These are documented cases of animals, who came to me after orthodox veterinary medicine was unable to make a clinical improvement. All animals were put through my detoxification program of cleansing the body of all vaccinations; prescription drugs; worming, defleaing and heartworm medication, pollutants of heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals. All were put on a home- made natural diet with orthomolecular supplements.

Energy meridians were balanced and charged with natural therapies of acupuncture, pulsating electromagnetic fields, homeopathy, crystals, magnets, Bach Flower essences, and the wearing of my Healing Halter™. All animals made successful recoveries from their illnesses and pain, because I was able to treat them early, the pet owners were dedicated and followed through with my recommendations.

"Karma" Flores, gray DSH female recovered from clinical Feline Leukemia, reverted to FELV negative on blood test.

"Frankie Simmons, 8 month old female, recovered completely from Feline Infectious Peritonitis, and reverted to FIP negative on blood tests

"Sylvester" Nippress, Feline Infectious Peritonitis with painful joints due to gout from liver, pancreas and kidney pathologies. With holistic treatment cat's health returned, with blood tests FIP negative, normal pancreas, liver, kidneys and recovered from gout.

"Snookie" Eis, 12 yr.old spayed female poodle, toxic heart, liver, lung and intestines. Severe Congestive heart failure with emphysema and deaf.


AFTER TREATMENT-"Snookie 's heart stabilized with homeopathy, lungs clear, plays like a puppy and her hearing has returned!

"Arrow" Grogan, 2 year old male Belgium Sheepdog with severe dermatitis, loss of hair sides of belly, inner groin and hind quarters., no energy.   BEFORE PICTURE

AFTER TREATMENT: "Arrow" Grogan with thick, shiny coat, healthy skin, gained weight and vigor- I found Herpes Simplex virus in pancreas, vaccinations and pesticides in brain and nervous system, and autointoxication in bowels from food preservatives, antibiotics and prednisone.

"Puppy" Shimizu diagnosed with epilepsy, unresponsive to various drugs. I found CNS toxic with Chlor Pyrifos insecticide. Since treatment (evaluated 18 months later), "Puppy" has never had a recurrence of seizures, is happy and healthy.

"Aslan" Schugt- 10 yr. old collie cross male. Diagnosed on laparotomy having prostate tumor. Hair coat sparse, dull, little appetite. After treatment "Aslan's" prostate is normal, coat shiny and luxuriant and dog is active and healthy.

"Michi"  Walker, 5 yr. old Min. Schnauzer with sudden onset paralysis. I found Malathion, Diazanon and Carbaryl pesticide toxicity in liver and central nervous system (CNS). Post treatment with nosodal homeopathy of these pesticides, detox. program and energy balancing dog is now fully recovered to the delight of his little owner.

"Misty" Hastings , an 8 yr old S/F maltese, had bilateral grade 3 cataracts, severe Flea Allergy dermatitis, broken abscessed teeth, malalignment of the spine, was  out of positive energy flow from past trauma to head and in very poor health. After 18 months of dedicated treatment, "Misty" no longer had cataracts, her skin was healthy and was free of allergies. Her 84 year young owner was most grateful.

"Sevy" Kevell- incredible case  of 12 year old Doberman with progressive quadriplegic paralysis. This was my very first case of using EAV. He was successfully diagnosed and treated with EAV when Univ. of Calif. Vet School was unable to find a  diagnosis,- all blood tests, brain scans, x-rays were normal. "Sevy"  was sent home to die.

The owners carried him into my clinic where EAV revealed toxicity of CNS with Tetnus, Rabies vaccine and Malathion pesticide. One week post treatment with the first  combination homeopathic nosodes made from the toxic elements discovered, Sevy walked through my clinic's front door. 6 weeks later he was jumping 4 foot fences and asserting himself with the other males.

This case was published in the Dec. 1980 American Journal of Acupuncture. Anyone wishing copies of the article, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

"Scooty" Abernathy, 15 ½ yr. old Arabian gelding with severe arthritis, malalignment of the spine, degeneration of lumbar disc, and arthritis in right shoulder joint due to past injury. Horse treated with chiropractic, homeopathy remedies, crystal charging of drinking water, acupressure. Horse has done well, with owner reporting "Scooty" kicks up his heels while on homeopathy remedies."

"Hummer" Weinstein, 7 yr. old spayed female collie cross diagnosed as autoimmune disease (AIDS with blood tests Coomb's positive on east coast. "Hummer" had hemmorhagic diarrhea, allergic dermatitis, poor appetite and low energy. Her owner then moved to California where I treated her with EAV,  homeopathic nosodal detoxification program, natural diet, acupuncture balancing, pulsating electromagnetic field therapies, and oxygenation of her blood with ozone. At end of two month treatment "Hummer" reverted to good health, with a new beautiful thick golden red coat,and Coomb's negative blood tests.

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