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Allergic Bronchial Inflamation, Sinus Inflamation, Miliary Ecsema, and other Skin Problems

These are not problems of the bronchi, sinuses and skin, but are an indication that something is wrong with the health of the internal organs.  In my experience these have involved an overwhelming toxicity of any or all of the following: liver; pancreas; stomach, large and small intestines; gall bladder; adrenal glands; thyroid gland; kidneys; reproductive organs of both male and female; and the immune system. How do I know this? I know this from 20 years of practicing EAV.


EAV is Electro-acupuncture According To Voll. Dr. Voll, a medical doctor from Germany, discovered, published and taught other health practitioners a system of identifying diseases, illness, and pain caused by specific energy fields of chemicals, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and drugs amongst other associated causes. He developed a machine, called the Dermatron that could measure energy fields in millivolts from the body's organ systems via their acupuncture points.

 He discovered that these disturbances in organ energy fields, if not balanced, would lead to physical evidence of pathology. He substantiated what the Chinese oriental doctors have known for 6000 years. These disturbed energy fields that would develop into future physical ailments could be detected long before any laboratory testing, x-rays, biopsies etc. would reveal them.  More so, by testing nosodes (homeopathic energy substances made from causative agents of specific bacteria, viruses, fungicides, drugs, and chemicals that would bring the organ energy readings to normal), one then knew what the diagnosis of the illness, pain or degeneration was that would manifest; what nosodes were needed to be given as treatment; and one could abort the future expression of this illness, pain, and degeneration in the organ systems.  Dr. Voll had discovered a method of pure prevention of illness; if the patient was brought to him early in symptomatology!

I studied in Germany with Dr. Voll, learned his methods of EAV, bought a Dermatron machine, and proceeded to apply his method to my own veterinary practice. I used EAV on every animal expressing a disturbance of homeostasis. Homeostasis is a term defining the perfect biological and physiological state of the body. Skin problems made up the majority of these animals. After two years of documentation of EAV's efficacy in animals, I published my work, lectured and taught the method to other veterinarians who wanted to learn this amazing therapy. Dr.Voll has lectured and taught his method to medical doctors all over the world, including this country, but it is still viewed with suspicion by the AMA. Of course, if practiced exclusively by the medical profession it could put the drug companies out of business, empty the hospitals of cases of chronic degenerative illness, and overhaul our country's staggering financial burden of health care. Anyone who can find a doctor or veterinarian proficient in EAV is fortunate indeed. They are out there but you have to look for them: contact ACAM, an association of holistic medical doctors and AHVMA, an association of holistic veterinarians in the reference section of this web page.


The majority of the toxins come from any abnormal foreign chemical to the body:

1. Pollution of our food, water and air with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, (aluminum, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, selenium, nickel, iron, copper), PCB , etc. which are the result of contamination by agribusiness, industry, landfills, public consumer household and backyard uses of these chemicals. I am alarmed at the discovery I have made of the wide spread chronic heavy metal poisoning in all of the sick animals I have tested. I go into detail on this subject in Newsletter #8 Heavy Metal Contamination of the Food and Water Chain. Cats particularly are exposed to more mercury than most animals  due to the heavy content of fish in commercial cat food. More of our oceans are becoming a dumping ground for heavy metals and fish are concentrators. Mercury is toxic in miniscule amounts- .03 mg% in man. It affects every cell in the body- including the brain and nervous system.

2.  In addition to these chemicals are those chemicals deliberately added to the pet food products by the pet food industry, preservative chemicals that extend the shelf life: PABA, sodium bisulfate, pyrophosphate, BHT, Ethoxyquin; and Alum (aluminum) to prevent moisture in dry kibbled pet foods; aniline (petroleum source) food dyes for eye appeal for the pet owner not the animal: red, yellow, blue lake, etc. These and other tongue-twister ingredients listed on the packaged goods are put in our own people food too. I have found Aluminum goes to the brain and nervous system, (thereby affecting every cell in the body), of animals and has been incriminated as a contributing cause of Alzheimer's Syndrome and Early Senility in man.

