Noxious energy fields are toxic to living plants as well as animals. This can be seen in grotesque growth patterns, a twisting affect of the plant as if it is desperately trying to get away but of course it can't because it is rooted in place. Please compare the photos of a normal oak tree growing in a healthy energy field versus one growing in a noxious energy field (there were two underground crossing streams of water coursing under the tree, that was giving off a vertical ray of noxious energy).


Oak tree growing normally in healthy energy field- 500 yards from deformed oak in noxious energy field.Note the straight upward vertical growth of this oak's limbs.




Oak Tree growing in noxious energy field-note twisted branches growing in a clockwise corkscrew manner.





Close up of bark showing swirling lines in clockwise growth, demonstrating tree’s desperate attempts to grow away from the noxious energy ray coming up from below its roots







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