Why Should We Be Concerned About Problems Relating To The Kidney and The Urinary Tract?

The body of man and any animal is like a machine. It consumes energy (from breakdown of food products) to carry out function (homeostasis- the perfect state of "Life"), and in so doing produces waste products that must be removed.

If the waste products are not eliminated, the "machine" becomes "clogged" up and function ceases. Think of a stove that burns wood for fuel, gives off heat, and produces ashes as a waste. If the ashes accumulate beyond a tolerable level, the fire goes, out, and heat is no longer produced. If the ashes are taken away, the stove can resume burning fuel and producing heat. The body is the same.

The kidney, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra make up the Urinary System of the body. Its function is to eliminate soluble waste materials from metabolism of food and water consumed.

Some species dogs and certainly neutered male dogs and cats are prone to kidney and urinary tract problems. Dalmations have a propensity of developing kidney stones due to a genetic impairment in the metabolism of certain type amino acids from protein digestion and must be put on a diet eliminating these types of amino acids (mainly purines).

Neutering the male dog and cat (especially early in life while the development of the sexual organs are in their infantile state) results in a reduced lumen diameter of the urethra within the penis. Any crystals formed by inflammation or bacterial infections of either the kidney or urinary bladder, by virtue of size will plug the opening of the urethra and prevent metabolic protein waste products from being eliminated from the body. This quickly develops into a life-threatening situation of toxic uremic poisoning with signs of vomiting, circulatory collapse, shock and death.

The standard orthodox medical and veterinary treatment of inflammations and infections of the kidneys and urinary tract (non-uremic) are drugs: antibiotics and steroids. The antibiotics "kill" bacteria and steroids reduce inflammation, swelling and pain, especially if accompanied with blood in the urine. This is well and good in its own right, but what invariably develops is not a one time shot, but reoccurring multiple infections with stronger and different antibiotics having to be administered because the parasite (bacteria, virus, and fungi associated with these infections) reproduce so quickly and acquire a resistence to drugs used that they outstrip the ability of the doctor to eliminate them and always will. That's how they have survived millenniums. In addition the antibiotics kill off good bacteria in the small intestines necessary for protein digestion, so the animal ends up being protein deficient. (See  and steroids depress the immune system (see )

In cases of obstructive, uremia-threatening infections, surgical intervention is necessary to open up the urethra and penis, and antibiotic flushes are applied to the system until all crystals, bacteria and debris of red blood cells, and sloughed off necrotic cells are washed out. It is a self-defeating process for orthodoxy does not look at the real causative principles involved that brought that animal or person to the end point of infection and obstruction.


The mechanism of triggers occurs on two levels, the physical and the energy flow (Chi and the EMF or electromagnetic field of the individual): both involve imbalance and disharmony within the patient.

1.Neutering male animals prematurely before full development of the urinary system. In male cats I recommend no earlier than 9 months of age; female cats, and dogs of small to mid-sized 6 months and giant breeds 9-12 months (now there is a new movement in veterinary medicine to alter males and females at 6 weeks of age!!!) Reasons of social behavior of female and male animals living closely with humans dictate these animals be neutered. So does the enormous number of unwanted progeny being put to death daily. However once surgery is done one must supply small amounts of the normal sexual hormone lost to prevent weaknesses in the body from developing. Vigor and strength to ward off infections decreases in the sexually related organs left (prostate, penis; vagina, and the urinary system which embryonically all develop from the same stem cells in our development before birth).

This creates an imbalance in the body's endocrine function and hormonal levels of all glands and the entire body suffers. (Spayed and neutered animals become borderline hypothyroid and put on weight more easily with concurrent joint problems from the added weight). Skin health and hair coat become dry, scurfy, hair sheds more easily and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fleas. The interrelationship of the endocrine system with the immune system is very real. Allergies become more prevalent in the neutered animal.

I recommend the homeopathic supportive formula for all organ systems and endocrine balance:,  Male or Female Total Organ support/Endocrine Balance/Immune Stimulant 100C, for there is an imbalance energy flow within the endocrine glands and the entire body's organ system. Before the physical system becomes cured and resumes good health and function, it must be changed in the EMF first. 4000 years of Oriental Medicine has proven this. In today's technological age, it is now possible to photograph and measure quantitatively the energy field capacities of the organs by Kirlian Photography and Dr. Voll's EAV and sophisticated electronic machine, the Dermatron. My new homeopathic Digestive Aid Formula 30C  for treatment and support of digestive system weaknesses,  especially important in long term antibiotic administration that kills off essential protein-digesting bacteria in the small intestine,  cases of inflammations in  liver, pancreas, stomach, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Cataracts (lens of eye energy linked to digestion), Corneal Sequestration ,   nephritis, cystitis, congestive heart problems,  allergies and cancer.
Digestive Aid Formula 30C Contains 30C HPUS Nux Vomica,  30C HPUS Acidum Hydrochloricum, 30C  Sarcodes: lymph, pepsin, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, heart, heart valves, Colon , lung, probiotics, pancreatic enzymes: lipase, amylase, protease; nosodes 30C Indole, skatol, tryptophan.

2.Toxicity of the urinary tract system and associated structures.
From Environmental Toxicity of the body's organ systems, endocrine system (adrenal glands, thyroid, pituitary and sexual glands), and immune system from chemical pollutants and chemicals added to our food, water and air. Since the urinary system has to eliminate foreign products from the body it is most targeted. One of the most common chemical causes of pathology I found was heavy metals, particularly aluminum and mercury. I discovered this by EAV as well as hair analysis of the patient.

