Eliminate the cause, using my 6- item checklist, and treat pain and illness with Energy Medicine: my homeopathic remedies especially formulated for horses and my Emergency First Aid Kit and booklet, herbs, Bach Flower essences, chiropractic, quartz crystals, bipolar magnets, pulsating electromagnetic fields, acupuncture and acupressure point and TEAM method massage, color and music, increasing the oxygenation of the organs and cells with ozone and oxygen, (I sell a wonderful supplement, " Aerobic O7", you put in the drinking water), purchase a Healing Halter™ (I was told by one of my clients, that one doesn't even need a diagnosis to use my halter, for it is effective against pain, arthritis and all organ dysfunctions.

If you read the section on these halters you'll know why), placement of anti-radiation devices where needed, test your horse for heavy metals with a hair analysis, and detoxify and strengthen the EMF with homeopathic nosodes, and utilize supportive supplements which are lacking in our modern living animal such as antioxidants, MSM, Glucosamine/chondroitin for joint degeneration and repair, digestive enzymes and probiotics (intestinal bacterial flora).

For improved digestion, Bovine colostrums (which is Mother Natures most perfect food to nurture and supply antibodies for treatment against most of the bacterial and viral infections), organic whole glandulars for the immune system, thyroid, and for balancing the endocrine system of the neutered animal.

I have found this product to be beneficial to people, dogs, cats, horses, and rodents. Our whole family takes this: me and my husband, my 3 dogs, 2 horses and a pet rabbit. All these products are available in my electronic store.

I have written a lengthy article on holistic therapies and prevention without discussing individual pathologies and methods. These are available in my newsletters, cassette tapes, and The Animal Emergency Handbook in detail. I believe you cannot maximally help your horse, yourself or any other animal without understanding the basics of how the pain and illness started in the first place. Knowledge is power and I want to empower you to make a difference in your life and in your horse's quality of life.

I have cassette tapes and newsletters discussing detoxification, holistic healing with homeopathy, crystals, magnets, color, acupuncture, etc. with illustrative charts and drawings for specific organ pathologies and lameness. For real emergencies or severely ill animals always contact professional help. We have a national directory of holistic veterinarians for choosing the one nearest you (please go to "reference" section).

For use in those first few precious moments of an emergency. I have an Emergency First Aid Kit and Trail Bag containing all natural products with illustrated handbook to have handy in the barn and out on the trail. This is a complete paramedic kit containing items and outlining methods of saving lives that I have used in my own practice over 40 years. They work. The ingredients are all FDA approved and is great for the whole family! See section on "Emergency First Aid Kits".

Here is one of many case studies in which lives were saved by my products:

A pregnant mare with a foal at her side was showing signs of colic; my horseshoer notified me by telephone. She was down and couldn't get up and the large animal vet was on another call outside of the area. I told my horseshoer to go get my emergency kit that he had bought and always carried in his truck. I told him to put a dropperful of Bach Flower Calming Essence (or Calming Essence) in the mare's mouth, and to mix the following homeopathic remedies in 1 oz. water in the plastic squirt bottle that came with the kit: 4 tablets each of Cuprum Metallicum 50 MX (for severe spasm of intestinal and skeletal muscle), and Arnica 6x for pain.

He was to repeat dosing with the Bach Flower and homeopathy mixture every 10 minutes, along with gentle massage of the abdomen. (There are also acupuncture points for colic that he could have massaged, but he didn't have the chart). After ½ hour her labored breathing and sweating ceased, and within two hours she was up on her feet, passed a healthy manure, and began eating at the manger with the foal nursing. That day we saved three lives.

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All products mentioned are found in the product section of our electronic store

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