I know this may sound silly, but this works in our barn. I hang the gallon size of freezer bags of zip loc bags half full of water all around our barn. The flies think they are seeing spider webs with dew and it keeps them away!! Some people think it's strange when they come into our barn and see hanging zip loc bags of water everywhere, but they will notice that there aren't any flies in the barn area!!

I noticed this many, many moons ago at an outdoor restaurant and asked the owner why all the bags of water! He told me he got it from an old farmer who hung them in his barn!! Kept the flies off the food area! I took down the nasty fly traps we had and tried the zip loc bags and it worked! You do have to replace them every year as they do get weathered but it does keep the flies away and you don't have to put a ton up!

I hang them up with a really good string, or you can use fishing line if You have that around. I hang the bags so that they are tilted, but I guess it probably doesn't matter. The way a fly looks at things,everything looks oblong to it, so it thinks it's seeing a spiders web. There are some websites that you can go to that simulate what a bee or a Fly sees through compound eyes. Pretty interesting!


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