In this day and age, almost 90% of all our ills stem from or include an overwhelmed toxic liver. This is because there is so much widespread pollution of this nation's food, water and air; and to this I add drugs and stress. I have detailed this subject in other newsletters (refer to News #4, Your Pet's Diet, News #6 How To Detox Your Pet, News #7 How to Detox Your Food and News #1 Heavy Metal Contamination). There are few cases in which our pets and we suffer from acute bacterial and viral infections. Today we succumb to chronic degenerative conditions such as crippling arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer, allergies, dermatitis, migraines, endocrine imbalances (Diabetes, infertility, obesity, hypothyroidism, etc) and failing organic conditions of the heart, lung, kidney, circulation and digestion.  

Our bodies, (I will be referring to man and animal throughout this article), were never evolved to be a chemical detox factory. Chemicals are toxins to the cells of our body. These cells react in one of two ways: if the chemical dosage is higher than the cell's tolerance level for survival, it will die. If the dosage is lower, the cell calls on the lymph to carry it away into the venous circulation where eventually it will be taken to the organs of detoxification. 

The most important organ is the liver. Here it is changed chemically to a less toxic substance, and is sent to the kidney and bowel for elimination from the body. However, when the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, the Pituitary asks for help of the rest of the endocrine system for the diversion of the toxins: it calls on the ADRENALS, which divert toxins via the gastrointestinal tract. Chronic upsets of the different parts of the digestive system can reflect an imbalance of more toxins accumulating than can be discharged. Diarrhea and vomiting are the first signs of the body trying to get rid of these poisons. So many orthodox doctors in this country slam shut this natural defense mechanism of the body to rid itself of poisons, by giving the patient anti-diarrhetics, antibiotics, steroids and anti-emetics. 

This only accomplishes a deeper deposition of these toxins in other organ systems. After the adrenals, the body calls on the OVARIES, or TESTICLES to produce vaginal, or penile sheath discharges of toxins. If these are further suppressed by doctors with stronger antibiotics and steroids, the body calls for help from the THYROID, which produces SKIN discharges of toxins. This is the most common form of toxin discharge we see in animals since the skin is the largest organ surface. This can be from the skin pores of the body, skin of the ear canals, anal sacs and sebaceous glands of the skin between the toes of the feet. 

Mucous membrane discharges of these toxins from the eyes, nose and throat can follow. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg of Germany wrote a marvelous treatise in which he proved the development of an internal intoxication by doctors from suppressing the body's natural defenses. He termed it the "Homotoxicology Affect":  "Homo", Greek derivation meaning man, and "toxicology", the study of poisons and their affects. He proved that by doctors giving penicillin for tonsillitis, (the body's natural defense of stopping the bacterial invader at the tonsillar lymphatic ring of tissue in the throat), a wild polypeptide chemical was manufactured by the body from the penicillin. This was deposited in other organs giving the cells in these organs  "foreign" messages for function that were passed on with this altered message to other cells and organs, and so on and so on thus disrupting the normal homeostasis of the body. 

What manifested were abnormal toxic metabolites from altered organ function. The body's attempt of ridding itself of these in various ways was interpreted by doctors as symptoms of diseases: expressing themselves as discharges through any bodily orifice possible. They took the form of ocular, nasal, and ear discharges, vomiting, diarrhea or fever, (the burning of toxins in the "oven" of fever). Doctors prevented the escape of these damaging metabolites with more drugs that changed the chemistry of the toxins further and were deposited deeper and deeper in the tissues. 

 I have seen a liver-brain connection in which convulsions take two forms: an acute form that produces sustained tonic/clonic seizures followed by coma or death, and the more chronic form which resembles epileptiform seizures. Many times the latter is diagnosed as" idiopathic" epilepsy because there is no history of head trauma (or any evidence on necropsy of brain lesions) to produce derangement of neurons in the brain that fire off abnormally; this happens in true epilepsy. Blood tests may be negative for liver damage, but the destructive energy affect of toxins in the liver on brain function is a reality. 

Many doctors prescribe the traditional anti-epileptic drugs to control the seizures: first with the milder drug, Dilantin or in combination with Mebroin but when this doesn't control the convulsions, they choose the stronger drug, a derivative of phenobarbital, generally Primidone, alone or in combination with Valium. These drugs in themselves are toxic to the liver and compound the problem of toxicity, until the only way to control the attacks is a general anesthetic. 

