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There is nothing so tragic to a horseman or woman than to see their beloved, and majestic "friend" being put down by a vet for colic or other illness, because there was nothing medically that could help that animal. Even worse, perhaps is standing by helplessly and seeing their horse gradually "fade away or suffer lameness" due to some chronic health condition. I know because I’ve been there; but it doesn’t have to be that way. Since I have learned alternative veterinary methods of healing and prevention of health hazards, I have been able to extend my horses’ lives ten more years of an enjoyable, active life, free of pain and major illnesses. (Please see picture of my Tennessee Walker gelding, "Wheel", age 33years old.) How? By practicing natural energy medicine and eliminating as much as possible the causes of pain and illness.

"Wheel" and friend after bath time.


Horses get sick and painful for as many reasons as people and all animals do. How to tell if your horse is lame.

In my experience of observing the many animals I have attended since opening my practice in l960 and my education in both orthodox and holistic philosophies, I have come to the following conclusion: WE GET SICK FROM ANY AND ALL THINGS THAT WEAKEN THE BODY’S PROTECTIVE ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE FIELD OR LIFE FORCE.

We have to stop thinking of ourselves, and animals as physical beings alone. All things exist in physical and energy forms. I have proven this to myself by photographing the electromagnetic field (EMF) of dogs, cats, and people. Other European researchers have photographed the EMF of horses, sheep and cattle. This special photography is called Kirlian, and requires a special technique of exposing the film with electricity in a light free environment taken by a Kirlian camera.

I have also measured the magnitude of the EMF of horses, dogs, cats, and people by using a sophisticated, electronic machine first made in Germany. By both methods I have compared the EMF of "healthy" individuals to those having known organ illnesses. In the Kirlian photograph, the sick animal and person show "holes" in the EMF and the amplitude (the width or thickness of the EMF halo around the hooves, fingers and toes) is very weak compared to the continuous, strong EMF of a healthy body. (Please refer to section on Kirlian Photography)


  1. Inheritance of a genetic code that is flawed and produces a weakened constitution that may lead to impaired organ function, poor immune response or coping with stress.

  2. Yes, horses suffer illnesses due to stress as we do, probably more so because they are creatures of speed and reaction. Reacting quickly to danger has been survival for the horse in its evolution but now we restrict his movements to small stalls, corrals and or pastures and demand he conform to our standards of his living.

  3. Environmental toxins chemicals in the food, water and air that is foreign to the metabolism of the body. To this I add the toxic affects of drugs, wormers, and vaccines.

  4. Trauma to any part of the body but especially the head, which deranges the natural flow of Chi or Life Force. This touches every cell in the body depriving it of the needed energy for health.

  5. Noxious energy fields where we work and live. These are EMF’s of the earth known as "geopathic" forces and man-made noxious EMF’s. Geopathic forces are produced where two underground streams of water intersect, giving up a ray of energy. Any horse confined over this point for a period of time will develop painful arthritis, malfunction of the internal organs and impairment of the immune system. Man-made noxious energies are becoming more important because of its omnipresence on this planet: electrification of every building, corral and fenced pasture. Telecommunication of every nature from telephones, computers, radios, television (how about those TV monitors in every stall?), military and commercial satellites in the stratosphere, which circle the globe, and are becoming increasingly more in number everyday. Progress at a price. When man-made noxious energy fields are superimposed over geopathics, the destructive affect on one’s health is malignatized 1000 % I have seen horses develop incessant, unexplained nervous pacing up and down, have increased susceptibility to colic, allergies, bacterial, viral and fungal infections, a mare and stallion’s ability to produce offspring diminish, and increased numbers of stillbirths and weak newborn. I have seen tumors and cancer develop in these areas.

  6. The increasing pervasion of heavy metals in our water and food. These are aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, selenium, zinc, iron copper and arsenic. Every sick dog, cat, and horse I have examined has had heavy metals in their hair analysis with the concurrent derangement of the essential vitamin, mineral and electrolyte balance in the body. The most prevalent has been aluminum, which goes to the brain and nervous system and touches every cell in the body with a destructive energy. These patients did not get well until along with the detoxification of drugs, and vaccines, the heavy metals had to be eliminated from the body too. Our ground waters and food plants are contaminated by pollution in two ways, directly from improper disposal by households and commerce, and by polluted air emissions from burning fossil fuels forming acid rain that falls on clay soils, releasing the bound aluminum as a free agent to enter the underground aquifers and plants growing in the area. Aluminum is particularly concentrated by cereal grains and alfalfa, (a horse’s diet!) There is much research evidence proving aluminum’s role in neurological dysfunction, premature aging, infertility, and depression of the immune system with increased allergy, tumor and cancer developing. To learn more of these dangers and reference reading refer to the section on Noxious Energy Fields in my web page, and my newsletter # 1 Heavy Metal Contamination of Food and Water.

    "Feeding alfalfa can cause: hypothyroidism high calcium causes lower absorption of iodine which causes lower thyroid function. (Cresty necks) Tying up- feeding higher then what a horse needs in protein decreases the thyroid function. Too much calcium causes magnesium levels to decrease which leads to lactic acid build up in muscles. kidney problems - ammonia smell from urine is not good. excess protein from alfalfa can clog the kidneys over time. The calcium can turn into kidney stones. Lowers the immune system- too much protein and low in fiber diets lead stressed horses to get sick easier. Enteroliths- this is more common in CA and other western states where diets are high in alfalfa. Excessive protein in alfalfa causes ammonium, magnesium, and phosphate to come together to form enteroliths. Changes the development of bones- too much calcium throws off the absorption of copper and zinc. Copper and zinc are very important for healthy bones. Colic- alfalfa is too low in fiber to keep the digestive system happy. Arthritis- protein digestion causes acid. feeding alfalfa causes more acid in the stomach. The body pulls minerals from muscle and bones to help get the acid levels down. This causes build up of calcium on joints which leads to arthritis."

Colorado State University, Wells, LeRoy and Ralston have made a study of the heavy metal content in the hair of 391 horses. These horses varied by breed, age, coat color, and sex. The study analyzed correlations of copper, lead, chromium, mercury, aluminum and nickel with these horses’ mineral content, (both in feed and hair), age differences, sex, color hair coat and eleven different breeds. Pathologies, electrolyte imbalances and toxicities were noted.

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