In depth discussions of chemical and heavy metal contamination of foods; natural diet and supplementations for special needs of the animal (the young, the old, the sick, the arthritic, the allergic); bio-electric force of the body and its role in the healing; skin problems; vaccination philosophies; toxic liver problems and its basis of all illness.

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1. Heavy Metal Contamination of the Food and Water Chain.
(What you can do to prevent chronic poisoning of your pet. Every sick animal I have treated has shown some or all of the heavy metals present in their organs, tissues and immune system).
2. Is Your Pet's Environment Safe? (How You Can Protect Your Pet From Perils of Modern Living).
3. Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Control. (pesticides contribute to organ pathology and skin conditions).
4. Your Pet's Diet, How to Feed Your Pet Sensibly and Why. (Commercial diets are formulated for herbivores, not carnivores, which is the true nature anatomically and physiologically for the dog and cat's digestive system).
5. The Body's Bio-Electric Force and Its Basis for Healing. (Every physical organ and tissue system has its identical duplication in the electromagnetic field (EMF) of the physical body. The EMF is composed of acupuncture meridians that carry the Chi, or Life Force, to all cells of the body. Any healing MUST be affected in the EMF first, before it filters down into the physical body).
6. A General Detoxification Program for Your Pet. (An in-home treatment can help to put your pet back on the road to health. Especially good for skin problems).
7. How to Detoxify the Food, The Dr. Parcell's Method. (Unless you buy organic produce, all fresh foods can contain numerous applications of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, growth hormones, parasite eggs, and cobalt radiation. With packaged foods, the industry adds numerous chemical preservatives. Any and all of these, when ingested , build up in the tissues and lead to organ and immune system impairment).
8. Why Therapies Fail, The Geopathic and Man-Made Noxious Energies Connection. (An in depth discussion of the destructive affects of these energies on the health of the body's organs, joints, immune system, and nervous system. I consider it one of modern man's greatest blocks to successful therapies in both animal and human medicine). Methods and products for protection that can help you and your pet are discussed. Price list included.
9. Healing with Crystals, Magnificent Concentrators of Energy. ( in depth discussion of what are crystals, how are they used for healing and techniques of healing your pet).
10. Toxic Liver Problems, The Beginning of the End? An in-depth discussion of what causes liver problems: chemicals, vaccinations, emotions and stress. How this impacts the liver physically, and energetically. What is Homotoxicology? How the liver relates to the digestive system and immune system. What to do and what not to do to correct it. For pet and pet owner.
11. Skin Problems are Not Skin Problems. (an in-depth discussion of the true nature of skin problems, or dermatitis, and allergies in animals. What to do, and what not to do to help heal your pet.)
12. Acupuncture Therapy, I want every pet owner to be empowered with the basic knowledge of yin/yang , destructive and regenerative energy flows of the body. The physical health of the body depends on the energy health of the body, (man and animal). Imbalance and/or obstruction of the energy flows cause illness and pain. "Detailed 10 pages of text with 9 illustrated charts included". This newsletter teaches you .the interdependency of all organ energies, how these energies can be imbalanced and how you can help to bring equilibrium and harmony back into these flows, thus stimulating the body to help heal and be free of pain naturally. Includes acupressure point charts.
13. Healing With Color Therapy, discussion of the seven primary colors as well as different color combinations and how they can help heal various illnesses and pain.
14. Healing With Homeopathy, history, introduction of principles, and the use of specific homeopathic remedies for different health problems.
15. Vaccinosis, diseases caused by vaccination. There is a growing epidemic of pathologies associated with unwise vaccination principles here in the US and globally. Documentation, cause and theory of homeopathic vaccination (Nosodes) are included.
16. Arthritis : Hip Dysplasia and Osteoarthritis, In depth discussion of prevention, causes, and what you can do at home using holistic, drug-free treatments to help keep your animal pain-free and mobile. Diet supplementation, herbs, homeopathy, color, crystal and magnet therapy are outlined. Newsletter includes charts illustrating acupressure points and muscle traction methods to relieve pain and muscle spasm accompanying arthritis.
17. Congestive Heart and Lung Problems, in depth discussion of prevention, cause and holistic treatment to help strengthen and improve the function of the heart, lung and kidneys. Please order 3 chart
acupressure point massage are available to increase heart function, circulation and lymph flow and dercease congetion in the lungs. Diet, herbs, homeopathy, color, crystal and magnet therapies are outlined that you can do at home to help ease your pet's breathing, increase stamina and may even lengthen your pet's life.
18. Kidney and Urinary Tract Problems, discussion includes Chronic Interstitial Nephritis, nephrosis, kidney and urinary bladder stones, crystalluria (crystals in the urine), and Feline Urethral Obstruction. Prevention, cause and supplementary holistic home treatment are outlined using diet, herbs, homeopathy, color, crystal and detoxification therapies. Includes digital acupressure point chart.
19. Teeth Health is Your Pet's Health. Discussion of pathology relationship to teeth, how to prevent it and what to do to help.
20. Obesity in Your Pet, discussion of cause, relationship and home treatment with natural holistic therapies to help reverse the process.
21. Healing With Magnets and Chiropractic. Discussion of value of these other energy therapies. North pole magnets relieve pain, swelling and muscle spasm.South pole magnets stimulate and strengthen weakened cardiovascular and other organ functions.Chiropractic does both by realigning vertebrae that are out of position causing an energy blockage to internal organs as well as the nervous system."
22. Healing With Oral Oxygen.The atmospheric oxygen content of our planet is decreasing dangerously low, causing proliferation of disesases due to anaerobic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cancer.Science has proven increased tissue oxygenation kills these organisms and cancer cells.In depth discussion with treatment schedule of oral oxygen drops given for animals and people.A must for any treatment regime.
23. Healing With Colostrum. In depth discussion of this forgotten miracle of a safe,natural way to fight disease.It provides instant protection with antibodies supplied against all bacteria, viruses and fungi. Organisms have no time to develop resistant strains unlike antibiotic use.
24. Diabetes in Your Pet, Description of disease, mechanism triggers of disease discussed, and the natural approach to its treatment.
25. Hair Analysis as monitor of Heavy Metal Poisoning and Mineral Imbalances. Description of hair, food and water analysis and how to detect heavy metal poisoning in animals and humans.
26. Feline Bronchial Asthma, Cause and Natural Treatment
27. Cancer, AutoImmune Disease, Cause and Natural Therapies. In depth
discussion of these diseases as experienced by Dr. Dodd utilizing EAV
and holistic approach to cause and treatment. Case studies included.
28. Healing With Pulsating Electromagnetic Therapy (PEM) Non-invasive,
safe, effective means of balancing, and charging the electromagnetic
energy field of people and animals with resultant healing in the
physical body.



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