Ethoxyquin was developed by Monsanto Corp. to be used as a rubber sealant, and then used to preserve animal fat and animal byproducts, in both human and animal consumption products. It is one of the WORST chemical additives I can think of. It produces infertility and high mortality of newborn in dogs, cats, cattle and sheep. It has produced horribly malformed offspring in dogs and cattle showing any number of abnormalities such as: aborted or live newborn with cleft palates, hydrocephalus, missing tails, legs and sex organs, only 3 legs, the stomach and intestines growing outside of the body, and one or three eyes formed in the head. This is documented in case histories of dog breeders in this country and in the Italian Press with pictures. The Italian farmers begged our President (Bush at the time) to ban the use of Ethoxyquin in livestock feed supplements exported abroad.

There is documentation gathered in this country showing the relationship of Ethoxyquin to infertility and cancer: of the liver, (one dog was 6 months old), of the mouth and cancer developed in both hips of a German Shepherd puppy. Ethoxyquin has been incriminated in the development of skin dermatitis, and allergies in dogs. The FDA is still approving Ethoxyquin, although ironically, the agency first banned its use due to its toxicity, but lobbying in our federal Congress put pressure on the FDA to approve its use. I fought an unsuccessful 3-year fight originating in August 1992, with the FDA over Ethoxyquin's use in any food. I have published my efforts in Diane Steine's book, Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats. Today Ethoxyquin is still used in both animal and human consumption products. It is used to preserve carotene and antioxidants Vitamin A and E which are fat soluble, and for the prevention of organic peroxides. It is used in chili powder and paprika but you won't see it on the label. That is what is so frightening, WHAT IS NOT LISTED ON THE INGREDIENT LABELS. For many years now some foods have been preserved by Cobalt radiation: bananas, strawberries, and California raised chickens that I know of, but there are probably more.

3. Radiation of any kind is destructive. These are toxic energy fields passed on and affect the consumer of the treated food. If it can kill worms, eggs, insects, bacteria, etc. which are complex organisms, what do you think it is doing to the body's cells, which are simple structures? Radiation is cumulative; add to this the increased ultraviolet radiation to the skin due to decreased ozone protection of our atmosphere, and the number of X-rays a body has been exposed to in a lifetime the resultant dosage can be much more than what is considered "safe" by the governmental regulatory standards.

Now we have " genetically engineered" varieties of plants that are supposed to be parasite and frost resistant; but has there been any in-depth studies at the energetic level of what these "foods" are doing to the electromagnetic energy fields of the body's organs and immune system? What is the nutritional value of these foods? You wont find this on the label either, nor those growth hormones, antibiotics and vaccinations given the meat producing livestock that went into that pet food, or our own food. Another horrible thought-I don't know of any scientific studies on multiple chemical and radiation toxicity affects in the animal or human. What happens when you combine the food preservatives, food coloring, 20 or 30 different pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, radiation and any number of heavy metals? I found one scientific paper testing the affects of two chemicals being used by agribusiness and golf courses: this study had combined one fungicide with 2,4,D (an herbicide) and found it increased the toxicity of 2,4,D ten fold! This is the Real World, not some isolated sterile, controlled laboratory testing one chemical at a time. Dow Chemical and others, are developing newer and stronger insecticides every week to try to keep up with the losing battle of combating faster evolving resistant strains of organisms.

This race by the chemical companies is outstripping the ability of the FDA to test the toxic affects of these chemicals. Many, untested chemicals are being released to the public for sale in your friendly grocery store and nursery every day. The new science of Biogenetics is producing strains of species plants unknown in history. They are splicing genes into grain seeds to survive multiple sprayings of fungicides and pesticides that heretofore would kill the plant. All to win the race with the insects. But what is the increased chemical sprays doing to the consumer health????  To the environment, other species in the biosphere ???? Radiated, genetically engineered, and drug and chemically exposed foods are not identified in labeling and the consumer has no way of knowing, so the best alternative is buy organic!

4. Toxins are also absorbed into the body by those pets exposed to inorganic Phosphate type Insecticides (Carbaryl, Malathion, Diazanon, Sevin etc): flea sprays, dips, pills, and flea collar use.  Add the environmental pollutants of herbicides and pesticides applied to the animal's yard. Heartworm medication although not related to inorganic phosphates, nevertheless is a health hazard fed over a long period of time. Just think about it, if in order to kill the parasite (the infective heartworm microfilaria) in the blood with this drug to prevent heart and liver damage, what do you think that poisoned blood is doing to the rest of the body's cells? It is poisoning cells all over the body- I have picked up these energy field disturbances in EAV and have had to detoxify treated animals with nosodes I have made from Filaribits Heartguard, etc. that is used to prevent heartworm infection, along with the vaccines, pesticides, drugs, and heavy metals, etc. before the body can be in a state of self-healing. This applies for all pathologies, not just allergies and dermatitis.

