Other energy therapies are the use of Quartz Crystals and Chiropractic. Don’t be fooled by a lot of pooh-poohing of either of these by the AMA and drug companies. Crystal therapy and chiropractic adjustments of a malaligned spine for healing are real. I have my own back to attest to that. When I was 12 years old, I had a severe injury to my neck, upper and lower spinal vertebrae from a horse back riding incident. I was paralyzed from the waist down, could not feel nor move my legs for 3 days due to spinal cord shock. X-rays showed I had ruptured 3 discs, torn the right side ligaments holding my sacroiliac, and traumatized several cervical and thoracic vertebrae, causing malalignment to 8 of these vertebrae with pressure on the spinal nerves in these areas. Following recovery from the shock to the lower spine, I was able to regain motility and sensation but I endured 18 years of progressively more painful episodes in my neck, upper and lower back as the slightest movement in the wrong direction (even sneezing) would put back muscles into spasm with greater distortion of the vertebrae alignment and hence more pressure on the spinal nerves involved. Orthodox medicine gave me three choices: (1) go into the hospital for days of traction, stretching the muscles and increasing the space in the areas between vertebrae, (2) surgical intervention (3) or continual use of painkillers.

I didn’t like any of these choices but opted for the latter until it became evident I could not function without being dependent on Demerol and aspirin. It was then I explored chiropractic, and electromagnetic energy therapy. What a relief! It took 6 months of several chiropractic adjustments and originally the use of magnets to relieve the muscle spasm and allow the vertebrae to move back into their normal positions before I began to stabilize on my own. Since then, I have substituted a new product, our Quartz Crystal Mandala Chargers to relieve pain, muscle spasm and re-energize the disturbed energy areas in my back. I have found they work wonderfully well for animals suffering the same symptoms.

One advantage of the plastic thin Crystal Mandala Chargers over the use of magnets, is that you don’t have to worry about the unsure quality and expensive cost of magnets that are out there to purchase. Our Mandala chargers are reasonably priced, never wear out and fit comfortably within bandages, or taped to local area of the body. Because I don’t have any ligaments to hold my sacroiliac in place on the right side of my body. I wear a 6 inch round Mandala Charger over the right side of my sacroiliac joint. Too much sitting down, opens up the sacro-iliac joint, and being overly aggressive in house work will bring on a spastic back, but chiropractic and these Mandalas help me every time, without the use of one pain killing chemical.

It was my own back problem that got me to investigate these alternatives for animals suffering the same fates in my veterinary practice. As expected, they worked beautifully for animals with hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, disc protrusion and Legge-Perthes. Even simple injuries to the spine with acute muscle spasm were immediately relieved with chiropractic and crystal therapy, and later the use of acupuncture. I have found 90% of osteoarthritis in animals occurs from some sort of trauma, only 10 % are genetic. The mechanism is this: trauma or genetic Hip Dysplasia causes pain, pain necessitates the animal to torque his body out of central alignment of the spinal vertebrae to get the weight of his body off the painful area, this causes the attraction of calcium ions to migrate to these areas of muscle spasm and microscopic areas of capillary bleeding.

If not relieved, in time the calcium builds up to form osteoarthritic spurs and bridging around the vertebrae. The spurs and bridging are at the areas of the ends of two vertebrae where they meet, and where spinal nerves exit from the spinal cord on their journey to a specific organ they innervate. Two pathologies are operative here: the nerve pulses from the pinched nerves for proper physiological function of the targeted organ are unable to send the proper message for health and function to that organ resulting in its weakness, be it the kidney, small intestine, heart, lung, immune system organs etc. In addition, calcium deposits grate against the nerves at every movement of the body and causes pain with more muscle spasm that causes more attraction of calcium ions etc. that just keeps on going until the pain is so intense and the targeted organ from these involved spinal nerves become deranged in function. Many of these animals become very weak to paralytic in the hindquarters, are unable to control their bladder and bowels, and ultimately are euthanized; but It DOESN’T HAVE TO BE. IT CAN BE PREVENTED. WHAT ARE CRYSTAL MANDALA CHARGERS? HOW DO THEY HEAL?

