Healing with Quartz Crystals


But what are crystals? How do they heal? What's a chakra? In 1974 I began my studies into alternative methods of treatment and preventive health care in animals. I began with acupuncture and homeopathy, and then in 1983 I discovered the healing power of quartz crystals.

I should say, rediscovered the healing power of crystals, because the history of using quartz for relieving pain and stimulating recovery goes back into antiquity. Randall and Vicki Baer, in their book WINDOWS OF LIGHT, write that the oldest and most famous civilization, Atlantis, used crystals as central technological building blocks. Quartz was used as the primary source of generating all energy forms as well as for healing. There is evidence that early cavemen shamans used crystals for healing. Today endemic tribes in South America and North America also use healing crystals.

Physically, quartz crystals are simply fossilized water and silicon. They come into existence when water combines with silicon in the presence of pressure, temperature and energy. When conditions are right, water will cause, or allow the element to grow as a crystal.

Quartz has a uniqueness all its own: it amplifies, transforms, stores, focuses, and transfers energy. If you are wearing a quartz watch, you should know that it's the ability of quartz to vibrate at precise rates that makes it so valuable in the creation of extremely accurate timepieces. Quartz stores energy. The huge amounts of "memory" in a computer are stored on a tiny slice of quartz in a microcircuit.

When quartz is squeezed, it generates electricity. It's at the heart of the waves known as radio and television signals. Quartz also focuses energy. In lasers, crystals allow us to measure the distance to the moon in seconds, burn through steel walls, or perform delicate eye surgery.

Crystal healing is energy medicine. Energy medicine is based on the premise that energy flows harmoniously through a healthy body; in an unhealthy body it is unbalanced at the disease site and prevented from flowing properly. To reestablish health, we must bring that energy into equilibrium and harmony. "Healing, in general, is the harmonizing of imbalanced energy fields toward their inherently perfect state of functioning,"

In my newsletter #9 Healing With Crystals I will teach you how to use a healing crystal to balance your pet's ( every specie) organ energy meridians with an Aura Scan. This is another energy tool to achieve physical healing.

Crystals are abundant, cheap and excellent healers. Healing energy can come from crystal energy charged drinking water, food, and my Healing Halter™ for your animal.

Quartz Crystal Mandala Chargers - The mandalas have the advantage over the actual stone crystal, in that you never have to cleanse them routinely as you have to do with stones. They never chip, break or wear out. Being flat, they can be conveniently worn under clothing, scotch taped to skin or hair, or bandaged in place on people and animals. They are in a 3 rd dimensional thought form unlike stones which are 2 dimensional. This makes the charger more powerful, that's why I use them on my Healing Halter for animal health restoration.

These new plasticized mandala chargers can be used to treat localized pain anywhere on the body, charge the energy of the electromagnetic field of the body, and to charge the energy of food and water that has been detoxed on my Blue Green Detox papers.

The mandalas on the halter are the same as the plasticized ones as far as charging energy affect and will not be replaced. I would recommend you purchase the large 6 inch mandala charger for charging the beneficial energy of your bottled water (just slip under bottom of bottle), one under your dinner plate, and use the 3 inch sizes to put under each animal’s food bowl. The little 1 inch round mandalas are handy to use for relieving small localized pain areas on the body, ( eg. Fingers, toes, joints etc.), the 3 inch and 6 inch for larger areas of pain and muscle spasm.

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