Charts for Acupuncture Points and Treatment

The following chart shows three acupuncture points used for colic. There are varying different points that can be used depending on type of colic: simple spastic, impacted, or constipation with inflation of the bowel with gases. Colic with torsion or intussusception of the intestine requires emergency surgical intervention. Happily, these are in the minority.

Things to be done for colic relief, while waiting for the vet to arrive are: Have two strong people interlock arms under the horse's belly and thrust arms upward against lolly several times at the rate of counting "one thousand and one (lift and jiggle belly), "one thousand arid two" (repeat lifting and jiggling belly of horse) for a dozen times or so; sometimes this will rearrange the intestines and relieve gas pressure in the colicky horse. This technique given courtesy of Dr. Lauren DeRock, equine acupuncturist,

Press hard bilaterally on all three points about 1 minute, alternate with homeopathic medication (Cuprum Metallicum 50Mx Arnica fix, and Bach Flower Calming Essence) as often as needed:

  1. Stomach 2, below the midline of the eyeball in a small depression infraorbital foramen.
  2. Stomach 36 - S 36 on the lateral topside of the tibia (upper part of lower leg) in line with knee joint, you can feel a small indentation with your finger. This point increases movement of the intestines (peristalsis).
  3. Governing Vessel 1 - GV 1, lift tail up, in midline of tail head, right above anus. One point only.


Acupressure points for colic:

S-2 (Stomach 2)

S-36 (Stomach 36)

Closeup view of Stomach 2 (S2) near superficial vein . Press bilaterally.


Acupressure point for colic: Governing Vessel -1 (GV-1)

Charts courtesy of the Atlas of Veterinary Acupuncture Charts, H. Grady Young, DVM, International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, 1978

Stop by again; in the future I will be discussing wounds, lameness, lumbar myositis (muscle tie-up syndrome), nervousness, heat stroke, saddle sores, laminitis, anemia, respiratory and digestive problems, arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, care of the breeding mare and stallion, pregnant mare and new foal, and managing the health of the older horse.


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