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Signs of Spring- new 4 week old persian babies

There is something about a cat like no other animal. Although we claim to have domesticated this creature for hundreds of years, one wonders. Just look deeply into the eyes of a cat- there is still something wild and free there. Beauty personified in animation or stillness, aloofness, individuality, power coiled, ready to unwind at a second's notice, these are to me, the joys of sharing this planet with a cat that just "might" condescend to allow me into his world.

That is why it is so sad, when a kitty becomes sick or hurts. Every month I want to share with you what I have learned to help our feline friends back to glowing health if at all possible. This page will discuss some of our more serious problems in feline medicine from a holistic practitioner's view.


Urethral obstruction by crystals in the urine is one of the most common problems of neutered male cats. It has been my experience that there are three reasons for this:


  1. The neutered state
  2. Toxicities in the entire digestion system involving the liver, spleen, pancreas, small intestine, and colon. This leads to abnormal metabolites of food forming crystals in the urinary system.
  3. The imbalance in the entire endocrine system function

Neutering either sex removes an essential part of the endocrine system that keeps everything in balance: the thyroid, thymus, adrenal glands, pituitary gland, parathyroid and pineal gland. Each has its own responsible job of keeping the body healthy. In the male, the testicles produce the hormone testosterone. It is responsible for producing the maleness vigor and strength. Early in life it also is responsible for the health of the urethra (tube that carries the urine out of the bladder), strengthening the muscular walls, tone and produces a large lumen (size of diameter of the urethra) to carry a healthy stream of urine.

When male cats are castrated at 9 months of age or earlier, the lumen of the urethra is still small and in an infantile state. Now there is a move to neuter females and males at 6 weeks of age, (I do not approve of this program for the stated reasons.) This smaller diameter lumen then is easily plugged with any size crystal formation in the urine. In today's society it is necessary to neuter our pets to control pet population problems. It is devastating to know there are millions of unwanted animals euthanized yearly, and many medical emergencies that befall an intact male looking for a female to breed.

These animals may end up under the wheels of a car, or exposed to other males infected with viruses (feline leukemia, feline Infectious peritonitis, and aids.) Also, esthetically, a neutered male cat makes a more pleasing animal companion, he's content to stay home with us, his urine doesn't have the unpleasant strong smell of a full male, nor does he have the habit (generally) of spraying urine everywhere to mark his territory (furniture, indoor plants, etc).

Toxicities of the entire digestive system come from the pollution of the grains and meats by pesticides, and heavy metals. In commercial pet food the industry adds preservatives, one of which is ethoxyquin, a highly toxic chemical that has produced total organ pathologies, cancer, sterility and fetal anomalies. It is used to prevent oxidation of fats in animal parts used in pet food and isn't always included on the label of the packaging. I, and others have spent many frustrated, fruitless years to convince the FDA to ban this preservative. The irony is that in early FDA studies they found the chemical too toxic to use, but from pressure in Congress by the company who made it (Monsanto, originally for preserving rubber goods), it was allowed.

Toxicities from chemical contamination of our underground water sources and foodstuffs grown in this country is reaching a health crisis level. How do I know this? From16 years of analyzing the energy fields of sick animals with the EAV system, analysis of the hair of these animals and analysis of the food and water consumed by these animals and by people.

"In 1984 it came to my attention that a very serious health hazard exists in all animals and people: Chronic Heavy Metal Toxicity. This began 22 years ago, and counting, of my research into pollutant heavy metals causing disease.  The heavy metals involved are Aluminum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury, Selenium, Cobalt, Lead, and in some areas, Strontium. I am most concerned about the Aluminum  and Mercury contamination. I found these two  metals show up in ALL the sick animals and in ALL the foods and water I've tested over these years of research.  Aluminum and Mercury are also components of every vaccine, are cumulative and there are NO TOLERABLE LEVELS IN MAN OR ANIMAL." 

The biggest source of aluminum comes from Acid Rain. Acid rain is made by water (rain) combining with air emissions from combustion of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are burned by trucks, automobiles, and industry to produce nitrates, sulfates, carbonates and chlorates. The hydrogen molecule in rain chemically combines with these to form nitric acid, sulfuric acid, carbolic acid and hydrochloric acid respectively. Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earth's crust. It is found in clay, (bentonite and kaolin).

