Chronic Sinus Inflammation

It's been my experience that chronic sinus inflammation is linked to a toxic liver. These toxins come from polluted foods ( heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides sprayed on food crops) and chemicals ( toxic, carcinogenic ethoxyquin preservative, petroleum food dyes and sugars) added to commercial pet food.

Other toxin loads to the body come from drugs (antibiotics and steroids), vaccinations and flea and tick control pesticides given to your pet in the past. What must be done is a complete change in your dog or cat's whole lifestyle that has been
causing this problem:

1. change the diet from commercial to freshly made at home as outlined in my newsletter #4, and because our food in the market is so contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides you have to detox it before feeding your animal (and yourself!) as outlined in newsletter #7.

2. We must cleanse your pet's liver, immune system and tissues of these toxins with my Detox and Support Program: With my Homeopathic nosode 3 bottle Detox Heavy Metals, Detox Steroids, and  Detox Pesticides Nosodes. To cleanse the noxious health affects of drug vaccines and build a strong EMF to keep your animal healthy and strong, use our Homeopathic Detox   Canine or Feline nosodes 30C and Detox Rabies nosode 30C. It comes with schedule of dosage for both affects. Concurrently it is important to support all organ functions and immune system with our Male or Female Total Organ/Endocrine Balance/Immune Stimulant 100C homeopathyplus Sinus Inflammation 30C homeopathic for symptomatic relief while detoxing the system. Then continue the Total organ remedy as a diaily maintenance.

Digestive Aid Formula 30C  for treatment and support of digestive system weaknesses,  especially important in long term antibiotic administration that kills off essential protein-digesting bacteria in the small intestine,  cases of inflammations in  liver, pancreas, stomach, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Cataracts (lens of eye energy linked to digestion), Corneal Sequestration ,   nephritis, cystitis, congestive heart problems,  allergies and cancer.

Contains 30C HPUS Nux Vomica,  30C HPUS Acidum Hydrochloricum, 30C  Sarcodes: lymph, pepsin, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, heart, heart valves, Colon , lung, probiotics, pancreatic enzymes: lipase, amylase, protease; nosodes 30C Indole, skatol, tryptophan.

3.We must strengthen the Life Force or Chi of your pet ,which is an essential part of the healing with my Healing Halter- a Must! Please see how to measure for your pet. Each is custom made. It's been healing animals for every conceivable problem for over 20 years.

4. Added support by crystal charging your animal's bottled spring water with my special quartz crystals, oral oxygen (Aerobic O7), and New Life Bovine Colostrum kills any bacteria or fungus which may be a secondary infection to the sinuses, the natural non-toxic way. All my products come with detailed instructions.

A strong Vital Force produces a strong physical defense and electromagnetic energy field of the body through which no parasite can enter.


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