5. Toxic compounds in the air; hydrocarbons, sulfides and nitrates can be absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs and circulate to every cell in the body.I have found air pollution with industrial chemicals  is the biggest cause of aluminum contamination of our food and water. These chemical emissions when combined with water droplets in the form of rain, produces Acid Rain. Acid rain falling on croplands grown in clay soils, releases the aluminum ordinarily bound in clay as a free agent that is then taken up by the plants and underground water reservoirs in the affected area. Consumers of that contaminated water and feed concentrate the aluminum in their tissues. As we go up the food chain (man and carnivores-cats and dogs are the highest in the food chain), the aluminum concentrates further.

This subject is covered in detail in my Newsletter #1 Heavy Metal Contamination of the Food and Water. I detail exhaustive analysis by reputable laboratories using atomic absorption techniques for heavy metal analysis of the many different brands of pet foods and human consumption foods, herbs and supplements that were consumed by the sick animal, as well as hair analysis of the sick animals (horses, dogs, and cats) brought to me for treatment.  It was interesting to see improvement in the levels of metals found in the hair of the sick animals drop when the heavy metals were chelated out with specific homeopathic nosodes made from the involved heavy metals. This is true for sick people too.  This is why I put all the heavy metals nosodes in my Dr. Dodd's Custom Homeopathic Detox Remedies. This drop was achieved both by treatment and changing the animal's diet to natural organic foods. Recoveries in the pathologies of the individual cases followed. Heavy metals are not only toxic in themselves but can disrupt the body's nutritional mineral ratios that lead to health problems. Aluminum competes with Calcium in the body thus producing a calcium/phosphorus imbalance and an increase in copper retention to produce a secondary copper toxicity.

Aluminum also disturbs the utilization of zinc in the body, which is essential to the healing process, and can cause premature aging and gray hair. I am most concerned with the Aluminum contamination than any other contaminant because it is omnipresent in foods, water and all the sick animals I have tested. Aluminum as I have said, goes to the brain and nervous system therefore affecting every organ system in the body as well as the mental state of the individual, man and beast.

6. Vaccinations and Drugs given your animal companion are toxins too. Vaccinations are produced by taking a lethal organism and its toxins that produce a DISEASE, sometimes fatal in the animal and attenuating it (that means weakening the organism by chemicals or passage through an abnormal host like chick, duck embryo or tissue culture). Let's take one example: Rabies virus that has been grown on chick embryo: what energy fields of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, worming medicines, heavy metals, etc has been consumed by the hen and rooster, or vaccinations given them that produced that fertile egg? These energy fields as well as those of the Rabies Virus is being passed on into the embryo, as well as the foreign protein of the chick embryo itself that will make up the vaccine that will be injected into your pet to produce antibodies against that particular virus. This renders immunity for a time against that disease but it also injects into your pet all these destructive, foreign energy fields. We know from 6000 years of Oriental Medicine that energy states of the body affect the physical state of the body. If you have been exposed to destructive energy, your own electromagnetic energy will be impacted; either blocked or imbalanced which in time, if not changed, will filter down into the physical body and deleteriously affect the organs, and immune system. This is how organ pathology, illness, pain, and allergies develop. This is how skin problems arise: allergic dermatitis to pollens, food, and fleas, Seborrhea, and Ectopic Dermatitis.

This is how asthma, and allergic bronchitis develop. These are all names for the same process. I'm not saying we should abandon the use of antibiotics, drugs or vaccinations, but we should be judicious in their use. In this country we have a very poor vaccination philosophy: we give too many, too frequently with multiple vaccine combinations and to animals that don't need it. I use the same Detox nosode to strengthen the EMF to keep the animal healthy and strong, or if proof of vaccination is needed, give the Killed Rabies vaccine (not the attenuated Live virus), every three years not yearly, and then detox noxious affects and build a strong EMF with my Cat/ Dog/ Rabies Vaccinosis Detox Nosode Formula 30C”.

