Potomac Horse Fever (PHF) or Equine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis is an infectious diarrheal disease seen most frequently in the late summer through early fall months. It was originally reported near the Potomac River in Maryland and Virginia, but today it can be found throughout the United States. It is caused by a rickettsial organism, Ehrlichia risticii. However, the exact mode of transmission is still unknown.

Initial signs of PHF may vary: horses may show colic, depression, include fever, dullness, lethargy, diarrhea, excessive drinking, not eating grain, unenthusiastic grazing or off feed completely. Some horses may also develop laminitis secondary to severe diarrhea.

Please seek professional care if your horse has diarrhea, a rectal temperature above 102 degrees F. or misses more than one meal.

Diagnosis of PHF is made using blood titer levels which requires two blood tests two to three weeks apart. A second titer four times greater than the first is considered diagnostic; however, response to treatment with antibiotics and IV fluids is often the best indicator.

Drug vaccination against PHF is not 100% effective because there are many varieties of E. risticii, but the vaccination does decrease the severity of the disease and is recommended in the areas where it occurs and if the horse will be traveling to shows or trail rides. However durg vaccines have a noxious effect and contain intolerable levels of aluminum and mercury. I recommend the 3 bottle set Detox Potomac River Horse Fever Vaccinosis nosodes 12x, 30C, and 60C  to Detoxify noxious vaccine drug effects and build a strong EMF.

It is advisable to protect your horse in an endemic area of Potomac River Fever Infection by administering yearly my homeopathic Potomac River Fever 30C on the building EMF schedule that comes with it.

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