With Male or Female Homeopathic Treatment Regular/Bastard Strangles Nosode 3 bottle set : 60C, 100C, 200C (Variant strain Streptococcus Equi, resistant to drug vaccination and antibiotics , may also cross treat regular strain of Strangles Strep Equi infection).

Dosage Schedule: at first signs of depression, "runny nose", and fever give 4 tablets orally 1-3 x daily for 21 treatments starting with 60C, include daily Lactated Ringers  subcutaneously, then proceed to 100C give 21 doses with fluids, then 200C give 21 doses with fluids as needed until all signs return to normal. This usually takes care of most infections, if some signs persist contact the office to mak higher custom potencies of 400C, 600C. Some animals may not show normal outward signs of nasal discharge and enlarged glands around throat and/or external abscesses but may show 109 degrees rectal temperature, but all affected horses should be assumed affected with either Strep infection and proceed with my nosode treatment.

Assume any exposed animals to this disease with fever as incipient ill animals that may have internal abscess formation in the lungs, liver, stomach and digestive organs. Institute the treatment immediately. Treatment can be given at any age from Newborn and older.

TO PREVENT TOO RAPID A DETOXIFICATION OF THIS DISEASE BY THIS REMEDY- pushed fluid administration must be given daily with use of this homeopathic treatment:
Give Sterile Physiological Saline ( 0.9 % Sodium Chloride), or Lactated Ringers subcutaneously in divided doses of 100ml @ or intravenously under veterinary supervision:

500 ml twice daily for foals, 1000 ml twice daily for adult horses.

This is essential to carry the released energy fields of disease by this homeopathic nosode, out of the body through urine. This prevents the body from seeking other means to get rid of these by burning the bacterial toxins in fever, or exiting via increased nasal purulent discharges, forming new abscesses or diarrhea.

CAUTION- For best results, all the principles of using homeopathic remedies and nosodes must be respected to insure that neutralization of these homeopathic remedies do not occur. Do not expose homeopathy to magnets, sunlight, do not place on any metal surface. Hands should not be exposed to perfume, lotion, perfumed soap, onions, garlic, camphor or other strong odors while handling the remedies. Any essential herbal oils applied to skin of handler or patient must be washed thoroughly before dosing.

For prevention of this disease I recommend building a strong EMF with  my homeopathic Horse Vaccinosis Detox Nosode 30C which contains nosodes of  all the normal vaccines used for horses including the strain of Strep Equi causing Bastard Strangles, and Rabies vaccine. Can be used at any age, also to protect newborn susceptible foals possibly exposed by strengthening their EMF.  Can be given without interference with maternal antibodies: foals and adults:   All my homeopathic products come with full instructions for use.

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