I have observed this disease in Persian cats only. It may be that the pushed up nose anatomy with frequent rubbing of nasal folds of hair on the cornea can predispose to this condition. It is a degenerative disease of the superficial upper layers of the cornea (the outside clear part of the eye) in either eye or both.

The cat is presented with dark brown or black corneal plaques. It may start as a pin- point dark lesion with tearing down the face but later progresses to a wider corneal lesion with moderate to severe discomfort. The cornea may stain with a fluorescein dye around but not over the pigmented plaque. I have seen many of these cases also exhibit skin dermatitis problems that range from quiet scaling of skin with moderate itching to severe bleeding areas of the body where the cat has self traumatized the skin with constant licking (cats unlike dogs have cornified tiny papillae on their tongues that can abraid tissues from constant licking) and pulling out of the fur from tail and torso.

There is a high correlation of corneal sequestration with Feline Herpes Viral Infection.

Please see photo below of “Sammy” Castille, neutered male Persian, before my successful treatment of both his dermatitis and bilateral corneal sequestration:


Before photo: Before my Detox and Support treatment for acute dermatitis and bilateral corneal sequestration. Note tear staining of face from bilateral corneal lesions and the bleeding skin.






After treatment: note clear eyes, full luxuriant coat. This is how Sammy has remained today with my holistic prevention protocol and practice of energy medicine.

Orthodox treatment consists of excision surgery of the lesion and the resulting ulcer is treated as an uncomplicated ulcer unless circumstances indicate more vigorous treatment. Treatment is aimed at prevention of adhesions to the inner structures of the eye with resultant glaucoma as a serious complication. Disadvantages of orthodox treatment:

  1. General anesthetics in Persians or any brachycephalic animal breed is very risky.
  2. The surgery is expensive.
  3. Prolonged aftercare with prevention of cat traumatizing the surgical site, mandates the kitty many times has to wear an Elizbethan collar for several days/weeks during healing phase of eye. Cats hate collars and many times have to have mild sedation during this phase post surgery. Cats have very few detoxing enzymes in their liver unlike dogs and man, and therefore many drugs and chemicals are highly toxic to them.
  4. Does not address the CAUSE of the condition developing in the first place.


EAV has taught me there is 50% of medical therapy and diagnosis being ignored by the orthodoxy. We are also Energy Beings. All life has an Electromagnetic Energy Force (EMF) circulation that maintains Life. When that energy is blocked or disturbed, illness and pain ensues. You have to treat both the physical and the EMF if you hope to cure an animal /person of their illness.

The cornea is energetically linked to the liver and digestion. Because so many animals are being fed commercial diets that are not formulated for a carnivore, especially cats, who are a true carnivore and require a high % of flesh protein to be healthy. Commercial diets are 50-75 % cereal based with questionable source and quality of protein.

This puts a great strain on the pancreas, which has to digest this large volume of carbohydrates and starves the cells of the body for the needed protein. Commercial diets are also contaminated with toxic chemicals: noxious food preservatives, petroleum analine dyes, sugars, pesticides and from my 28 years research, heavy metals. The Pancreas is energetically linked to the Immune System. What weakens the pancreas, weakens the immune system.

The Liver is over burdened by kitty having to detox and eliminate this load of toxic chemicals day after day. The liver is also assaulted by vaccines and drugs administered. The Liver energy meridian has a destructive energy to the immune system. See where I’m going? When the liver is in a state of inflammation, it is imbalanced and overloads the energy of degeneration to the immune system The immune system quits, so that every bacteria, virus, or fungus that the cat is exposed to, can find a welcome mat out in this weakened body. This is how the Herpes Virus takes root, the cornea is already weakened by diet, and the chronic irritation of nasal hairs rubbing on it, makes it succumb to Corneal Sequestration development.


  1. Change the diet to home made with 70% protein of flesh protein, 20% carbs and veggies and 10% fat in form of extra virgin olive oil. See Newsletter #4 on Diet.
  2. Prevention of further toxin exposures by cleansing this food which has contaminating heavy metals, +/- pesticides, drugs in livestock that make up the meat protein with my Detox blue green papers,- see Newsletter #7 How to Detox the Food and Water. Use my Cat Oral Homeopathy nosodes. Routinely trim nasal hairs back from the eyes. Routine use of ophthalmic ointment.
  3. Detox Kitty of all past vaccinations with my Cat Oral Detox nosode 30C, and Rabies 30C and drugs( requires a consultation to identify which ones to put in a custom drug Detox nosode). I also advise detoxing with my 3 bottle Homeopathy Detox Nosode series (has heavy metals and some pesticides). Cleanse the system of the Herpes Virus with my series of the Herpes Virus Detox Nosode potencies and Homeopathic Supportive Eye drainers. (This requires a phone consultation).
  4. Support all the organs of the body and the immune system and the corneal with sarcodes with my Male or Female Total Organ Support/Endocrine Balance 100C homeopathy. Digestive Aid Formula 30C  for treatment and support of digestive system weaknesses,  especially important in long term antibiotic administration that kills off essential protein-digesting bacteria in the small intestine,  cases of inflammations in  liver, pancreas, stomach, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Cataracts (lens of eye energy linked to digestion), Corneal Sequestration ,   nephritis, cystitis, congestive heart problems,  allergies and cancer.

    Contains 30C HPUS Nux Vomica,  30C HPUS Acidum Hydrochloricum, 30C  Sarcodes: lymph, pepsin, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, heart, heart valves, Colon , lung, probiotics, pancreatic enzymes: lipase, amylase, protease; nosodes 30C Indole, skatol, tryptophan.
  5. Use of supportive Vitamin- Minerals and Taurine needed by cats; and antioxidants to stimulate and accelerate healing in the body and eye: Radical Raiders, Favor, and Aerobic O7 (oral oxygen drops- viruses can’t live in high oxygen environment).
  6. To strengthen and balance the EMF to accelerate healing measure kitty for my custom made Healing Halter.

Except for #4, all the above- mentioned products can be ordered in our discounted Basic Cat Health Package.

Saving a cat from eyeball removal by Dr. Dodd’s treatment.

Hello Dr. Dodd,  

Here are before and after eye photos (of my cat, Cindy) before and after your treatment. The picture was taken on Jan 29, 2006.  

By the time I first contacted you, her eye was much worse than what you see in that photo. A week or so after that photo was taken, her entire iris was covered with a dark cap. The white of her eye was an angry red, and she had a section (about the size of a pin head) that was ready to erupt.  

The vet told me her eyeball was going to burst, and he instructed me to rush her to surgery so they could remove her eye. I took a lot of heat for not following that protocol.   As you can see, it isn't quite 100%, but it sure is close, and she is now back to being a very happy cat.

Thank you for making that possible.    


Mary McGrath

Before my treatment of Cindy’s left eye showing corneal sequestration, acute inflammatory conjunctivitis and acute uveitis.

Post treatment photo of same cat, Cindy 4 months later.



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