strengthen the EMF of the body with my Detox Cat nosode  30C and Detox Rabies nosode 30C, and use safer alternatives to drug wormers and parasite control. See Cat and Dog Dewormer Homeopathic 3 bottle set, and Newsletter #3 Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Control.
  5. New Life Bovine Colostrum in either capsules or powder form. Both come with detailed instructions for kitty.
  6. INCREASE TISSUE OXYGENATION WITH ORAL OXYGEN- unhealthy tissues have a low oxygen environment with poor healing- increase the oxygenation with oral Aerobic oxygen 7.


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