What is it?

Simply put, pulsating electromagnetic energy is produced by a sophisticated machine that puts an electrical current through a coil of copper wires. This produces a magnetic field radiating out of the coil of copper wires, in a pulsed manner (so many cycles per second). The patient is then placed within this field of pulsed electromagnetic energy (PEM) for treatment, it is also described as Magnetic Field Therapy (MFT).

How does PEM Heal?

It heals on two levels of the patient:

_(1) the physical level
_(2) and on the electromagnetic field (EMF) energy level of the body

Let's discuss the physical affects: Magnetic Field Therapy permeates all cells, enhances elemental ion exchange, normalizes circulation and increases the oxygen utilization of the cell. These ions are comprised of potassium, chloride, sodium, calcium, bicarbonate, hydrogen, protein and oxygen.

In physical infections, inflammations and degenerative diseases, there is a disharmony of these ion exchanges between the outer cell membrane and the inner cell structures. This results in a malfunctioning of the cell, lowered oxygen environment, decreased lymph, and venous and arterial circulation. A healthy cell produces an action within a long chain of processes to keep the body healthy. To do this, it must have a source of energy, and get rid of its metabolic toxins. It's that simple. If either of these two requirements are denied, or altered, the cell gets toxic and eventually dies.

Oxygen is carried by a vigorous healthy arterial system into the cell via ion exchange and food metabolites through a process call the "Krebb's Cycle". This gives the cell the energy and the "food" so to speak to carry on its functions. Food is broken down into easily assimilated forms by the digestive system. These are fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes and oxygen. Within the cell these are broken down further, utilized and form waste end products to be eliminated from the cell. These are toxic metabolites that must be evacuated from the cell via the lymph that bathes every cell in the body. These toxins enter the lymph, which carries it to the venous system away from the cell to be disposed of through various purifying processes, out of the body via the feces, urine, sweat, exhaled breath etc.

Energy level of the Body

There are three stages of energetic status of a cell depending on how efficient this process is:
If all systems are working, the cell is in a normal stage of energy (about 90 MV or mill volts) and function.
In the initial stages of a failing process the cell will be in an increased value of energy or state of "inflammation", usually about 120 MV. If the disturbed processes are not corrected, in time the increased energy will start to fall to below normal energy, about 30 MV. This is called a state of "degeneration", prepatory to death of the cell.

Energy values of all the organ systems of the body and at all levels of each organ can be measured with a sophisticated electronic machine made in Germany The process of measuring these energies, compiling 25 years of data in human patients, matching deranged values to different pathologies was done by one of last century's true genius's in medicine, Dr. Reinhold Voll. His principles of diagnosis and treatment with specific homeopathic nosodes and organ lymph drainers are called EAV. After studying with Dr. Voll I tested EAV on animals.

I found the principles applied to humans of diagnosis and therapy was identical in animals. I published my work, practiced EAV and taught other veterinarians the discipline. These energies read by the machine coming from the cells of the body could also be photographed using a Kirlian camera. (Please refer to examples of Kirlian in ill and painful animals I photographed and treated in this website). What was being measured and photographed is the Chi, or Life Force of organ energy meridians flowing through the body, touching every cell of every organ. The sum total of these numerous meridians of energy make up the Electromagnetic Field of the body.

This EMF contains a duplication of every organ in the body, hence balancing and strengthening the EMF will balance and strengthen every cell in the body with resultant pain relief and bringing the body back to true health. Energy can only be changed by Energy in the EMF. This is how homeopathy works (they are pure energy forms), acupuncture, and PEM work. True health has to be regained by working in the EMF first, and then the physical changes follow. During the 25 years of active practice in veterinary medicine, I treated every case with PEM first then added the necessary detoxifying homeopathic nosodes, diet, herbs, chiropractic etc. as needed with each individual case. I remember one case that had it not been for PEM, a whole litter of 8 Himalayan kittens would have died.

A lady brought in a box containing the mother and her 8 kittens. The babies were only 4 weeks old and seriously ill with Feline Distemper. Their tiny bodies looked like dirty pipe cleaners: their hair was matted with vomitus and bloody diarrhea, and their hair stuck out from their painfully thin bodies. I could not even handle these sick kittens to give them oral drops of the Feline Distemper nosode- they would go into shock. So I took the box- Mama and babies, and stuck them in the PEM coil for therapy. This is a beautiful, noninvasive, effective form of treatment for anything! After 3 daily treatments the babies had stopped vomiting, had begun nursing, holding down food and their diarrhea had stopped. Being stronger they were able to take the oral homeopathic nosode to rid their systems of this terrible virus. I saved all 8 babies and they grew to be beautiful cats.

I can't tell you how many different forms of infection, degeneration, pain and pathologies I have treated over those many years, but you can believe that there is no condition that can't benefit, if there is any Chi there in the body to work with. I have a few cases listed in my photo album of "Recovered Animals with Energy Treatment" on my website at : cancer, Auto-Immune Deficiency, Feline Leukemia, Feline Infectious Anemia, crippling arthritis, Congestive Heart Failure, kidney failure, epilepsy, paralysis, allergies and dermatitis, liver toxicities, the list goes on endlessly.

It takes years to master EAV, but a lay- person can help their animal alleviate pain and pathology by using a machine producing pulsated electromagnetism by following a handbook outlining setting for different conditions. There is a company that sells and leases a variety of PEM machines that I recommend highly. I bought one of their machines, so now I have two; one for each of my two locations for my family and animals. It is another tool just like homeopathy, my Healing Halter, crystals, natural diet, orthomolecular supplements, etc. that a pet owner can use to change the deranged energy into one that is healing in their pet.

The company is Centurion, it has a home system of a painless 3- month rental period, to try out the machine and see the results yourself. They have a number of programs available to help you acquire a Centurion System for your home to be used on human and animal members of the family. Remember you can use it to prevent disease and pain too- by charging yourself and your pet on a daily basis with the maximum settings. A strong EMF prevents any "parasites" from entering the physical body. Parasites are bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cancer cells. The Centurion PEM is the best medical preventative insurance one can have. You can email me at for information on the Centurion PEM" Tell Wayne, Dr. Dodd told you about the system, for faster service.


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