Never use drug vaccines if you can help it. I would recommend only using my Detox Dog, Cat, or Horse Vaccinosis Nosodes 30C to strengthen the animal’s EMF against the infective agents. By law you have to give Rabies to dogs and cats, but only get the killed Rabies vaccine, then detox immediately with my Detox Rabies Vaccinosis nosode 12x

Feed only natural diet (no commercial) see newsletter #4 and detox all food and water on my Detox blue green papers. For horses, put all hay, grass, grains and supplements on the Detox Blue Green Papers.  See newsletter #7

For those times of emergencies of trauma, poisoning, bite wounds, etc. purchase one of my Animal Emergency kits with handbook to have on hand. Try to avoid toxic drugs and unnecessary surgery if possible.

If antibiotics are for any reason given your animal, always follow up with the replacement probiotics (intestinal protein digestive bacteria) that have been killed off by the antibiotics. Kyodophilus is an excellent probiotic. Give for 2 weeks minimum.

Order the Female Organ support/Endocrine Balance/Immune Support 100C or the Male Organ support/Endocrine Balance/Immune Support 100C homeopathy and give 4 tabs once daily all her/his life and especially if you neuter or spay your dog and cat.  When your animal is full-grown order one of my Custom made Healing Halters. Worm only with my homeopathic Horse, or Dog/Cat Dewormer. Never, never use the toxic flea and tick preventative drugs like Advantage, Interceptor, Bio-Spot, Heartguard, Frontline, etc. If you do, please detox with our Detox Pesticide Nosode 3 bottle set   Instead, use our non toxic flea and tick repellent spray for all insect vectors that afflict your horse, dog and cat.

For heartworm preventative, use our homeopathic Heartworm Nosode 30C to strengthen the EMF yearly.

You may also massage the organ acupuncture points of the body as outlined in my Acupuncture point charts for cats, dogs and horses. This helps to strengthen and balance the Chi flow energy in all the cells of all the organs in the body.

To keep the immune system strong and healthy, give Bovine Colostrum daily. Because in most areas of the world the oxygen content of the atmosphere is dangerously low, I recommend giving oral oxygen drops in water daily See Aerobic O7.

Last but not least protect your animal (and yourself) from radiation harm by neutralizing all noxious EMF’s from water pipes and electrical wiring in the walls of your house/barn by purchasing our anti-radiation products. Essential for every home/kennel/cattery/barn and paddocks is protection from noxious geopathic (earthmade) stresses by Dowsing and Diverting Services.

It is so much easier and logical to raise your baby animal the healthy way rather than having to undo the damages that have made him/her sick. For the ultimate products and services to raise a healthy pupppy, kitten and foal, I have created the following Basic Health Packages. The Basic Puppy Health Package and the Basic Kitten Health Package, Basic Foal Health Package and to keep your animal's ( and yourself and your family 's) environment healthy, I have created the Basic Home Health Package  all are discounted 25%

All above products can be found on my website online store and come with full instructions for their use.



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