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Please click on "Why do Animals Get Sick?" and "Energy Medicine-Blueprint For Glowing Health for Pets and People". Then go to my electronic store and search for the indicated products listed. For specific advice for cause and treatment of a specific illness, lameness and pain, please scroll down this page to the related article. Dr. Dodd

All the energy therapies outlined in this web site work for all species in general.Calming Essence is very helpful in relieving anxiety and stress in rodents as it is in dogs, cats, and horses. It is also a great lifter of the Life Force when your pet is showing generalized weakness. Other than trauma, almost 90 percent of the emergencies that befall rodents are related to nutrition. Malnutrition, and contaminated, polluted feed and water with pesticides, and heavy metals.


NEVER give your pet drinking water from the tap- it is full of chlorine, heavy metals and in some areas pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Always use bottled spring water, and make sure that the brand has been analyzed for any pollutants. I increase the energy to my pets by placing a quartz crystal stone within the drinking water bottle so that each time my guinea pig or rabbit takes a drink his/her own electromagnetic field is charged with the supercharged water molecules. This way I help to strengthen the Life force to prevent illness as well as using it therapeutically if sick. I do the same for my 10 year old poodle who has NEVER had a flea and plays like a puppy. He has a smooth tumbled amethyst crystal in his water bowl.


Because of the widespread pollution of foodstuffs and water, I recommend organic food as much as possible.

Cereals and legumes ( alfalfa, clover, etc.) are plants that have a predeliction for aluminum that is found in clay soils that are exposed to Acid Rain. Aluminum as well as pesticides go to the nervous system and touch every organ in the body as well as the immune system. I have proven this with hair analysis and EAV.

A word about rabbits...."We have included Rabbits as Rodents in this page since many people confuse the issue. Rabbits actually belong to the order Lagamorphia, not Rodentia. Hares and Rabbits have 2 sets of gnawing incisors which classify them as Lagamorphs. Mice, Rats, Guinea pigs, ets. belong to Rodentia which have only 1 set of gnawing incisors. All advice referring to rodents apply to Rabbits and Hares on this website."

I have had many pet foods as well as food and water consumed by people tested and am shocked at the level of pollution we have in this country. It is a serious health hazard for all species animals and people. I call it Environmental Illness- they produce chronic degenerative diseases of all organs of the body as well as tumors and cancer. I have seen developing hindlimb paralysis in animals related to various pesticides. This has been detected by EAV analysis of the brain and spinal cord. In early cases of chemical poisonings, they can be reversed with homeopathic remedies made from specific identified pesticides and heavy metals under professional holistic veterinary care.


If you suspect pesticide , heavy metal or drug intoxication of your pet, I find skin soaks of a very dilute chlorox and water bath is a must. This technique has saved lives:

Take ½ teaspoon chlorox to 1 gallon very warm water. Keep wetting the skin of your pet for 20 minutes, do not rinse off, pat dry with a towel. Repeat daily for minimum of 7 treatments.Give orally 2- 4 tablets of the homeopathy Chlorinum 6x diluted in 2 tablespoons full of spring bottled water and administer 3-6 times daily for 1 week. For maximum support of your pet's system I recommend my two homeopathic formulas: Detoxification Formula 3 bottle set 12x, 30C, 60C and Male/Female Total Organ Support/Endocrine Balance/Immune Support 100C these can be purchased from my electronic store. Please check out my entire list of homeopathy remedies and the emergency first aid kits with illustrated handbook. They really come in handy.


Always try to buy organic fresh produce, I do not advise packaged foods- make your own. After losing my pig, Bruno to heavy metal poisoning from polluted commercial feed, I now feed my guinea pigs only fresh vegetables, fruits and Timothy Hay or Pasture Grass (unsprayed). I DO NOT FEED IN ANY FORM ANY CEREAL OR LEGUMES OR ALFALFA PRODUCTS. I
try to buy organic where I can, but I ALWAYS DETOX ALL THE FOOD AND WATER ON MY DETOX BLUE GREEN PAPERS, organic or not. I never use tap water, only bottled spring water that's been detoxed on the papers. I put a quartz crystal stone that I have cleansed and charged with my Mantra in the water bottle. Be careful of peanuts, buy unsalted and from an organic store. Commercially there are a lot of peanuts contaminated with the carcinogenic fungi, Aflatoxin. Practice the detoxification
methods outlined in my newsletter #7, How to Detoxify the Food For Your Pet and Yourself.I don't feed peanuts but if you do, put them on the papers first before feeding.


Minimize yourself and your pet to chemicals used in the home. Guinea pigs, especially, are chemically sensitive. I once had a guinea pig that was poisoned by breathing rug cleaner fumes in the room 24 hours after the rugs had been cleaned. Imagine what happens to babies crawling on those rugs.Use diatomaceous earth (specially formulated for cleaning) sprinkled in carpeting overnight then vacuum out the next day

You can also use it on your pet to get rid of ectoparasites.First put a little opthalmic ointment in both eyes for protection from the dust, then sprinkle the diatomacious earth lightly on the skin by brushing the hair coat back away from the skin. Leave on overnight, then brush out the next morning and be sure to clean the pet's cage to get rid of parasite debris and dust. Diatomaceous earth kills fleas mites, nymphs and eggs.

It is non-toxic and effective. It is made from the skeletons of marine invertebrates called Diatoms. Each shell has numerous microscopic silicon spears sticking out that pierce the egg shell membrane and parasite's body.

Maximum health for you and your pets necessitate neutralizing all noxious energy fields in the home by use of the Tri-Pak anti-radiation device on your house's main electric panel.

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