Obesity, the quiet killer. No one can be absolutely accurate about the incidence of obesity in American dogs and cats. The most commonly used figure is that 40% of the cared for pets in the United States are significantly overweight. In round figures this means 2 to 2 ½ million pets. They are not just pleasingly plump. In a medical sense, they are critically ill, with an illness that frequently creates other serious clinical problems and shortens life much like the human counterpart. I will give you my years of experience of the cause, prevention and natural therapy for this common problem in pets today.


    The most serious aspect of it is its effect on heart and blood vessels. The heart of an obese pet is typically crowded by fat deposits, so its pumping capacity is limited. In spite of this, it is called on for heroic efforts because the fat deposits throughout the body create the need for additional feet of blood vessels, increasing the pumping job required.

    While this is happening, the lung capacity is lessoned when the organs are crowded by fat. This limits the lungs’ capacity to transfer oxygen to the blood. When the blood is poor in oxygen, more blood is needed….another increased demand on the heart’s pumping capacity. Small wonder that these extraordinary stresses on this large muscle pump usually lead to its early deterioration, failure, and eventually the death of the animal.

    What else happens to the fat animal? There is immeasurable discomfort and pain due to the effects of excess fat on the skeletal system, which must support the weight increase. Joints are subject to erosion and crippling pain. The waddling painful gait of a grossly obese pet is a pitiful and preventable sight.

    Obesity is also conducive to fatty tumors and sebaceous (greasy) dermatitis or skin problems. It’s been shown experimentally that obese dogs are more like to develop Diabetes Mellitus.
    Obesity hits the older animal in his two most vulnerable spots, the heart and kidneys.
    The worst aspect from the owner’s point of view is that the obese animal is usually a dud as a companion. The picture is a vicious circle: the pet accumulates fat, this slows him down, reduces his activity. Because he burns less energy he grows even fatter, and so on. The usual result: a sloppy fat pet whose only interest is eating.


    Many medical and veterinary doctors consider only generally two things: too many calories fed and less activity by the animal to burn them, so the excess is converted not to energy, but to fat. They recommend, less fattening food (many prescribe lo-calorie prescription diet R/D by Hills) and increase the muscular activity of the animal. It has been my experience that this is not the only principle operating that I have proven using EAV (Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll) and his marvelous sophisticated machine, the Dermatron. The Dermatron measures accurately, in millivolts, electrical energy of each organ tested via its specific acupuncture point on the body. Abnormal high readings reflect inflammation, or low readings degeneration of the specific organ. In addition the operator can match energy fields of known causative agents of illness or pathology made in homeopathic form, called nosodes (bacteria, virus, fungi, drugs, pesticides, heavy metals, food preservative chemicals, vaccinations etc.) to see which returns the abnormal reading to normal. This then tells you EXACTLY what is causing the disease processes in the body. Many times I have had 35-60 different nosodes added to the machine before I completely balanced all the body’s organ systems to normal. The older the animal, the more exposure to these causative agents. I gave these homeopathic nosodes in sequentially higher potencies until all organ readings remained normal and clinical signs normalized.

    So what is my concept of obesity in man and animal today? EAV has revealed to me it can be:
    1.Genetic disposition. The sins of the father are visited on the heads of the sons and daughters. I don’t mean that parents of a fat offspring caused this by overeating, and under exercising themselves, and that it has “changed” the genetic make up of the offspring. Dr. Voll has demonstrated that toxic energy fields’ of chemicals, heavy metals, alcohol, drugs and vaccine affects in the body of parents are transferred to the fertile ovum and resides in the embryo, to baby to adulthood producing pathology. Years of accumulation of other toxins worsen the health of the individual, if not removed by homeopathic nosodes, herbs, etc. This not only applies to obesity (which I feel is the body’s inability to normally oxidize metabolic processes at the cellular level due to these toxins) but every form of pathology. This leads to cause #2.

    2.Imbalance in the Endocrine System:

    From Environmental Toxicity of the endocrine system (adrenal glands, thyroid, pituitary and sexual glands)) from chemical pollutants and chemicals added to our food, water and air. One of the most common I found was heavy metals, particularly aluminum and mercury. I discovered this by EAV as well as hair analysis of the patient. The latter is more common in people and animals than you would think. I have been doing hair analysis screening for chronic heavy metal poisoning since 1984, on every sick cat, dog and horse in my practice, (as well as my own family members). They have all shown some degree of these as well as selenium, arsenic, cadmium, zinc, and copper). The toxic load one has determines the symptoms, but the first to be affected is the endocrine and immune system as these organs are the most vulnerable. I discuss this at length in my newsletter #1, Heavy Metal Contamination of our Food and Water. Antibiotics, heartworm medication, pesticides, steroids and vaccinations target the endocrine and the immune system as well. The immune system is made up of the spleen, bone marrow, lymph tissue and thymus gland (also an endocrine gland and source of T-Lymphocytes). These are the most fragile, and vulnerable of any organs in the body.
    There is both a physical and energetic (acupuncture energy flow) relationship of all the endocrine glands. What affects one, affects all. The thyroid is the most critical, as its function is to produce the end product hormone, thyroxin, responsible for the cell’s ability to oxidize metabolites from processed, digested food. When the thyroid is impaired, its ability to “burn” the caloric content of food is impaired, thus producing lowered metabolism that lowers the rate of energy expenditure and encourages the accumulation of body fat. Many more cases are “borderline” and blood tests show false positives for the thyroid hormones, T1, T4 factors; yet the hypo function exists.