They are composed of bound aluminum molecules. When acid rain falls on these type soils, it chemically releases the aluminum to be a free agent. If crops are grown in these locations (and almost every major agricultural areas in this country are downwind to industry air pollutants; and autos and trucks are everywhere), the roots of the crops take up the aluminum and incorporate it into the plant tissues.

It is these vegetables, fruits, and grains that animals and we eat. Food- producing livestock eat the hay and grains grown here and also take in the aluminum in their tissues. Both man and animal eat the crops and the livestock. Aluminum concentrates as it goes up the food chain. The free aluminum leaches through the soils and gets into the underground waters, polluting our drinking water, and the water that irrigates the livestock and crops. It's a vicious cycle that must be broken. We must stop using fossil fuels, and find other clean sources of energy such as wind, solar, and hydrogen splitting energy sources.

There are "Green Energy" companies already established and we must foster their business. I use Green Mountain Energy, a national company developing alternative energy for electricity from solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric sources. You can contact them at 1-800-286-5856,, PO Box 1307, Scottsbluff, NE 69363-1307

My fear of widespread contamination of Aluminum in our food chain and water from other sources, was borne out through my conversations with public health officials and those in FDA. I was told aluminum is added to our public drinking water to precipitate out organic compounds, It is used routinely as a dehydrating agent to remove water from packaged food products and to prevent salt from caking. I have found the highest levels of aluminum being in the dry, kibbled pet food product versus the canned version.

Aluminum wing bands in poultry are an abominable practice and should be outlawed. Aluminum values in Gerber's baby food chicken, and Swanson's Chicken Mixin's for human consumption are very high. God only knows what occurs naturally in well water and streams that course through toxic landfills with cars, batteries, and other metals leaking into the underground aquifers, then discharging into the earth's oceans. This problem is seriously troubling ecologists and biologists in the ocean's fish and food chain.

Mercury and Cadmium are extremely toxic in miniscule amounts (.05 parts per million). Contamination by unwise disposal of household and commercial products are getting into the underground waters, polluting our oceans (see my section "My Mission" and the planetary "dead zones" of our oceans). Ocean fish are testing very high in mercury. Realizing that almost all commercial cat food has a high percentage of fish added for taste appeal to cats, you could see how pathologies are developing in our cat population.

Mercury, aluminum, and lead attack the brain, nervous system and every organ in the body, including the immune system. Cadmium also, but I have found cadmium has a predilection for the stomach, causing a degenerative change decreasing the amount of hydrochloric acid and pepsin for initial protein digestion. This now produces a foreign metabolite to the system that travels down the gastrointestinal tract, then into the liver and causes degenerative, toxic changes in these organs.

"The Leaky Gut Syndrome" now found prevalent in animals and humans, produces all kinds of pathologies: allergies, degenerative joint problems, stones and crystal formation in the urinary tract and gall bladder, behavior problems, attention deficit in children, degenerative changes in the heart and lung. Chemicals polluting our food and water, as well as the changed metabolic food products being produced by altered physiological functions of the digestive system and the endocrine system cause this leaking across the damaged membranes of the intestinal tract.

These abnormal chemicals can come from the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides used to spray our food crops directly, and indirectly by permeating through the soils and contaminating the underground water resources. Add to that oral administration of drugs, parasite control chemicals and medications; and systemically, the body suffers from the toxic affects of vaccination.

Imbalance in the endocrine system

The lack of testosterone throws the other glands out of balance. The thyroid which is necessary for burning calories from food consumed, becomes sluggish, and many times you'll see neutered animals put on weight easily with the same amount of food fed before neutering. This is why.

The thymus is a gland that keeps our immune system healthy. Many neutered animals show a higher percentage of allergies and skin problems. The parathyroid is responsible for calcium balance in the blood and tissues. The adrenal gland is responsible for balancing blood sugar, response to stress, and inflammatory conditions.

The liver is the paramount organ in the body, it is not part of the endocrine system but is responsible for the health of the endocrine system and all organs by its ability to detoxify all foreign chemicals, its function as part of the immune system (formation of immuno-globulins) and producing bile necessary for the breakdown of fats. I go into detail on the role of the liver in my newsletter #10 The Toxic Liver-The Beginning of the End?". Energetically it has a destructive cycle to the digestive and immune system. The energy flows if imbalanced in the latter, have a destructive cycle to the kidney and urinary bladder. Degenerative changes form stones and crystals in the urinary tract, these organs now are unable to eliminate toxins via the urine, thereby toxic waste metabolites are reabsorbed back into the blood stream, poisoning all organs with uremia.

