Oxygen is one of the key elements of life and has often been used for the treatment of the sick. Oxygen deficiency, or oxygen starvation, can be the single greatest cause of disease.

Let us take disease associated with bacterial, viral and fungal infections, even cancer and autoimmune disease. It is a scientific fact that all bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells cannot live in a high oxygen environment but thrive in low oxygen environment of the tissues in the body.


Oxygen is needed as the energy source of all cells. It is what makes the machinery run- by cell metabolism. When all of the cells of all of the organs (including the immune system) are supplied with adequate energy, they are functioning at optimal levels of efficiency. When there is a deficiency of energy, this translates to a deficiency in function in everything: the endocrine system, that supplies the hormones that sustain life, the digestive system that nourishes the body, the respiratory system that brings in the oxygen, the cardiovascular that carries it via the blood to all cells of the body, the immune system that functions to defeat the foreign invaders to the body. When these organ systems function below optimal conditions, the body suffers, the body becomes "sick".

That is what a sick body is- one that has an oxygen deficiency due to various causes.

One of the main causes of oxygen deficiency is the chemical pollution of our air by auto and industrial emissions. The second is the depletion of the great masses of oxygen generators- the plants of this earth. Temperate Zone, timberline forests and rainforests are being cut at a phenomenal rate every day, and the vast mats of oceanic plants, the second great oxygen producers, are diminishing due to pollution of our waters.

I was astounded to learn that the oxygen content of the air in early prehistoric times was around 32%. This was proven by analyzing air bubbles trapped in fossilized amber. Today, the average oxygen content is 20%. In some air polluted industrial cities, the content is much lower, about 17%. At 15%, life as we know it will cease. We are flirting with disaster, if we don't clean up our act.

That is the larger picture, but on the cellular level within our bodies, the lowered oxygen content is breeding illness, that is why we must fortify ourselves with oxygen. European countries, (Germany, especially) treat all disease and cancer with hyperbaric oxygen, and/ or hemoglobin oxidation techniques. The latter I learned how to do when I was in Germany. It involves taking 20 or 30 ml of blood from the patient (human), 10-20 ml (dog) and bombarding the red blood cells in an ozone- rich, sterile machine, then transfusing this blood now carrying 3 molecules of oxygen instead of 2 in the hemoglobin, back into the patient. I was able to do astounding things- it was one of the major techniques that allowed me to reverse an autoimmune case in a canine, and reabsorb many tumors in others. Ozone injections were another technique. All these techniques were a way to increase the oxygen content in the tissues to kill the bacteria, viruses and cancer cells therein, as well as increasing the efficiency of the organ functions of the body.

There is another level at which oxygen heals. At the electromagnetic field level of the physical body. In oriental medicine, Chi, the Life Force, is given to us in three forms:

  1. the creative Chi which comes from the union of the egg and sperm energy at conception
  2. the Chi from food that we consume.
  3. the Chi from the oxygen in the air

    There is nothing we can do about #1, but we can work on #2 and #3. Eat organic and feed organic to your animals as much as you can, for non-chemically exposed foods means that there are no chemicals consumed to tie up the oxygen in the body. Demand enforcement of clean air control in your neighborhood, state and nation, and take liquid oral oxygen, Aerobic O7 for yourself and your animals. I take 20 drops in my crystal-charged, bottled Spring water everyday, and increase this to 30 drops 3 times a day if I have been exposed to anyone having a cold or flu.

"Wolfie" , my poodle, gets his 5 drops a day in his water.

The suggested dosage of Aerobic O7 in bottled spring water for animals with infections, Congestive Heart Failure and Lung problems, cancer and Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome is:

Acute dosage: 3-7 times daily

Chronic or maintenance oxygen dosage: 1-2 times daily.

Cats, toy breeds: 5 drops in 8 oz. water

Med sized dogs up to 30 lbs.: 10 drops in 8 oz water

Large (31-50 lbs. body wt.): 15 drops in 8 oz. water

Giant breed dogs, horses: 25 drops in 8 oz. water.


Aerobic O7 can be used to purify questionable drinking water. Tap water and even distilled water can harbor the growth and development of infectious bacteria. Use 10 drops Aerobic O7 per gallon water. It removes chlorine and coliform bacteria from drinking water. Tests show that 10 drops in 8 oz. mountain water kills high concentrations of Giardia lambia in just 2 ½ minutes.

Aerobic O7 can be applied to bee stings, wasp and mosquito bites, one drop of a 2% solution will stop the stinging and inflammation.

Epileptic seizures have been reduced or stopped when extra oxygen was administered. Patients with Alzheimer disease improved greatly when extra oxygen was given. 20 drops three times a day have greatly improved emphysema patients, some no longer requiring oxygen masks. 50 drops in brandy have been used to prevent heart damage after a heart attack in cardiac patients. Aerobic O7s prevents red blood cells from clumping.

You can extend the shelf life of refrigerated milk. By adding 20 drops to a quart, milk has stayed fresh for 3-4 weeks. These are but a few of the anecdotal results being compiled about the beneficial affects of using Aerobic O7.


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