    3. Imbalance of the endocrine system from neutering and spaying (loss of testicles or ovaries respectively). This produces a diminished balance of the amounts of cycling testosterone and estrogen that have an affect on the pituitary producing less thyroid-stimulating hormone. This results in hypo function of this gland and its normal production of the hormone thyroxin. One only has to observe the owner of a neutered/spayed pet bemoaning the fact how much fatter he/she has become since the surgery and how even cutting down on calories has no affect in the pet’s weight, just increasing the appetite.

    4. Feeding fattening food and treats with little demand in exercise of course has an influence but I have found this less important than the first 3 reasons.



    Start with changing the diet to fresh lean meat, raw veggies and steamed rice.. I discuss this in detail in Newsletter #4 Your Pet’s Diet, and choose organic grown as much as possible, this will eliminate pesticides, herbicides and fungicides but does not eliminate heavy metal pollutants. If you have to buy non-organic, chemically polluted foods, or even organic produce, you must detoxify them before feeding to your pet and eating it yourself. I go into detail about this in my newsletter #7How to Detoxify The Food. IF YOU DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE DO THIS ONE THING! It truly means the difference between a long suffering life for your self and your pet, and one of vigor and enjoyment that comes with true health and maximal potential energy. In my years of practicing EAV since 1981, I have seen what the polluted foods do to the energy of the body (man and animal). I can’t stress this too strongly. I have numerous newsletters to guide you in this blueprint of energy change. Newsletter #4 Your Pet’s Diet goes into detail what you should be feeding your pet, how much of what and what supplements are necessary for his/her health.
    Detoxify your system and your pet’s system of all the accumulated pesticides, drugs, heavy metals, and vaccination destructive energies as outlined in my Newsletter #6 How to Detox Your Pet. If you want to have an evaluation of you and your pet’s body content of possible heavy metal toxicity, you can order a hair analysis with instruction kit for each of you. Detoxification MUST come first before you can charge and balance the energies in the body. Purchase:

    3 bottle set of the Detox Homeopathy Formula
    detox past vaccinations with my Rabies vaccinosis detox homeopathy Nosode and Dog, Cat, or Horse vaccinosis detox homeopathy Formula Nosode. All come with detailed instructions for use.
    Support organs of detoxification and elimination with Male or Female Total Organ Support/Endocrine Balance/Immune support 100C homeopathy and use as maintenance remedy the life of your pet.

    Protect your pet and yourself from noxious energy fields in the environment. Read about the noxious energies produced by man and earth in my section Noxious Energy Fields.
    Home/office: put a Tri-Pak anti-radiation device on the main electrical panel that supplies electricity coming into the building. This will neutralize all the electrical wiring in the building and its destructive energy radiation. Place a three point resonator bead on your hot water heater to neutralize noxious energy fields produced by water pipes in the wall, place a cellular phone tab on all telephone headsets: cellular, and regular phone systems. Place an electronic smog buster tab on all electrical appliances: microwave oven, television sets, computers, printers, typewriters, etc.
    Place a personal protective catalyst bead on your pet (my Healing Halter includes this protective bead for animals), and wear it around your neck and it will protect you from most noxious radiation. These are from geopathics, telecommunication, and satellite noxious energies. If you want to be absolutely safe from all noxious environmental energies, contact our office. We now provide the services of an excellent dowser to detect and divert these geopathic or earth-made noxious energy rays.
    Please fax or call our office for particulars at 707-785-9171

    Support and strengthen the electromagnetic field (EMF) of your pet with the use of good energy tools: quartz crystals. unipolar magnets, acupressure point massage, homeopathy, chiropractic (if needed), color, music, herbs, natural diets, oral oxygen, and orthomolecular supplements. My newsletters and cassette tapes guide you in their use:

    1.Measure your animal and purchase a Healing Halter with protective anti-radiation bead. A must to regain health from any pathology AND ACTS AS A STRONG PREVENTATIVE. It acts like a balancing acupuncture treatment without needles constantly as it is being worn. I recommend you leave it on constantly except for bathing your animal. It is ancillary to any professional acupuncture therapies reinforcing the balance and strengthening of the EMF.
    Charge the water molecules your pet consumes by the use of quartz crystals. We now have flat plasticized Crystal Mandala Chargers that you can place under your pet’s food dish to transfer healing strengthening energy to the food.
    Purchase my 3 set acupressure massage charts to reinforce the endocrine system, immune system and all organs of the body.
    Obesity Homeopathy Formula to increase oxidative processes and strengthen function of the Thyroid. Can be used 3-7 x daily as needed.

    For function and health: Super antioxidant (high potency vitamins C, A, E and selenium); chelated Zinc 25-50 mg daily, MSM, Advanced Digestive Enzymes and Kyodophilus for the older animal or one who has had antibiotic therapy. For slow oxidizers like obese animals, there is a great need of increased oxygen supply. Our planet’s atmosphere is developing a decreased concentration of oxygen in the air we breathe. I now recommend supplementation of liquid oral oxygen “Aerobic O7 stabilized oxygen” given daily (15 drops in 1 cup water 1-3 x daily as needed) to open up the draft on the fires burning calories.

    For the obese animal with concurrent joint cartilage erosion and pain I suggest adding Chondroitin and Glucosamine daily. The use of my Arthritis 100C, Exostosis 100C homeopathy remedies. Placement of 1 inch or 3 inch Crystal Mandala Chargers and north pole magnets on localized areas of pain are most helpful in pain relief and increased mobility of the animal. A painful pet will not and cannot increase his exercise capability. For the obese pet with concurrent Diabetes Mellitus –please refer to Newsletter #21 Diabetes In Your Pet.

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