The latter is more common in people and animals than you would think. I have been doing hair analysis screening for chronic heavy metal poisoning for the past 17 years on every sick cat, dog and horse in my practice, (as well as my own family members). They have all shown some degree of these as well as selenium, arsenic, cadmium, zinc, and copper. The toxic load one has determines the symptoms, but the first to be affected is the endocrine and immune system. I discuss this at length in my newsletter #1, Heavy Metal Contamination of our Food and Water. Antibiotics, heartworm medication, pesticides, steroids and vaccinations take their toxic toll both physically and energetically.

There is both a physical and energetic (acupuncture energy flow) relationship of all organs. What affects one, affects all. The immune system and digestion are energetically linked in acupuncture energy flow, which when impaired by toxins have a destructive energy flow to the kidney and urinary system.

So that chemicals ingested will affect the immune system with increasing incidence of allergies, tumors and cancer. It also affects the body's ability to digest properly with resultant abnormal metabolites that in themselves become toxins, become more easily absorbed into the blood stream ("leaky gut syndrome") affecting the entire body. It affects the kidney and urinary system deleteriously with weakening defense against invasions from bacteria, virus, and fungi. Inflammation and infection becomes widespread within the system with pain, bleeding and crystal or stone formation.



Start with changing the diet to, lean meat, veggies and cooked rice, fresh, and raw, preferably. I discuss this in detail in Newsletter #4 Your Pet's Diet, and choose organic grown as much as possible. If you have to buy non-organic, chemically polluted foods, you must detoxify them before feeding to your pet and eating it yourself. I go into detail about this in my newsletter #7How to Detoxify The Food. IF YOU DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE DO THIS ONE THING! It truly means the difference between a long suffering life for your self and your pet, and one of vigor and enjoyment that comes with true health and maximal potential energy. In my 31 years of practicing EAV I have seen what the polluted foods do to the energy of the body (man and animal). I can't stress this too strongly. I have numerous newsletters to guide you in this blueprint of energy change. Newsletter #4 Your Pet's Diet goes into detail what you should be feeding your pet, how much of what and what supplements are necessary for his/her health. See

Detoxify your system and your pet's system of all the accumulated pesticides, drugs, heavy metals, and vaccination destructive energies as outlined in my Newsletter #6 How to Detox Your Pet. If you want to have an evaluation of you and your pet's body content of possible heavy metal toxicity, you can order a hair analysis with instruction kit for each of you., see our Hair Analysis Kits.  Detoxification MUST come first before you can charge and balance the energies in the body.

Purchase: The Basic Animal Health package for your animal which covers all the products in my Detox/Support/Prevention Program., and add the homeopathic Kidney All Support Formula 30C and Urinary Bladder Support 30C for cystitis.

or if your cat has urethral obstruction see  Feline Urethral Spasm Support 60C


For maximum healing, you and your pet must be free from exposures to noxious environmental energies:

Protect your pet and yourself from noxious energy fields in the environment. Read about the noxious energies produced by man and earth in my section Noxious Energy Fields in this web site at

The home/office environments must be neutralized of any destructive energy fields. Electromagnetic energies can be neutralized by my anti-radiation devices. Put a Tri-Pak anti-radiation device on the main electrical panel that supplies electricity coming into the building. This will neutralize all the electrical wiring in the building and its destructive energy radiation. Place a cellular phone tab on all telephone headsets: cellular, and regular phone systems. Place  3 hole Resonator Bead  on all electrical appliances and microwave oven, TV, Computers and printers. Earth-made noxious fields must be detected and cleansed by a master dowser. We now offer this service with our Dowsing Diverting Service. These products and services are offered in my product menu, you can email us at for information.

Support and strengthen the electromagnetic field (EMF) of your pet with the use of good energy tools: quartz crystals mandalas, acupressure point massage, homeopathy, chiropractic (if needed), color, music, herbs, natural diets, oral oxygen ( aerobic 07), and orthomolecular supplements. My newsletters and cassette tapes guide you in their use:

Measure your animal and purchase a Healing Halter with protective anti-radiation bead. A must to regain health from any pathology. It acts like a balancing acupuncture treatment without needles constantly as it is being worn. I recommend you leave it on constantly except for bathing your animal. It is ancillary to any professional acupuncture therapies reinforcing the balance and strengthening of the EMF.  Please see Healing Halters for custom ordering .This is included in the Basic Health Package.

Use only bottled spring water and charge the water molecules your pet consumes by the use of Quartz Crystals Mandalas placed in the water bowl.

Purchase my 3 set acupressure massage charts to reinforce the kidney, urinary bladder, digestive and endocrine system, immune system and all organs of the body. See Accupressure Dog/Cat Charts and Accupressure Horse Charts.

Give Orthomolecular vitamin mineral  boosters for function and health: Super antioxidant (high potency vitamins C, A, E and selenium); chelated Zinc 25-50 mg daily, MSM,  Advanced Digestive Enzymes, Multi-Enzyme and Kyodophilus for the older animal or one who has had antibiotic therapy. For repair and to kill bacteria, virus and fungus infections there is a great need for increased oxygen supply to the tissues. These parasites (as well as cancer and tumor cells) cannot live in a high oxygen environment- you don't need antibiotics, and toxic drugs to kill bacteria, viruses,and fungi. Chemotherapy and radiation is not necessary in treatment of cancer. German physicians use hyperbaric oxygen and ozone rich blood transfusions successfully in their cancer patients. Our planet's atmosphere is developing a decreased concentration of oxygen in the air we breathe, due to increasing chemical pollution. I now recommend supplementation of liquid oral oxygen "Aerobic O7 stabilized oxygen" given daily (15 drops in 1 cup water 1-3 x daily as needed) to every sick animal no matter what the pathology  See supplement section of my website for those supplements not included in the Basic Health Package at




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