Never have the Rabies vaccine given with any other vaccine but space vaccinations at least 3 weeks apart. NEVER give the Feline Leukemia vaccine to a recovered case of Feline Leukemia, in fact I don't profess giving the vaccine at all -there have been too many cases of clinical Feline Leukemia following the vaccination. I prefer to work on keeping the Life Force of the animals strong to help prevent susceptibility to diseases caused by viruses and bacteria for which we vaccinate. If cats are being exposed to this virus I use the Cat Vaccinosis Detox Nosode Formula 30C. I detail the problem of illnesses caused by vaccination methods and my recommended vaccination philosophy in my newsletter # 15 Vaccinosis Diseases.

7. Emotions can be toxic too. Cats, though many times appearing aloof and independent, are bonded to the human members of the household and are sensitive to our own emotions. What affects us, affects them. Being confined with little human contact or exercise can produce stressful emotions in animals. These are the animals that will do excessive grooming and licking of the body, urinate on furniture or become destructive to furniture and drapes. Negative emotions (anger, tears, anxiety, and fear) have a destructive energy through the liver, which is linked energetically to the digestion and immune system. So prolonged stress, and a negative emotional environment will impair an animal's nutrition and produce allergies, tumors and even cancer. Just like in people. I remember a dog that was brought to me by a man seeking alternative help with his dog's osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in the right front leg. The man's jealous wife had fed this dog for 6 years. She resented the affection and time her husband lavished on the dog. Imagine consuming 6 years of food impacted by such negative emotion!

The worst stomachache I ever had was a pizza made by an employee that was being chewed out by his boss. That pizza was like a lead ball in my stomach. Thoughts are energy and they manifest in the physical world. Always prepare food with a loving heart. You will pass on that loving energy field into the food and the one that eats it. The medical world has formulated a possible common profile of a cancer victim: it is one who feels hopeless and helpless. The dog made a complete recovery after months of heroic treatment but more important I was able to show the wife the possibility of her role in the dog's cancer. She felt so guilty that she spoiled the dog something awful. This emotional health hazard can happen to cats and people  too.

8. Earth-made and Man- made Energy Fields can be toxic.  I speak of these as "noxious" energy fields and discuss them in detail in my newsletter #8, Why Therapies Fail, the Geopathic and Man-Made Noxious Energies Connection. These can do harm to every organ system in the body, but particularly vulnerable are the endocrine (glandular) and immune system. Please check the section in this website on Noxious Energies and the protective anti-radiation devices for sale.


Inheritance of poor genes can produce a genetic weakness that does not protect the immune system or the inheritance of white skin with out any protective melanin against the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, offending parasites and pollens. This can lead to skin problems. It can be an inherited defect in food metabolism that may prevent proper absorption of nutrients, protective vitamins and minerals. These run in certain breeding lines. This was the case of my husband's dog, "Patches", a McNab Shepherd whose lineage had a history of skin problems. Her skin became beet red and broke out all year round because she had inherited allergies to fleas, pollens, and dust in the spring and summer and molds in the winter. She would chew herself bloody. Finally I was able to control these outbreaks with switching from commercial pet food to all natural organic raw foods, putting a Healing Halter on her that she wore continuously, and using a sun screen ointment on her white belly (she's an outdoor dog) and occasionally supplementing with the Allergen Homeopathic remedies I make.

White cats particularly suffer with ultra violet radiation (sunburn) and sores that develop on nose tip and ear tips may become cancerous. I advise using sunscreen on these areas before putting cat outside, avoiding the hours between 10 Am to 4 PM when the sun is the nearest to the earth.

Many cats, or those born with stubby tails, have malformed tail vertebrae and disturbed local nerves that cause low grade pain, that a cat responds to, by constant licking, and chewing that produces ulcerations and abrasions of the skin with low grade infections. Some of these cases are prone to chronic urinary bladder infections that produce a "scalded "skin dermatitis on the ventral side of the tail stub. This is a result of the abnormally alkaline urine from the infection "burning" the upper skin layers of the tail.

Malalignment of the spine, either by birth or trauma, can weaken the associated organ linked to that vertebra both by innervations by the spinal nerve and energy flow of Chi, or Life Force. If this is at the level of the first neck bone, the atlas vertebra, it affects the health of the Wallerian Ring of lymph tissue and tonsils in the throat. This is the first defense of the immune system. Those vertebrae associated with the lungs can weaken the defense of the lungs to inhaled toxins that can damage the immune system and produce allergies and skin problems. The same is true with those vertebrae associated with the digestive system that weaken the stomach, small intestines, and colon. This produces poor nutrition and/or undigested food that cannot properly nourish organs that support the immune system and the rest of the body. An important factor in food allergies that lead to allergies and skin problems is the "leaky gut" syndrome. This develops when the lining cells of the intestines are damaged by chemicals, bacteria, radiation, etc. and allow undigested foods, chemicals and bacteria to travel across the gut lining into the blood stream which then touches every organ in the body with these toxic compounds All vertebrae are interrelated, as with acupuncture energy meridian flows; what affects one, affects all.