A Quartz crystal stone has a piezo electric energy force. This is proven scientifically, it is what powers your wrist- watch, lasers, and your computers. Energy also treats disturbed, imbalanced Energy, I have proven that the “picture” or Mandala of the molecular structure of the Quartz Crystal stone is as effective a healer as the Quartz crystal stone. I have proven this with electronics (the EAV Dermatron machine) and Kirlian photography. The healing of pain and pathology of any organ system comes from reestablishing the normal EMF (the electromagnetic field energy) of the organ, muscles, bones, and tissue structures of the body. How does Chiropractic and the Mandala chargers relieve pain?

There are many theories, but they all agree they work by blocking the pain signals to the brain. I have my own theory: Chiropractic manipulation of the vertebral spine relieves physical blockages to the spinal nerves and muscles that cause spasm and pain. The Mandala operates on the energetic piezoelectric level. The Crystal Mandala Charger affects both physical and the energetic levels. In the physical, each nerve cell’s outer surface carries a positive electrical charge, while the interior of the cell carries a negative electrical charge. In the case of pain, the positively charged nerve cell membrane is supplied with more potassium ions by the blood, thereby increasing the positive charge. As a result a powerful current, the strength of which depends on the degree of pain stimulation, flows through to the cerebral neurons that register the event as pain. If the site of the pain is exposed to an alternate electromagnetic field, the different charges are neutralized and the current flow declines or ceases altogether. The pain is alleviated or disappears altogether.

On the energetic level, the Yin /Yang energy flows through the meridians contribute to the electromagnetic field of the body. This electromagnetic field now disturbed, with the Yin/Yang energy flows out of balance, the body sends out a signal of pain for help to reestablish harmony in these two opposing energy forces. Pain is registered by both a deficit of energy (excessive Yin energy producing weakness of organ system) or as an excess of energy (excessive Yang energy producing inflammation, infection of organ system). The crystal mandala charger supplies the needed energy, Yin/Yang forces are balanced in that particular area of the body, the balance of electromagnetism of the body restored, and the pain signal is no longer needed so pain declines or ceases altogether.

Very simply put them, when there is pain due to inflammation like in acute injuries in sprains, muscle spasm, acute arthritis or chronic osteoarthritis in any joint of the body), or with fever, infection you can place the corresponding size of the Mandala Charger (we have 1 inch, 3 inch and 6 inch Mandalas) over the affected site. When there is weakness producing poor cardiovascular function, insufficiency of function without heat and fever, such as in congestive heart failure, Chronic Interstitial Nephritis, poor circulation of lymph (edema), venous and arterial flow, and stiffness of joints you use the Mandala Charger to stimulate. This is generally the case in older animals but can happen at any age.
To relieve pain and swelling and hasten healing in horses with injured legs, these thin, flat, plasticized Crystal Mandala Chargers can be placed inside Leg Wraps.

Remember, all these products I have available in general apply to people too. We share the same sufferings and mechanisms of ill health our animals have. The natural therapies applications heal in people as well as animals. The only precaution to the use of any energy- stimulating device, is never to apply to an area of known neoplastic growth or metastasis areas in the body. The stimulating energy of the Quartz Crystal Mandala Chargers are non selective in its stimulation. It‘s use is not recommended in pregnancy.

Quartz Crystal Mandala Chargers

The mandalas have the advantage over the actual stone crystal, in that you never have to cleanse them routinely as you have to do with stones. They never chip, break or wear out. Being flat, they can be conveniently worn under clothing, scotch taped to skin or hair, or bandaged in place on people and animals. They are in a 3 rd dimensional thought form unlike stones which are 2 dimensional. This makes the charger more powerful, that's why I use them on my Healing Halter for animal health restoration.
These new plasticized mandala chargers can be used to treat localized pain anywhere on the body, charge the energy of the electromagnetic field of the body , and to charge the energy of food and water that has been detoxed on my Blue Green Detox papers.

The mandalas on the halter are the same as the plasticized ones as far as changing energy affect. If the mandalas on the halter become worn, replacements can be ordered from our company, call 707-785-9171. I would recommend you purchase the large 6 inch mandala charger for charging the beneficial energy of your bottled water (just slip under bottom of bottle), one under your dinner plate, and use the 3 inch sizes to put under each animal’s food bowl. The little 1 inch round mandalas are handy to use for relieving small localized pain areas on the body, ( eg. Fingers, toes, joints etc.), the 3 inch and 6 inch for larger areas of pain and muscle spasm.

6 inch Crystal Mandala Charger….$18
3 inch Crystal Mandala Charger….$9
1 inch Crystal Mandala Charger… $3



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