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(snakes, lizards, turtles)

As I have stated in previous chapters on the bird, and rodent, many of the emergencies and energy therapies apply to reptiles, except to induce vomiting- don’t try, this technique only applies to mammal carnivores (dogs and cats).


Trauma to a snake, turtle or lizard is handled the same way, any wounds are cleaned with warm water and non detergent castile soap, then Calendula Ointment is applied with a Q-tip to the wound several times daily as needed. Give Calming Essence one drop by mouth to relieve anxiety, fear and stress. For dosing with homeopathic remedies, I have a handy ½ oz plastic squirt bottle in which 2-4 tablets of the needed remedies are dissolved in a small amount of bottled spring water (never use tap water-it is full of chlorine and other chemicals and may harm your pet). Dose by mouth #3 (Arnica 6x) for pain and swelling, and # 15 (Hydrastis 6x) if there is trauma to the mucous membranes of the mouth, #13 (Ferrum Phos 12x) for bleeding and #16 (Hypericum Perf 6x) if there are puncture wounds.

Or you may order the more convenient form of these remedies in one formula, "Tissue Injury 30c" from the Custom Homeopathy Formula Remedy section of my electronic store. All mentioned remedies can be purchased separately or packaged conveniently in my Emergency First Aid Kits with Handbook of instructions. For bacterial infected wounds add #14 (Hepar Sulf 12x). Dose on basis of acute schedule: repeat every 10 minutes for the first hour then once hourly for several hours first day, then 3-6 times daily as needed.


Some reptiles can develop a urinary tract infection. Signs are increased volumes of urine three

days after a meal. The urine may have blood, be straw colored or be clear colored with an ammonia -like smell. Give #15 (Hydrastis 6x), #6(Berberis Vulgaris 6x), #8 (Cantharis 6x), add #13 (Ferrum Phos 12x) if there is blood tinged or straw colored urine, or you may order the convenient all in one remedy "Cystitis 30C Formula". If early in condition, dose according to acute schedule. Otherwise 3-6 times daily as needed should be sufficient. I prefer not to give antibiotics, due to susceptibility of these pets to fungal infections.


Eye infections can be common in all reptiles. Apply a small bit of the antibacterial antibiotic to a Q-tip and repeat 1-2 times daily as needed

Please check out my complete line of Custom Homeopathic formula remedies, and Emergency First Aid Kits with illustrative Handbook in the electronic store. They really come in handy.


Some marine reptiles can develop chronic chemical toxicities if kept in tap water. Tap water is chlorinated, may have heavy metals, bcp’s and other contaminants. This will shorten your pet’s life and make him susceptible to disease. Use only filtered bottled spring water that has been analyzed to be free of chemicals. I like to put a large quartz crystal in the aquarium (or even the vivarium of non marine species) to strengthen the electromagnetic fields of the pets. This helps to keep them healthy and strong.


Also be sure to protect yourself and your pet from noxious energy fields by neutralizing the house‘s electrical panel with a Tri-Pak anti-radiation device.

Good organic, unpolluted nutrition, carefully monitored temperature control and protection from accidental predation by dogs and cats can prevent a lot of sad ends to these beautiful gentle creatures.


Vitamin-Mineral supplementation is important: Turtles for example have a lot of bone to nourish, and a young turtle, a lot to grow. Vitamin D and direct sunlight are important or soft shell may result.

Sunlight through a glass window loses most of the ultraviolet rays. You can purchase "full spectrum sunlight" flourescent bulbs, which will prevent this. One I like is called "Vita-Light" made by Network Marketing in San Francisco, (415) 821-3652, but I’m sure any good quality pet shop would carry these.

A good reference book on turtles as pets is the book, Turtles As Pets by Mervin F. Roberts, published by TFH publications, inc. 59 Station Road, Redhill, Surry England.

Administering Antibiotics
Ethoxyquin in Pet Foods a letter to the FDA (new)



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