I would have the pup or kitten nurse the bitch/queen as much as possible to help stimulate milk production. But you want to supplement enough for the newborn to gain 5-10% of its birth weight daily (have the owner weigh the little one BID). I start supplementation at the following amounts, and adjust based on weight gain. A lot of newborns get constipated on esbilac so may need little warm water enemas also. I like to use the powdered esbilac so I can make up what I need for the day. 

week 1 60cc/lb/24 hours divided q 2 hr
week 2 70cc/lb/day ""
week 3 90cc/lb/day ""
week 4 100cc/lb/day "" and start puppy/kitty mush of detoxed meat/veggies/oatmeal QID

I am a HUGE fan of tube feeding. I have taught many clients to do so and have never seen aspiration with it. I see it a lot with clients bottle feeding. They usually make the hole in the nipple too big-many times weaker newborns cannot suck through an appropriate sized hole. Good luck! I LOVE raising newborns and helping clients do it. Takes care of all my maternal instincts :)


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