Radionics Broadcasting Therapy

My 30+ years research into bioelectromagnetic energy (BioEMF) of the physical body has taught me that it is here that all illness/pain originates. It is the weakening and imbalance of the Chi, Life Force or Bioelectromagnetic energy that flows into and out of every cell of every organ of the physical body that produces illness and pain. So too, a balancing and strengthening of this BioEMF that filters down into the physical, produces health and pain-free existence of animals and people. This is nothing new; the Yellow Emperor in China 5000 years ago first learned it. This is the origin of Acupuncture Therapy. Five thousand years ago Acupuncture, medicinal herbs and glandular therapy was all one needed to achieve good health.

Today our planet’s air, water, food crops and livestock are polluted by Man’s intervention into Nature. It is his alphabet soup of chemicals, vaccines and doctor produced illness by drugs that must be sequentially detoxed with homeopathic nosodes made from these specific causative agents before acupuncture can be of benefit. So too must we view medicinal herbs and glandulars with suspicion, many are contaminated with soil, water and air carrying pollutants of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, plastic degenerating chemicals of PCB’s and Dow Chemicals newest manufactured chemicals, that they do more harm than good; I don’t recommend their use.

A wonderful adjunct therapy to my use of German Sequential Detoxification and Support with German homeopathic Nosodes/ Support homeopathy, is the European method of Radionics Broadcasting. Strange as it may seem, one can take the exact homeopathics that are needed to treat a patient, and make them into the highest potencies of DCM and place them in an electromagnetic machine (a Radionics machine) and broadcast this energy to the patient via the patient’s own witness.

A witness can be a photo, blood spot or hair sample of the patient. This energy is received and utilized by the patient! Many times, the patient improves with this broadcasting alone, even before giving the remedies orally. I have proven it to myself, and my clients, over and over again. I have literally saved lives by this method alone. It has proven to accelerate the healing process and decrease the treatment time. I recommend it highly.


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