Eventually the pet owner gives up and has the animal euthanized. What proof do I have that this is the operating mechanism? By 28 years of practicing EAV (electroacudiagnosis by Voll). This is a technique I learned in Germany from a German physician and genius, Dr. Rheinhold Voll. Through the use of a sophisticated electronic machine, one is able to detect the acupuncture energy output of every organ in the body, and one is also able to detect normal values, values of inflammation or degeneration in that particular organ. 

Through the same electronic circuitry one can test homeopathic remedies (called nosodes) made from all bacteria, viruses, fungi, vaccines, drugs and chemicals that affect the body and produce pathologies. One is able to detect the true causative agent of the disease, pain or pathology when the homeopathic remedy returns the abnormal readings of the organ to normal. We now know the cause of the symptoms and what must be given to remove those symptoms and establish good health. 

This process operates in people and after two years documentation I found it also works in animals. I have found epileptiform convulsions due to pesticides, neurogenic modified live virus vaccines (rabies and distemper), heavy metals of aluminum, mercury and lead to which the patient had been exposed. When these specific nosodes were given in a sequential form, the convulsions disappeared and the liver and brain energy registered normal. 

There is a simpler, nontoxic way to control true epileptic convulsions: by acupuncture treatments or implantation of a gold bead under the scalp at a specific acupuncture point. It works! I have done it.All too many times, toxins are excreted from the patient as smelly substances through the skin causing dermatitis.The drug of choice in dermatitis is a series of corticosteroids ( anti-inflammatory agents) but have a devastating affect on the body's immune system, endocrine system, skeletal system and ability to form new red blood cells. 

Doctors treating symptoms not causes. When the body can no longer excrete these toxins it tries to "round them up" in the tissues as crystals, stones, cysts and tumors. When further drugs are given the body is so deranged and poisoned, Dr. Reckeweg found the body reached a point of irreversible damage in which cells died, organ functions failed, pain became intolerable and immune suppressive conditions like Cancer developed. 

Now I wish to make one point clear; I am not totally against the use of drugs and surgery, they have a place too. When vomiting and diarrhea occur, it is important to ingest electrolytes and water to replace what is being lost. If one cannot, then one must have intravenous administration of electrolytes and water as well as drugs to stop uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea.So too, when the body is already so weakened by toxicity that it cannot rally on its own, medical intervention is needed. However, I prefer the medication to be detoxification by diet, homeopathy nosodes of the specific toxin¸ herbs, skin soaks, and other natural substances rather than chemical drugs foreign to the body's metabolism; and EAV, acupuncture, and pulsating magnetic field therapy to surgery if possible, otherwise a status of homotoxicology develops. I have traced this scenario in the medical records of animals that have been brought to me by their owners as the last resort. Dr. Reckeweg is another of this century's medical genius. He was absolutely right. There is a more modern term for Dr. Reckeweg's "Homotoxicology" and that is "iotragenic" diseases. 

These are doctor-induced illnesses. It is not that the doctors and veterinarians in this country are negligent; they are practicing the way they were taught by the academia, which is supported and funded by drug companies. We have to take a real hard look at medical and veterinary care in this country. I had to go outside of this country to learn alternative ways to heal. I KNEW I was impairing the body in its own healing methods, but I didn't know any other way of treatment.I will tell you a story about a loving Spitz dog named, "Lady". She was a 12-year-old spayed female. Her owner brought her to me because Lady had just undergone her THIRD operation for urinary bladder stones. She was the sorriest mess I ever saw. There was pus coming out of her eyes, her vagina and nostrils. Her ears and skin oozed a foul smelling oily secretion. This had caused her to tear her hair out and chew on the skin producing scattered large bloody sores along the abdomen and tail head. 

She was anemic and urinating bloody urine from crystal formation and secondary bacterial infection; but she looked at me and wagged her tail. Other vets had advised the owner to euthanize the dog, but I couldn't. I had the owner obtain the records of the entire 12 years of the dog's medical history. I read every word and it was Homotoxicology in living color! At 3 months of age Lady had been stung on the right upper lip by a bee.

She was taken to the vets and given a cortisone shot. Because she was in the midst of her vaccination series, some of the vaccinations had to be repeated. Cortisone depresses the immune system's ability to produce protective antibodies against the vaccines, so she was given a double set of Rabies and Distemper vaccines TOGETHER. I have found either one of these is very damaging to the nervous system and thus to all the organs in the body (for the nervous system touches every cell in the body).