You may not have been aware of the relationship of signs of your pet's body trying to rid itself of any of a variety of toxin insults. What is this natural process? The body uses every orifice (openings in the body) to discharge out the toxic offenders. This can result in vomiting, diarrhea, and discharges from the eyes, ears, nose, vagina, penis and skin. It may take the form of a fever- "burning the toxins in the oven of fever". The biggest organ of detoxification in the body is the liver, which changes the toxin into a form that can be excreted by the intestines and kidney. When the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, the Pituitary asks for help from the rest of the endocrine system:

ADRENALS- Which divert toxins via the gastrointestinal tract and may develop into vomiting and diarrhea.

OVARIES- Vaginal discharges of toxins develop which may appear as straw colored fluid or pus.

THYROID- Skin discharges of toxins is the most common since the skin is the largest organ surface of excretion.

These early signs of intoxications are the signs of the body's "honest fight" that too many times are shut down by medical doctors' treatment of symptoms not causes with antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, etc. This drives the toxins deeper within the tissues and manifest as new symptoms: allergies, nephritis, urinary bladder obstructions from crystalluria in cats,  bladder stones, circulatory, heart and endocrine problems, obesity, dermatitis, skin polyps, and tumors in the skin and internal organs. These are the "rounding up" of the toxins in the tissues when the body can no long excrete them. At each stage of new signs from the body to rid itself of the toxin medicine steps in and shuts it down only to go deeper with a new set of symptomatology. This is the principle of Homotoxicology (self-poisoning of man) written so brilliantly by Dr. Hans Heinrick Reckeveg from Germany and founder of the largest homeopathic pharmacopoeia in Europe.

Because the immune system is also toxic, the body develops a multitude of allergies i.e., fleas, pollens (weeds, trees, grasses), hydrocarbons in the air from car emissions, contact foreign allergens - wool, nylon, silk, chicken feathers in pillows as well as FOOD ALLERGIES.  In my experience 80% of the skin problems I see have not only multiple allergies to their environment but to the food they eat i.e., beef, chicken, milk products, corn, wheat, and soybeans. Therefore treatment of skin problems should not be directed at specific treatment for the skin per say by steroids (cortisone, prednisone, prednisilone, vetalog, etc.)  the WORST treatment for allergies and dermatitis as it depresses an already impaired immune system and adds one more drug toxin to the burden. Steroids also make it difficult to affect any beneficial affects from homeopathy and acupuncture, which rely on some form of operating immune system.  Steroids leave the body defenseless to the invasion by parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Long-term steroid therapy can produce endocrine imbalances, nonregenerative anemia, weakening of the skeletal bone structure, and autoimmune diseases. Other skin treatments are oral drugs, antibiotics, inorganic phosphate pesticides for flea control in the form of oral pills, shampoos, dips, skin penetrating drops and flea collars; steroid skin salves, etc. It is more logical and proper to treat the REAL cause of allergies and skin problems- intoxication of the body's physiological organs and immune system. 



1. CEASE STEROID ADMINISTRATION, VACCINATION (the vaccination won't produce any protective antibodies in an immune disturbed animal anyway), ANTIBIOTICS, HEARTWORM MEDICATION, PESTICIDE EXPOSURES, ETC, ETC. only the most critical life saving medications (like heart, kidney and lung medication) should be given.

2. Stop feeding commercial pet food and switch to a diet of home-prepared organic food immediately If organic foods are not available be sure to detoxify your food and your pet's as outlined in News letter #7 Detoxification of your food, and News #4, Your Pet's Diet. If you don't change one thing for your pet, at least do this. I can't stress how important this one factor is in changing the lifestyle in the care of your pet to improve his/her health.

3. Stop giving drug vaccines, detox noxious affects of  past vaccinations given, with my Cat and Rabies Vaccinosis Detox Nosode Formula 30C , then use the same Detox nosode to strengthen the EMF to keep the animal healthy and strong.