Urinary blockage can cause death within 24 hours if not relieved due to uremia.


Emergency Basis: If you see your castrated male cat spending a lot of time in his litterbox, straining as if constipated, the first thing you should think of is urine obstruction, not constipation. Immediately dose with the homeopathy Thlaspi Bursa 6x and the Bach Flower Rescue REmedy + Fear Factor every five minutes as you rush him to the hospital.

Post-care at home

  1. After the obstruction has been relieved and the bladder washed of all crystals, you will find the urine to be bloody and many times kitty is uncomfortable to urinate. This is due to the trauma of the urethra by the urinary catheter that had to be used to relieve the blockage. In my Deluxe Kit, give the homeopathy Ferrum Phos 12x (for bleeding), Hydrastis 6x (for healing the internal mucous membranes of the urinary tract), Cuprum Met. 50mx (to overcome the spasm of the urethral sphincter so kitty can urinate), Cantharis 6x (for painful urination), and our old friend, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy + Fear Release Factor to relieve anxiety and fear. You may also purchase the homeopathy Feline Urethral Spasm Support 60C  Vit020  ( formerly Feline Urethral Obstruction 60C).
  2. However the most important change is in his food. Stop feeding commercial pet food and feed only freshly prepared organic (if possible), or detoxified store bought food. Diet and detoxification of foods is detailed in my newsletters #4 Diet, and #7 How to Detoxify the Food.
  3. Detoxify the cat with 1 teaspoon liquid Kyolic 3 x daily for 1 week. Kyolic is a specially processed, organic, aged, concentrated garlic- a great detoxifier and strengthens the gastro intestinal tract and immune system. Feed food cleansers such as carrots, beets, apples and zucchini vegetables and juices; the homeopathy Nux Vomica 30C, and my Vaccinosis Detox nosodes 30C. to detox the noxious affects of drug vaccinations.
  4. Supplement with anti-oxidants Vitamins E, C, Beta Carotene and Selenium and Digestive Aid Formula 30C  for treatment and support of digestive system weaknesses,  especially important in long term antibiotic administration that kills off essential protein-digesting bacteria in the small intestine,  cases of inflammations in  liver, pancreas, stomach, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Cataracts (lens of eye energy linked to digestion), Corneal Sequestration ,   nephritis, cystitis, congestive heart problems,  allergies and cancer.

    Contains 30C HPUS Nux Vomica,  30C HPUS Acidum Hydrochloricum, 30C  Sarcodes: lymph, pepsin, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, heart, heart valves, Colon , lung, probiotics, pancreatic enzymes: lipase, amylase, protease; nosodes 30C Indole, skatol, tryptophan.
  5. Balance all organ, endocrine and immune system glands with my custom homeopathic formula Male Total Organ/Endocrine Balance 100C.
  6. Strengthen and balance the energy flows to all of the body's organs with my Healing Halter. See How to Measure and electronic store.
  7. Energize the bottled spring drinking water (never use tap water!) with quartz crystals mandalas. This will strengthen the EMF (electromagnetic field of your pet) and you will find he is more resistant to parasites (none of my animals have fleas!), and help strengthen the health of all the organ systems of your cat.
  8. Pain Control Support Formula 5M: Indications: for use of reducing extreme nerve and soft tissue pain until the real reason for the pain can be identified. Note: Recommend use with Male or Female total Organ/Endocrine Balance/Immune Support 100C for maximum results. FDA registration number 1300 Ingredients: 5M: Hydrastis Canandensis HPUS; Hypericum Perforatum HPUS; Arnica Montana HPUS; Ruba Tinctorum HPUS; Isode Meperidine Hydrochloride ; Nerve Sarcode; Skin Sarcode
  All of these products can be found in the electronic store. A 10% discount of all items mentioned  and more healthful products can be purchased as the Basic Cat Health Package.

All of these products can be found in the electronic store. Dosages of supplements are given in the #4 Diet Newsletter, Detoxification methods in #6 Newsletter, How to Detox Your Pet.

Come back and visit the Cat Section again. In the future we we'll be discussing other health problems, prevention and treatment utilizing natural products of homeopathy, quartz crystals, herbs, magnets, color and acupressure.

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