Azoturia as defined in Dorland's Medical Dictionary, is" the excess of urea or other nitrogen compounds in the urine."
Azoturia requires my Detox/Support/Prevention Program. Please order the 25% discounted Basic Horse Health Package that accomplishes this program. Please read thoroughly all ingredients and purposes of this package. Please add to the Basic Horse Health Package the following products:

  1. Musculoskeletal Support 400C - strongest homeopathy to relieve muscle spasm, pain and support of joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, dscis and vertebrae.
  2. Since muscle spasms are controlled by a toxic liver and digestive organs, include Liver/Spleen/Pancreas/Stomach Support Formula 30C
  3. to control anxiety and stress order Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

In horses, the Muscle Tie-Up Syndrome (or spastic Myalgia) is accompanied by azoturia and much pain. Where is this "excess urea or other nitrogen compounds" coming from that's spilling over into the urine? It comes predominantly from the build up of the toxic lactic acid produced and breakdown of muscle tissue in the body to its primary protein elements. This is circulated into the blood stream to the liver where it is metabolized and broken down further into urea and other nitrogen waste products, then circulated back to the kidneys where it is filtered into the formation of urine.


It is sustained, painful cramping of the main large muscle groups that power the hind legs of the horse. These are the bilateral lumbar, gluteus maximus and semimembranosis, semitendinosis muscles of the lower back, hip and upper hind leg areas. Many times the horses that are
weekend" trail horses that do not have regular exercise to build tone and stamina succumb to this painful condition. But it goes deeper than that. The explanation lies in the electrical energy flows within the body. For 4000 years the Chinese have known that the Liver is responsible for the health of the muscles, skin, hoof and hair of the body. Anything that disturbs the flow and harmony of this energy will have manifestations of illness and pain in the physical body.

We and our animals are being bombarded with toxicities that affect the liver: the chemicals and pollutants in our food, water and air, as well as the foreign toxic chemicals given in the form of antibiotics, steroids, Butazolidin, anti-inflammatory drugs, vaccinations, and parasiticides. I sound like a broken record, but all of our medical and veterinary woes of pain and illness are primarily affected via these routes. I learned this from 20 years practicing EAV analysis of energy fields of the body. (To learn about Eav go to my section on Why Homeopathy?) I was able to specifically define what were the causative agents of energy disturbance in any organ in the body, through the use of testing homeopathic remedies made from bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals, vaccines, drugs, pesticides, food preservatives, etc. on specific organ EAV points on the body with a sophisticated electronic machine made in Germany.

Chemicals, drugs, vaccines have an energy field that is destructive energetically to the body as well as physically to the body. The liver is the prime target, and once disturbed, the muscles for which the liver is responsible are also put out of balance and harmony in energy flow, and physically manifest by spasm and pain. If sustained over a period of time without relief and rebalancing the energy, the muscles will start to breakdown issuing their waste products of protein elements into the system with subsequent toxic affects to the body.

Other factors affecting the liver are emotions and stress. Negative emotions of fear and anxiety and a stressful lifestyle can impact the health of the liver, hence muscles, negatively also. Horses kept in confinement with little exposure to sunlight and exercise suffer stress and anxiety. Horses are very acute to reacting to how they are approached and handled, as well as picking up emotional energy fields of those around them, (people and other horses).


  1. Immediate relief of pain and muscle spasm with my Dr. Dodd's Homeopathic Musculoskeletal Support 400C . The homeopathic has the nosode Lactic Acid to counter act the toxic chemical build up in a cramped muscle, as well as other homeopathic helpers to relieve pain and spasm. Rescue Remedy balances the Emotional Body and allays fear and stress all of which is necessary for proper treatment. Four pellets of the homeopathic remedy and 4 drops of the Rescue Remedy are placed in a plastic squirt bottle with 1 oz spring bottled water and dosed with a healthy "squirt" into the horse's mouth every 10 minutes for the first hour, then once hourly for first wakeful day, then 6 x daily thereafter as needed.
  2. Gently massage the cramped muscle groups with hot moist towels, to increase flow of fresh arterial blood with rich oxygen to the anoxic muscles.


  1. DETOX your horse of all noxious health affects of  past vaccinations, drugs, pesticides, etc with my Homeopathic nosode 3 bottle Detox Heavy Metals, and Dr. Dodd’s Homeopathic Horse Detox Vaccinosis 30C , Detox Pesticides 3 bottle series, according to enclosed instructions. Support and strengthen liver and muscles with Dr. Dodd’s Homeopathic Male or Female Total Organ/Endocrine Balance/Immune Stimulant 100C and Liver, Spleen, Pancreas & Stomach 30C three times daily for 1 month minimum according to instructions enclosed. Later detox pesticides with my Detox Pesticides 3 bottle series,(12x, 30C, 60C)
  2. Practice prevention: stop drug administration and vaccinations and build a strong EMF ( electromagnetic Force Field) by detoxing past drug vaccinations and strengthing the Life Force  with my Detox Homeopathic Horse nosode 30C, Detox WNV nosode 30C, and Detox Potomac Horse Fever nosode 30C, they come with detox and EMF strengthening dosage instructions. For pain control one can use local application of plasticized Quartz crystal Mandalas, with  the referenced homeopathic remedies, Musculoskeletal Support 100c, 200c or 400c, Musculoskeletal Support 200C ( moderate muscle spasm) or Musculoskeletal Support 400 C (severe muscle spasm and pain).
  3. Added Strength and Balance to  all the energy flows within the body with my Healing Halter for horses (click on Healing Halter section to read about this marvelous treatment and prevention tool).
  4. Detox all hay, grains and supplements by methods outlined in my newsletter #7, How to Detoxify the Food and use of my Detox Blue Green Papers.
  5. Regular exercise training of your horse
  6. Eliminate noxious environmental radiations by purchasing antiradiationdevices such as: a Tripak to put on main
    electrical panel , and a 3 Hole Resonator Bead to place on top center of hot water heater to barn.
  7. Increase the oxygenation of the tissues with oral liquid oxygen, Aerobic 7 drops. Instructions included.

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