4. Detoxification of your pet with homeopathy, herbs and special skin soaks. This is outlined in detail in my newsletter #6, A General Detoxification Program for Your Pet and Newsletter #10, Toxic liver problems, The Beginning of the End? Use of my 3 bottle set of  Detoxification Homeopathy Remedies, Homeopathic Allergen Remedies and Skin Remedies are very helpful. If the skin has open sores, apply a soothing alkaline skin soak of Baking Soda:


Baking Soda Skin Soak

To relieve itchy red skin or if your pet has very inflamed skin with oozing sores, use a dilute baking soda soak first before the other two following techniques. Red inflamed skin is "Yang" in Chinese Chi terms- and needs "yin" energy to balance it. Or to say it in physical terminology, an inflamed skin is in a state of excess acid ph. Baking Soda is "yin" and is alkaline in ph. Always make a solution of the soda, never a paste applied to the skin for it will burn and make the pet chew on his/her skin more after you have finished.

Cat and Toy Breeds: use ½ cup baking soda to a ¼ bathtub full of warm water.  Keep wetting the skin with the soda solution from head to foot until the water gets cool, then pat dry -DO NOT RINSE OFF. You may use a hair dryer (if kitty tolerates it), set to "warm" not hot, for long-haired animals, drying the fur by brushing the hair as the hair dryer blows on it. Apply healing Calendula ointment to any open sores. It will not harm your pet if he/she licks this off the skin.


Blue light shining from a 25 watt blue light bulb 3 feet from where your kitty is laying, can be beneficial to itchy red skin. Expose the skin for as many hours as possible as long as needed.


Dr Dodd's Custom Homeopathy for skin problems (matching the remedy to the appearance of the skin- for example if the skin is beet red all over, use my Homeopathic "Beet Red-Type Ecsema Formula  30C") and specific Allergen Formulas 30C :  Food, Epidermal, Parasites( Flea), Mold, Inhalant or  Pollen Mix Formulas:  give 4 tablets hourly or as often as needed, to minimum dosing of 6 times daily. Also support all the organ and immune functions with the Male or Female Total Organ Support/Endocrine Balance/Immune support 100C.


For pets that have been exposed to large numbers of X-rays, radiated food or ultraviolet sunburn radiation:

Cats and Toy Breeds: ¼ cup baking soda with ¼ cup salt in ¼ bathtub full of water.

The water should be warm , not hot which burns, applying the mixture to the skin until the water becomes cool, don't rinse or shampoo off the skin, but towel dry.

Again I recommend a minimum of 7 treatments or until the water turns brown.

8. Acupuncture stimulation,  (see electronic store for charts illustrating acupressure point treatment with digital pressure.)

9. Specific cleansing diets and internal detoxification with enemas, specific homeopathic products called Nosodes and herbs. Please refer to Newsletter #6 and Newsletter #10 which area very helpful in the treatment for skin problems.

My Custom Homeopathic Heavy Metal Detox Nosode Formula which contains nosodes of heavy metals, general classical homeopathic remedies for cleansing and lymph drainers. AT the same time I advise giving the homeopathic Cat Vaccinosis Detox Nosode Formula 30C and Rabies Vaccinosis Detox Nosode Formula 30C to rid the body of all the toxic energy fields of the vaccines given over the years and use the same nosode formulas to strengthen the EMF for a healthy kitty. Detailed instructions are included with the remedies”

If your pet has been on long- term antibiotic therapy in the past, this may have produced a deficiency of the necessary intestinalbacterial flora for proper digestion, and/or your pet may not be putting out the necessary digestive enzymes, so you might also add Kyodophilus and Advanced Digestive Enzymes as a daily supplement to replenish these.

Bovine Colostrum is Mother Nature's perfect miracle food. I advise putting your pet on this supplement to help protect against possible foreign invaders of bacteria, fungi, and viruses while in a weakened state. This is especially true if your animal has ever had any steroid medication. Colostrum provides ready made antibodies and wonderful immune enhancing principles. It is especially indicated in allergies, dermatitis, and "leaky" gut syndrome. It is Mother's healer. I am very excited about this product that I now sell. It is gathered from organically raised cows in New Zealand so is the healthiest form of colostrums available to us. In fact I advise it as supplementary care for therapy in all illnesses. In can be sprinkled on open sores of the skin, used as a paste on gum and tooth problems.

Oral dose for cats: 1/3 teasp per 25 pound body weight 2-3 times daily, mixed with small amount milk or water. Best given on empty stomach.