Giving the two vaccines together was criminal. Lady developed tonsillitis 3days after her vaccinations for which the doctor gave penicillin to stop the tonsillitis, and immediately she began developing a vaginal discharge. More antibiotics were prescribed, but her condition was unresponsive. At the suggestion by the doctor, Lady was spayed. After surgery, Lady began to develop itchy skin, for which other doctors prescribed medicated baths, toxic flea dips (she had developed a flea allergy dermatitis), flea sprays with insecticides, and of course cortisone shots and pills over a period of 6 years.

She then began having bladder infections, first crystals and bacteria in the urine, then formation of bladder stones which could only be removed by surgery. All this time, more antibiotics, cortisone, anesthetic drugs and surgical stress to this poor toxic body. I really marveled that this dog was still alive!

To make a long story short, I put Lady through many months of EAV (Electro acupuncture and Diagnosis According to Voll) in which I identified, through their energy fields, which toxins had to be removed sequentially, in a timely order, using homeopathic remedies made from the actual drugs, chemicals, bacteria, and vaccines she had been exposed to. I immediately put her on freshly prepared organic food, and supportive supplements.

I adjusted her spine, balanced all her acupuncture meridians, administered herbal ointments for the open skin sores, and put her through many detoxifying Clorox skin treatments. It was interesting to see Lady exhibit a phenomenon described by homeopaths in the treatment of their patients. The body heals and detoxifies from the inside- out, from the top to bottom; and from the most recent illness or set of symptoms first, to the very first illnesses, last. As I detoxified Lady she started first with crystals in her urine, then these cleared with supportive homeopathic treatment, then she developed an increased amount of secretion in the skin, which cleared; then vaginal, ocular and nasal discharges became more profuse, that cleared in a few days. Then she reached a point in which all seemed normal except she showed A SMALL SWELLING TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF HER UPPER LIP, WHERE THE BEE HAD FIRST STUNG HER AS A PUPPY. I could not believe what I was seeing! I then administered the homeopathic remedy, Apis Mellifica, the venom of the honeybee that within minutes cured the swollen lip.

Lady remained on naturally prepared organic foods, wore my Healing Halter and lived to be a happy, healthy 21 years of age.

Besides the physical toxic aspect of chemicals affecting the liver, there is also the EMF balance. EMF (electromagnetic field of energy) of the liver is linked to the Astral or emotional body. Emotions of fear, depression, anger and tears imbalance the liver. The liver is energetically linked in its degenerative cycle to the digestive system and the immune system, which suffer this energy imbalance and if not balanced and strengthened will manifest in physical impairment of both systems. The liver has a regenerative, nurturing cycle to the heart- what the Chinese call the Mother/Child relationship. If the liver is weak, it cannot nurture its child, heart.  Many alcoholics die of heart disease. So do dogs with hepatitis.   This intricate, interrelated energy flow can be best understood and used reading my Newsletter #12, Acupuncture Therapy. Stress and negative emotions DO impact our animal companions. The emotions and stress we feel go all the way down that "leash" to our animal companion.


1.Balance the Emotional body disturbance if present. Meditate and express loving thoughts to your self and your pet. Play music by Mozart, wear pink crystals, and have many rosy quartz crystals in your home. Place a small one in your pet's water bowl. Read jokes and laugh a lot- your pet will pick up your vibrations and will benefit too. The liver, being in the Solar Plexus Chakra, vibrates to the color yellow. Use yellow color therapy in the form of a clear yellow 25 watt bulb. Shine it on your pet no more than 3 feet from his/her body. Also put down a yellow towel to lay on, tie a yellow ribbon on your animal's neck. You will be surprised that animals know what color energy they need. They seek the right color. Take the Rescue Remedy for yourself and your animal. It treats anxiety,stress, and helps lift the Life Force.

2. Treat the "physical" liver with cleansers: carrots, beets, apples and zucchini vegetables and juices, Kyolic either alone or with Vit C and Astragalus, the herb combination to stimulate as well as detoxify; you can use liver-cleansing herbs like dandelion, milk thistle, blackberry leaf teas, although I find better response with homeopathy and of course only eat and feed your pet detoxed, organic foods when possible. (see newsletter #7 How to Detox Your Food and Water).

3. Give supplements of anti-oxidants Vitamins E, C, Beta Carotene, Selenium  and Ester C  (See News #4 Your Pet's Diet). 

4. Liponoids--lipotrophic factors are important to support the health of the liver. MSM is available through my company.

5. Give homeopathic remedies that gently detox, and support: like my 3 bottle series Detox Nosodes which contain all heavy metals, some general pesticide cleansers, toxic food preservatives and petroleum dyes. Also Detox drug vaccine affects with my Detox Rabies Nosode 30C and Detox Horse Vaccinosis Nosode 30C , West Nile Virus Detox Vaccinosis  Nosode  30C , Detox Dog Vaccinosis Nosode 30C and Detox Cat Vaccinosis Nosode 30C. Then use the same Detox nosodes to strengthen the EMF to keep the animal healthy and strong.

