It is written that almost 4000 years ago, a Chinese Emperor had a dream in which the entire philosophy, principles of diagnosis and treatment of the body was revealed to him. This did not involve the physical self but an energetic system composed of interconnecting channels through which energy flowed from cell to cell, organ by organ, and system by system until the entire energetic structure resembled the arborization of a tree. All was related to all. Interference to the flow of this energy in the smallest of channels would cause a reflection of this disturbance to all channels, with an excess of energy in some and deficiency in others. If this continued without correction, the cells of the organs supplied with this energy would begin to suffer and states of physical pain and illness would manifest.

This is the theory of acupuncture origin, but actually paleontology has revealed evidence to indicate acupuncture was used in India over 5000 years ago. A treatise on elephant acupuncture dating about 3000 years ago was recently discovered in Sri Lanka. In 1929, needles dated approximately 3000 BC, made of stone and fish bone, were found in Korea. The earliest evidence of written history of Chinese needle acupuncture comes to us by way of the Nei-Ching written by Huang Ti, the Yellow Emperor, around 2700 BC in Southern China, moxibustion (the burning of an herb at the acupuncture point site) in Northern China, herbal medicine in Western China, and massage or acupressure techniques in Central China. It is my personal belief that acupuncture theory and practice probably originated in these countries independently and from there spread to the rest of the world.

The Chinese named these energy flow channels, meridians, each were mapped and named according to their organ related source, and each meridian contained a number of points (acupuncture points), the number of which is specific for each organ meridian. There are 12-paired meridians (12 organ meridians on the left and right side of the body) and two single meridians, one running down the center of the back and one down the center of the front of the body. Health depends on an energetic equilibrium.

This has been proven in the 20th century by Dr. Voll, a german physician, with his EAV method and his sophisticated electronic machine, the Dermatron. In addition, Dr. Voll found numerous other organ meridians (allergy, skin , connective tissue, fatty, joints, brain and nervous system, circulation and lymph meridians) that the Chinese were unaware of. The Lymph Meridian is the most important and must be balanced first. It is important in two ways:

  1. There is 7 times the volume of lymph(15 litres) to blood in the body
  2. Lymph bathes every cell in the body, its function is to remove the cell's toxic waste by products from cellular metabolism of oxygen and nutrients, and exposed outside chemical and radiation toxins. If lymph is stagnant, it allows toxic waste products to remain, be reabsorbed by the cells and produces autointoxication.

Acupuncture therapy consists of stimulating acupuncture points along the meridians by needles, lasers, injections into the points with homeopathic remedies, B12 or even antibiotics in some cases, ultrasound, moxibustion, electrical stimulation of inserted needles with specific wave forms, and massage or finger pressure on the blocked or imbalanced areas. The preferred method by veterinary acupuncturists is the electrical stimulation of needles, it takes less time and the effect lasts longer; however nonprofessionals can achieve much with finger pressure. NOTE I do not advocate the use of needles or any puncture type therapy by anyone but professionals, however digital pressure on these points can be learned by the animal owner.

In my cassette tape #2 How to Keep Your Pet Healthy the Natural Way, I discuss numerous ways to do this including acupressure point massage with illustrative charts included.

In my newsletter #12 Acupuncture Therapy I give a very detailed 20 page mini-course on veterinary acupuncture therapy philosophy and technique (including 10 charts)- that's why it's double the cost of my other newsletters.

This is one more healing energy technique one can learn for one's pet and self, for all points and meridians shown on the animal charts, are (more or less) identical to our own.



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