Colors can be helpful in healing, for each specific color has an energy vibration frequency that matches a particular organ or tissue's normal vibration in the body. Color therapy works in two ways:

  1. One can target specific organ systems by the color of the related specific energy center called a Chakra. There are 7 major and 5 minor chakras in the human body. In my experience, the 7 major chakras are identical in the dogs and cats. Chakra means "spinning wheel" in Sanskrit. It is thought to have been named as such by healing shamans who "saw" wheels of spinning light on the 7 major centers of the body, starting at the top of the head (seventh, Crown Chakra) to the base of the spine (first, Root Chakra).
  2. For example, the liver is in the Solar Plexus Chakra, and the color is yellow. So if an animal is suffering from a diseased liver one can use the color yellow to help balance the disturbed energy in the liver, for whatever reason. Balancing the energy brings about a healing in the physical state.

  3. Healing by a general affect of a specific color on the body. For example, the color blue is cooling, calming and helps to reduce pain and swelling from any cause, anywhere in the body.

I have found the best affect comes from using the light energy of the color by an electrical light bulb, 25 watts with the color in clear glass, not frosted. Shine the light 3 feet from your pet's body and leave on as long as possible.

A second method is using the color in the form of a solid colored fabric. If you are unsure of which color to pick, put down samples of the 7primary colors (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) and let your pet pick which one he/she wants. They instinctively know.


Energetically, a musical tone is the inversion vibration of its related color. That is why the two work so well together in healing. In humans, this is even more important dealing with the three states of being: physical, Mental, and Spiritual. Although I for one, feel that animals living closely with us also exhibit these three states of being. Each individual is unique, so a piece of music that is primarily physical for one person may be mental or spiritual for another.

In general, however, there are certain composers of music that affect specific levels of being. Beethoven targets the Mental Body, Jazz the Physical, Sibelius the Spiritual. Mozart, Hayden, Rachmaninov, Schubert, Schumann and the Gregorian Chant heal all three. It is a known fact that playing Mozart to livestock results in happy, peaceful animals that become more productive than when this music is not played. Cows give more milk, chickens lay more eggs, and there are less digestive problems in these animals. That is why I encourage my clients to play a lot of Mozart to their sick and painful pets. It eases muscular tension. A good reference book, is Healing Tones Of Music by Maria DeRungs, DMA, published by Casa de Maria Research Center, Everett, WA 98204


Each chakra goes completely around front, sides and back of the body,

has a specific color, endocrine organ, related organ systems, musical note on an 8 note octave and musical instrument vibration. It is very important to know these, as one can use all these vibrations at once in the healing process. I go into detail about colors in my Newsletter# 13 Healing With Color, but I will give you a few examples:

The Heart Chakra (4th), is in the center of the chest and works with the thymus gland, is responsible for the health of the heart, lymph and cardiovascular, bone marrow and immune system. It is related to the color green, the note, "F" and violins. It is the only chakra vibrating with both Yin and Yang energies. It is the healer of the entire physical body.

The Sacral Chakra ( 2nd) is in the middle of the abdomen, is related to the color orange, endocrine organ spleen, urinary bladder, and prostate, vibrates to the note "D" and is Yang energy.

Using Color to Detoxify Food

Turquoise Color (Blue on Green) can transmute noxious chemical energy fields in physical matter. Food, cosmetics, toothpaste, vitamins and mineral substances, etc. How this is done is not fully known, but I have tested foods before and after exposing them to this color combination. It is felt detoxification is accomplished by absorption properties in the specific colors of blue and green.I have found it is at the energy field levels. I have tested foods this way with the EAV method. See EAV link on this website in Research section.

First I get a baseline reading of the digestive organs( via the organ EAV acupuncture points on the toes and fingers of the patient.) Then I take unexposed food, place it in the EAV circuity , retest the EAV acupuncture points of the same digestive organs and many times get an increased (inflammatory ) reading value. This is in greater degree in non-organic versus organic foods. This tells me eating this food will imbalance and weaken the digestive organs.

This is usually due to chemical pollutants: pesticides and herbicides applied by Agriculture and environmental contamination of the soils and water resources by heavy metals. Then I place the food for 30-60 minutes ( depending on how thick the food item is) on my Detox Blue Green Cellophane papers. Retesting this food on the patient's EAV acupuncture points for Digestive organs shows a normalizing affect on previous tested values.

The chemicals are still in the food, but there has been a change in the energy fields of the food so that it is no longer damaging to the digestive system of the patient.In another words, there is a transmutation of the noxious energies of chemicals in the foods by turquoise color exposure. I use this method of detoxification of foods for my family, my animals, and advise my client's to do the same.



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