by Gloria Dodd, DVM.


In the introduction to this book, Gloria Dodd, D.V.M., writes, "I have tried to cover as many topics of emergencies as I could and to tell you what to do in the most concise, down-to-earth language possible. I have chosen mainly natural products (homeopathy tablets, Bach Flower Extract Calming Essence, and acupressure for stimulating breathing and heartbeat) for you to use. I have found them to be both effective and non-toxic in my own clinical practice. I have used them on rodents, birds, cats, dogs and horses . . . if you choose the wrong medication by mistake you can never harm your pet-the only drawback is you may not have helped him. You cannot overdose with these remedies."

Dodd then gives a brief explanation of homeopathic remedies. This is primarily a homeopathic first-aid book, It accompanies the Medical First-Aid kit Dodd has assembled.

Animal Emergency Handbook is free with the purchase of Medical First Aid Kit.

The contents of the kit- medications, bandaging material, plastic squirt bottle to administer medications are listed in glossary fashion. The 24 vials containing homeopathic remedies are listed by number, Latin and common name, along with their indications for use. This provides a convenient cross-reference with the text so the reader can learn when a remedy is indicated generally as well as when Dodd recommends its use specifically.

Dodd covers over 33 emergencies, including bleeding, car accident, heatstroke, urine problems, vomiting, and wounds.

She briefly explains the symptoms and, if applicable, the causes. For example, under "colic" she writes, "Symptoms of restlessness, straining, animal assuming a posture of 'praying' where hindquarters are up, with front legs lowered down on elbows, much stretching of the body, or frequent licking or chewing at the flank area. The pain is from the stretching of the stomach or intestines with increased gas formation, usually due to abnormal fermentation of spoiled food (garbagitis), parasitism, or accidental chemical poisoning. With this gas is a reflex tightening of the smooth muscle in these organs which 'traps' pockets of gas and worsens the condition.

"Administer by mouth: #11 (Cuprum Metallicum 50M), #5 (Belladonna 6x) every five minutes for five treatments then hourly as needed. Moderate walking about on leash, or gentle enema can be helpful. If there is no improvement, see a doctor immediately."

For each topic, Dodd recommends a specific treatment or medication. One must assume that the homeopathic dosage of two tablets for each remedy as mentioned in the introduction and the section on bleeding is applicable to all the homeopathic treatments.*

The illustrations in this book are excellent, including: how to apply a tourniquet bandage to stop bleeding, how to administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation to a dog or cat, the location of the acupressure points for resuscitation of a dog or cat, and how to medicate a dog or a bird.

This handbook is directed primarily towards owners of dogs and cats. However, Dodd also explains how to medicate and give CPR to a bird. At the end of the book she has a section on birds which covers regurgitation, diarrhea, respiratory conditions, and care for egg-bound birds. Dodd anticipates an edition exclusively for horses in the near future.

You can easily read through this book and prepare yourself for any of the topics it covers. Also, you can quickly locate and reread any specific section should you be in an emergency situation and need to refresh yourself. The tone is decisive and deliberate yet calm.

Dodd strongly recommends that the kit be used only as an emergency measure. Proper diagnosis and treatment of your animal is essential; self diagnosis and therapy can be dangerous.

This handbook is not intended to be a definitive source on animal medicine, holistic medicine, or homeopathy. However, at the end, Dodd lists books and resources for homeopathic and natural products and addresses to write to for a list of holistic veterinarians. Dodd covers her subject matter succinctly and well. You'll appreciate the valuable information she offers to help you maintain your animal's health and to assist you in emergencies . You'll be stimulated to learn more.

*Dr. Dodd responds: "There is no 'true dosage' in homeopathy because you are not dealing with 'substance' (like drug therapy) but an essence energy vibrational imprint. Therefore there is as much effective medicating 'dosage' in one drop or one tablet of homeopathic remedy as there is in gallon or 100,000 tablets of that remedy, as I have stated in the introduction of my handbook.

"I say to use two tablets per remedy only as a convenient number to the pet owner. It's the frequency that is important. For emergency or acute conditions you want to treat hourly, or every 10 minutes if symptoms are severe, until the body recovers. You stop administration when symptoms stop. This is allowable in low potencies (or dilutions) of the remedy."

By Cydria Schaefer-White

Cydria Schaefer-White is a Seattle, Wash. freelance writer whose interest in natural health care dovetails with her love of animals.

"We would be interested in stocking your book in our Book Dept., . . . your book is well written, and in terms that any pet owner can easily understand it will be a real assett to the pet owner .... The squirt bottle is excellent and would be quite effective."

"The Emergency First Aid Handbook has been revised with numerous additions covering many more emergency situations with added illustrations (choke- modified Heimlich technique on dogs and small pets) as well as adding entire new sections on the horse, (colic, lamnesses, how to tell if your horse's spine is out of alignment, and what to do), cat, birds, rodents (rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters), and reptiles (snakes and turtles.).

Diets, malnutrition, supplementation and detoxification methods are discussed. New chapters have been added: an in-depth discussion of Homeopathy, its principles and methods of healing, and one on teaching the pet owner how to use Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to help make the correct decisions for his/her pet in picking out the best medication, color therapy, supplements, food, grooming aids, etc. as well as determining the state of energy health of the various organs of the animal.


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