1. Eliminate exposures to poisonous chemicals in the environment: use safe, nontoxic products for pest control (see product list in my electronic store), and newsletter #3, Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Control (also biting flies), sanitizing, and grooming aids. Practice recycling, use and encourage industry and government to foster alternative energy sources, and proper disposal of toxins.

  2. Eliminate all noxious energy fields in the environment by using the anti-radiation devices listed in my electronic store. Place a Tri-Pak on every main electrical panel in the barn, home, office and other electrified buildings. Put a Tri-Pak on the battery operated electrical fencing. Place a personal protective catalyst bead on every horse (either fixed in mane or to a halter, if worn continuously), and on every member of your family. Please refer to section "Noxious Energy Fields".

  3. Feed chemically free organic food and supplements, if unavailable practice my detoxing methods outlined in my newsletter #7, How To Detox Food Safely.

  4. Filter all water sources with in-line filters to remove all chemicals, and heavy metals. The best is ozone filtration; reversed osmosis next best; last, in rural areas with limited power sources, in-line block carbon filters. Strengthen the water by charging its energy field with special rock quartz crystals placed in automatic waterers or in water trough. All of these products are available from my company- see electronic store.

  5. Balance and strengthen your horse's EMF with my specially developed Healing Halter™. Please see section on Healing Halter™, testimonials and Pet of the Month section of this web page. I have found a strong EMF helps prevent parasites from entering the physical body: such as biting vectors, internal parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells.

  6. Minimize the use of drugs: steroids, pain- killers, antibiotics, parasite control chemicals (both internal and external), and most devastating of all, multiple, frequent vaccinations. NEVER give your horse a multiple vaccination and tube worming at the same time-it is too toxic a shock to the system. I have seen horses thrown into colic this way, others develop chronic kidney, liver and skin problems. For my horses, I prefer   to detoxify noxious drug effects and build a strong EMF  with my Detox Equine nosodes 30c If proof of a vaccination is necessary for shows, boarding etc. give the drug vaccine but follow immediately with the specific  detox  Detox Vaccinosis nosode to detoxify.

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All products mentioned are found in the product section of our electronic store

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