There are over 165 pages of free information on my web page. I meant it to educate the animal owner so that she/he would know more about the causes of a health problem in their animal, and then choose the best natural way of bringing their pet back to good health, however, I realize my web page can be pretty overwhelming.

So this is how to access information, specific for your needs:

  1. On top of the Home page, you can either click on the green button for the species animal you have : dog, cat, horse, bird, rodent or reptile. This then takes you to the section specific for health problems in that species. Or

  2. You can scroll to the bottom of the Home page and click on the link: “ Disease & Medicine

  3. Pick the link that best describes your animal’s health problem, read the article, download it and study the causes and what I recommend best for treatment.

  4. You can then click on the green button, “Products” at the top of the web page and order the products and services separately, mentioned in the article, or purchase all of the items that are discounted 10% in the Basic Health Packages, a link found at the bottom of the home page.

  5. There are two links you should study for it crystallizes what I have found makes an animal sick, and what must be done to get them well no matter what disease, lameness, pain or weakness your animal may be exhibiting, they are:
    - “ Why Do Animals Get Sick” link at bottom of home page
    - My Detox/Support/Prevention Program found in the Disease & Medicine Link, scroll down till you find the link, Detoxification and Support Program for Ill Animals- again all the products and services can be ordered separately or at a 10% discount within the Basic Health Packages.

  6. Click on the link “Research” at the bottom of the home page to expand your knowledge about the different natural therapies of Acupressure Massage, Homeopathy, Color and Music Therapy, EAV nosodal treatment, Chiropractic, Quartz Crystal Therapy, Noxious Energy Radiations in the environment, etc. and my 20 year research of Chronic Heavy Metal Toxicity affecting health of animals and people.

  7. Visit my photo scrapbook of healed animals using Energy Medicine- click on Research and then on “ Recovered animals in Positive energy Flow

All products mentioned are found in the product section of our electronic store

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