6.Supportive homeopathy for the liver and related total organ systems with my Male or FemaleTotal Organ Support/Endocrine Balance/Immune support 100C and Hepatitis 30C: 4 tabs each at same time, 3 xs daily for 1-2 weeks. The Total organ support can be given daily for the life of the animal as a good maintenance and preventative. Digestive Aid Formula 30C  for treatment and support of digestive system weaknesses,  especially important in long term antibiotic administration that kills off essential protein-digesting bacteria in the small intestine,  cases of inflammations in  liver, pancreas, stomach, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Cataracts (lens of eye energy linked to digestion), Corneal Sequestration ,   nephritis, cystitis, congestive heart problems,  allergies and cancer. Contains 30C HPUS Nux Vomica,  30C HPUS Acidum Hydrochloricum, 30C  Sarcodes: lymph, pepsin, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, heart, heart valves, Colon , lung, probiotics, pancreatic enzymes: lipase, amylase, protease; nosodes 30C Indole, skatol, tryptophan. And our brand new homeopathy just now FDA approved, Taraxicum 30C.

Pain Control Support Formula 5M: Indications: for use of reducing extreme nerve and soft tissue pain until the real reason for the pain can be identified. Note: Recommend use with Male or Female total Organ/Endocrine Balance/Immune Support 100C for maximum results. FDA registration number 1300 Ingredients: 5M: Hydrastis Canandensis HPUS; Hypericum Perforatum HPUS; Arnica Montana HPUS; Ruba Tinctorum HPUS; Isode Meperidine Hydrochloride ; Nerve Sarcode; Skin Sarcode

7. Increase oxygenation of the tissues and the liver with oral liquid oxygen (Aerobic O7) needed for any repair of sick cells of the body.

8. Administer body detoxification with Plain Clorox skin soaks: Please note not Clorox combined with sod. Hydroxide- its getting very difficult to find Clorox (sodium hypochlorite only) in the stores anymore but if you do, you can use this:

Large Animals: 1 cup Clorox to 1 bathtub full water.

Small Animals: ½ cup Clorox to ½ bathtub full water.

Cats and Toy breeds : ½  teaspoon Clorox to 1 gallon of water.

The water should be as hot as you or your pet can stand it, fully drenching the skin of the body until the water turns cold. Do not wash off or rinse. Pat lightly with a towel, and/or if your pet is longhaired, use a hair dryer on "warm"; combing your pet's hair while blowing through it with the warm air from the dryer. I advise a minimum of seven treatments for both a person and animal, more if necessary. A good newsletter to read about this and other skin detox treatments is Newsletter # 6, How To Detox Your Pet.

Cats can be treated with the same suggestions given dogs, except bathing can be a problem. Most of the times if a cat has never been bathed it has to be introduced to the idea very slowly. I give a few drops of Rescue Remedy to the kitty (and nervous dogs) 15 minutes before putting in the tub. This balances any emotions of fear and nervousness. Use a dry tub, a large bowl of water with the ratio of ½ teaspoon of Clorox to one gallon of warm water. With a small cup dip the solution and wet kitty's fur, from the neck down (avoid the face), talking soothingly to your cat every minute of the way. Try to keep the solution on the skin for 20 minutes at least. Towel dry and hold kitty in your lap assuring him/her of her safety. Repeat as many days (usually 5-7) as needed to pull toxins out of the body through the skin. This technique works. Your pet will act and feel much happier and healthier.

9. You may consider purchasing my Healing Halter that balances and strengthens every organ meridian (liver too) as well as strengthening the Life Force.

10. Prevention of reexposure to toxic compounds: Feed only a Detoxed, Natural Homemade diet. Detox the food and water with my Blue Green Detox papers, use homeopathic nosodes rather than drug vaccines, use natural pest control in the yard and in the home with diatomaceous earth. We have a nontoxic non- petroleum based Flea and Tick spray for animals.


Of course you should contact the nearest holistic veterinarian to you, for the best professional help in treating your pet. We have a national organization, AHVMA, (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) and IVAS, (International Veterinary Acupuncture) that have a directory listing all veterinarians by state locations. Call the national office headquarters at (410) 569-0795 or access this information at their Website;


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