Upper Respiratory Illness In Cats
by Gloria Dodd DVM

Symptoms: contagious, uncontrollable sneezing, and coughing, with discharges from nostrils, mouth and eyes, with fever and loss of appetite.

Etiology:  a group of infective agents Feline Rhinotracheitis virus, but the most common agent is Herpes viral group. Picorna viruses and reovirus have been isolated from the respiratory tract of cats showing signs of rhinitis( nasal inflammation)  and conjunctivitis. Also the  etiological agent of Feline Pnuemonitis, Chlamydia psittaci  have been found. Signs are most severe in young kittens. Very mild infections last 5-10 days, others 3- 6 weeks in severe cases.  Mortality can be low unless there are other extenuating factors:

Transmission is by infective aerial droplets from infected cats sneezing and coughing. Lesions are confined to the respiratory tract, nasal passages  and conjunctiva (eyelids) which become swollen and red covered with watery to purulent discharge. In severe cases there can be necrotic ulcers of the mucosal membranes of the nasal passages, turbinates, tongue and mouth..  Some cats develop inflammations of the larynx and windpipe. Some cases with picornavirus develop lung congestion with consolidation of lesions.

Orthodox Prevention and Treatment: a modified live vaccine is available for the prevention of pneumonitis but has no affect on the rest of the viruses Antibiotics used orthodoxically only affect secondary bacterial infection, it has no affect on viruses. Symptomatic removal of ocular and nasal discharges, and use of ophthalmic eye ointments are advised but if cats develop breathing problems the only course of action is for the kitty to be placed in an oxygen tent, be given supportive fluids to correct dehydration and force feeding to keep up nutrition.

My advised treatment for this disease is the use of alternative veterinary medicine.

Correcting and removing noxious environmental home radiations from man made electronics, electrical wiring and water pipes in the walls with our antiradiation devices, the Tripak and the 3 hole resonator bead; and earth-made geopathic stresses.

  • Realign the Chi or Life Force if the cat has ever had a blow to the head. please read my article in the Research section of my website on Head Trauma and the use of the 3 bottle Jarquin homeopathy remedies.

  • My Detox/Support/Prevention Program—detoxification of specific vaccinations, heavy metals, chemical pollutants and veterinary drugs such as steroids and antibiotics and use of my Custom made 3 bottle set of homeopathic Detox Feline Upper Respiratory Nosode Support Formula: 12xc, 30C, and 60C, natural home made diet and vitamin mineral supplementation.

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