HEALING HALTER™ Principles of healing therapies built into product, documentation and reference material.

Purpose: A revolutionary new concept in prevention of disease and treatment of illnesses using a product developed by Dr. Gloria Dodd, a Holistic veterinarian since 1974. The Healing Halter™ balances the body's own electromagnetic field (EMF) that leads to stimulation and natural healing mechanism of the body.

A new improved version of the halter now prevents any wearing out of the essential healing principles built into the product.

Origin: Dr. Dodd's own 18 year old Poodle was the prototype for this halter. The dog had congestive heart failure with a very severe mitral heart valve murmur. After wearing these healing properties built into her halter, her congestive heart condition as well as the audible heart murmur disappeared. She has continued to be healthy and free of disease for the past 4 years. All clinical examinations, blood tests for heart enzymes deterioration have remained normal. She plays like a puppy with her daughter's two year old Boston Terrier.

There are 6 healing energy principles incorporated in the Healing Halter™ :

1.Color Therapy: Green is the color vibration that stabilizes the organs of the physical body and acupuncture energy flow. It is also the specific color vibration of the Heart Chakra located within the chest area of the body.

2. Quartz Crystal Mandalas: Quartz Crystals have been used for centuries for healing the body using the unique piezo-electric energy force field exerted by the crystal. I have found the mandala ( a graphic symbol of the basic six point molecular structure of the crystal) produces the same electrical charging affect on the body's electromagnetic field (EMF) as the stone. This is based upon my original research utilizing Kirlian Photography (visual proof of the body's aura or EMF) and the Dermatron, a sophisticated electronic device made in Germany that can measure quantitatively, the energy emissions of all the body's organ acupuncture points. The sum total of all of the body's acupuncture organ meridian flows make up the EMF. With these two diagnostic energy tools, one is able to diagnose both the energetic and physical health of the body. Physical health is dictated by EMF energy health. Five thousand years of clinical experience of Oriental Medicine has proven this interdependency. It is only recently that technology has given us the precise instrumentation for scientific proof.

3. Pyramid Configuration Energy: The specific 51 degrees 51 minute angle of a triangle (such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt) exerts a powerful electromagnetic force field known for centuries to kill bacteria, increase growth of plant seedlings, etc. I've placed the 4 crystal mandalas on the green halter in a double pyramid configuration worn at the body's Heart Chakra, with one of the mandalas placed at the location of the thymus gland (one of the immune system glands.)

4. Heart Chakra Energy:(one of seven major energy centers of the body centered in the chest area over which the HealingHalterÔ is worn): All acupuncture meridian energies of all of the body's organ and tissue systems flow through the Heart Chakra within a twenty four hour period of time. Thus by charging the Heart Chakra over a period of 24 hours or longer, one can charge every organ and immune system of the body.

5. The Light Invocation: Invoking the Light of The Christ Within mantra through the double pyramid mandalas of the Healing Halter™ empowers the strength and healing principles of this halter. All five principles energize and balance the EMF of all the body's organs thus helping to bring about improvement in physiological health.

6. The Personal Protective Catalyst Bead: placed at the center of the breast in "A" band. This is a specially developed anti-radiation device to help protect the wearer from most environmental noxious energy fields. These fields have been proven to produce illness and pain in people and animals. Read more about these in my web page article on "Noxious Energy Fields".

Balancing the acupuncture meridians and amplifying the EMF of the body in animals by the Healing Halter™ has been verified by Kirlian Photography of distal meridian flows at the ends of the animal's toes. Pre halter application photographs of a sick animal reveals a halo of white light (EMF) surrounding the toes of all four feet, that is wispy thin (weak, or low amplitude of energy), and having numerous "holes" of missing light that are deficiencies of energy flow. Since each side of every toe represents a specific organ system one can diagnose energy pathology in that organ.

Photos taken of the same animal wearing the Healing Halter™ minutes later reveal the EMF (halo affect of the toes) no longer has any "holes" or deficiencies of energy flow and, the amplitude of the energy has been greatly increased-a healing is taking place in the EMF that will then filter down to the physical body.

How quickly, depends on how long the illness has been present, if the damage to the organs and immune system is reversible and how long the animal continues to wear the halter. Since 1985, sales of the Healing Halter™ has resulted in letters from the pet owners thanking me for the clinical improvement in their sick or painful animals wearing my halter. For the development of this Healing Halter™ , I will forever be indebted to a loving little 16 year old poodle mix, who graced my life many years ago. (See the story of "Duffy" And Her Crystal Gridded Halter.