Digestive Aid Formula 30C  for treatment and support of digestive system weaknesses,  especially important in long term antibiotic administration that kills off essential protein-digesting bacteria in the small intestine,  cases of inflammations in  liver, pancreas, stomach, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Cataracts (lens of eye energy linked to digestion), Corneal Sequestration ,   nephritis, cystitis, congestive heart problems,  allergies and cancer.

Contains 30C HPUS Nux Vomica,  30C HPUS Acidum Hydrochloricum, 30C  Sarcodes: lymph, pepsin, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, heart, heart valves, Colon , lung, probiotics, pancreatic enzymes: lipase, amylase, protease; nosodes 30C Indole, skatol, tryptophan.

10. Chiropractic adjustment where indicated by a holistic veterinarian utilizing this method or referral to a chiropractor by your attending veterinarian, (a visit to your friendly chiropractor must be accompanied with a referral letter to protect the chiropractor's license).

11. Energy balancing of the involved acupuncture organ meridians by a holistic veterinarian, as well as things you can do at home which are covered in depth in Newsletters #3 Non-toxic Flea and Tick Control, #4 Your Pet's Diet, #6 A General Detoxification Program for your Pet, and #9 Toxic Liver Problems.

12.Quartz Crystal Mandalas ( Mand- 3 & Mand-6 )    for charging the drinking water and food fed. After detoxing the food and water fed your animal on my blue green detox papers, place the food and water bowls on the plastic quartz crystal mandalas to  charge the molecular electromagnetic energy(EMF) of the food and water, thus charging the animal's own EMF when consuming the water and food. Do this for your own diet.

13. Purchasing a Healing Halter for you pet that will help to balance and strengthen all the organ energy meridians and help protect your pet from exposure to most noxious energy fields. This is a must in any healing regime.

14. Protection from environmental noxious energy fields with my protective  anti-radiation devices- please read the Noxious Energy Fields Health Hazard section of this website.

I have written a lengthy discussion because we are finding skin problems occurring in epidemic proportions today. Animals suffering with Dermatitis and Allergies are like the "canaries" in the mine that used to warn the underground miners of impending lethal gases. Animals, because of their smaller size and shorter life spans than humans, show the affects sooner and more graphically of what is happening to people's health. WE HAVE TO LOOK AT THE LARGE PICTURE OF WHAT IS CAUSING US TO BE SICK.

We, humans, are polluting and destroying the good energy of this planet, we call home. The toxic chemicals we so recklessly apply to the environment, and the perpetration of the use of fossil fuels to power our cars, homes and business work places, industry and the military will come back to haunt us. So too, is the irresponsible clear- cutting of trees, overpopulation for which there are increasingly fewer resources on this planet to sustain us and disappearance of natural wildlife habitat. Man needs wild places to connect to our Mother Earth- for the salvation of Body, Mind and Spirit. So do the animals.

Please do your individual part:  foster recycling programs, use natural alternative pest control products, and natural fertilizers for your lawn and plants, buy from organic food producers or grow your own organic vegetables and fruits. It's not hard at all, and there are methods that you can adapt to a small space in your backyard. There are many books available on the subject. In time I will be writing a newsletter on this subject to share with you what I have learned. Buy your electrical energy from companies who use little or none of the fossil fuel burning products to produce electricity. They are called Green Energy companies and are listed with your State Energy Commission. I like Green Mountain Energy Resources, which provides national electricity. Install solar energy panels at home or the workplace to supply electrical energy in the summer, by conversion of the sun's photons to electricity. We can reduce auto emissions by fostering the development of electric cars, using our autos less by walking more, using bicycles (healthier for us) and combining several errand trips into one, and shopping in our homes via the Internet.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis, Feline Leukemia and Other Serious Infections.


For the nearest holistic veterinarian please contact AHVMA ( American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) for information at:2218 Old Emmorton Rd, Bel Air Md. 21015 or call (410)-569-0795, or fax (410)- 569-2346, or access the directory at

IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) in care of the president; Dr. Cletus van Derwell, 840 W. Ohio, Delphis, Ohio 48920  or access on the web:

For the nearest holistic medical doctor:

ACAM (American College for Advancement of Medicine)

23121 Verdugo Dr., Suite 204, Laguna Hills, Ca. 92653

(714) 583-7666, (800) 532-3688; Fax: (714) 455-9679


Green Mountain Energy Resources: 1-800-286-5856, fax; (319) 399-2424

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