To remain healed and healthy demands a lifestyle change for your pet. Many, many years in private practice has driven this point home to me. My most heroic efforts of holistic therapies failed unless the animal was placed on a clean, healthy, natural diet of food and water with minimal to zero (best) chemical contaminants. This means organically grown foods, and tested bottled spring water found to be free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and heavy metals. This of course applies to a healthy lifestyle for people too. An important health hazard to our animals is the unwise vaccination practice too frequently employed in our profession. I cover all of these topics and more, in my pet owner informational audiocassette tapes.

I have found the Kirlian Photographs of symptom-free animals wearing the Healing Halter™ ,show an amplification of the EMF aura, thus helping to strengthen the physical organs and immune system and helping to prevent disease and illnesses. Please refer to Kirlian photos of actual clinical cases, and a few samples of testimonial letters

Reference reading:

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"Dr. Dodd, I just couldn't believe what your halter has done for my horse. He was born with malformed hooves and all of his life he has had to have corrective shoeing. After wearing your halter for 3 months, his hooves are normal and don't require special shoes anymore. Thank you so much!. Mrs. M. Scottsdale , Az.

"My horse had injured his poll when unloading from a horse trailer. I applied acupuncture treatment but the next day there was not much difference in the swelling and pain around the top of his head. Then I remembered your Healing Halter you had sent me to try on some of my cases. I put the Halter on for most of one day, with the incredible results of reducing all swelling to the tissues and eliminating pain to the touch. Here is a photo." Lauren DeRock, DVM, Patterson, CA



Dr. Dodd's Comment: This horse belongs to a holistic veterinarian, Dr. Lauren De Rock, specializing in Equine acupuncture, so this is one of my favorite testimonials.

There have been so many animals that have benefited from this halter over the 15 years I've been selling it. This halter has helped animals recover from traumatic injury, bacterial, viral and fungal infections, emotional behavioral problems , pain, cardiovascular disorders, epilepsy, digestive disorders, lamenesses, hepatitis, nephritis, skin problems, decreased mobility, pain, and malalignment of the spinal verterbrae from Hip Dysplasia and osteo-arthritis, colic, and severe muscle spasm problems. Please refer to my list of other testimonials in the Healing Halter™ section of this web page. I have found the Kirlian Photographs of symptom-free animals wearing the Healing Halter™ show an amplification of the electromagnetic field (EMF) aura of the body, thus helping the physical organs, immune system and musculo-skeletal system. This helps to prevent disease and illness. (Read Duke'sTestimonial)


How to Measure for Your Horse's Healing Halter:

First, you need two people, one to hold your horse, and another to take your 4 measurements with horse standing square on level ground You will be building the halter with 4 pieces of string. Then you will measure all 4 strings with a cloth measuring tape in inches. Take measurements A, B, C and D (see pictures): It is imperative you be accurate as we cannot refund custom made Healing Halters.


Take this measurement first: it is around your animal's chest midway from behind the front legs to last rib. Make this measurement with the first string, and tie in place, but allow the depth of two finger-widths between string and animal's skin. (We allow some "wiggle" room with an extra 1-2 inches in the Velcro/ buckle attachment of B.)  This is  "B" measurement.


At the string on the left side of "B"  (at the  #4 mark on this diagram) take a second string and go around the front of the chest, above the shoulder joint to the opposite side and connect with the string marking "B" on the right side). This is the length of  "A" string.


 Take a third piece of string, going over the shoulders  to join the " A " string, from right to left side of the body. It is in line with the posterior edge of your horse's front leg. This "D" string is to be tied to right and left sides of "A" string.


"C" string is the length along the top line of your horse, from where the neck joins the body (torso) back to "B". It connects "B" string to  "D" string.

For maximum benefit from the healing qualities built into this halter, I recommend your horse wear this halter as many hours of a 24- hour period possible. It takes all 12- organ meridians 24 hours to pass through the chest, where they can receive this charging effect to the energy flow. This strengthening affect is then reflected back to each meridian's specific organ structure. Do not worry about your horse casting with his hooves into the halter, I have built "break away" areas in several of the halter's webbing to minimize this problem. If your horse is sick, lame or painful, he/she should wear this halter continuously while being confined.

I do not recommend this halter being worn on horses out in pasture unobserved.

"B" = _____________________________inches

"A" = _____________________________inches

"D" = _____________________________inches

"C" = _____________________________inches



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