EAV - It's Importance in Determining True Cause of Disease
and Necessary Treatment for Recovery

I have been a veterinarian since 1960, for the first 16 years I practiced orthodox veterinary medicine . In 1976, I became very frustrated in it's  shortcomings and I went to Europe and South America to study with Holistic Medical Doctors. What I learned in alternative therapy and health, I began practicing  in my own veterinary practice. I published my results and taught other interested veterinarians for 5 years. These new methodologies and philosophies of natural health ,  have brought me the most satisfaction, allowed me to treat conditions I found untreatable before, and completely changed my perspective in preventative and therapeutic veterinary medicine. It’s the last 30 years that have brought me the most satisfaction, allowed me to treat conditions I found untreatable before, and completely changed my perspective in preventative and therapeutic veterinary medicine. I have been convinced that the health of all living creatures exist on two levels: the physical and the electromagnetic (EMF). The EMF is the sum total of all acupuncture energy meridian flows within the body -the Chi of Chinese medicine and the Life Force. I have proven this to myself by photographing the EMF of animals and people with Kirlian photography. Please see photos for more details.

I have measured the energy output in milliamps from acupuncture points on the body of animals and people with a special electronic machine made in Germany, called the Dermatron. I studied with Dr. Reinhold Voll in Germany. He developed EAV (electroacudiagnosis by Voll) in which he could measure the health of every organ by its electrical output value via specific acupuncture points on the fingers and toes of his human patients. He could determine if the organ was normal, inflamed or degenerated, or in a combination of the latter two. Then he did energy medicine testing of homeopathic remedies by inserting these within the circuitry of patient and machine.

These remedies he called "nosodes"= homeopathy remedies made from specific bacteria, viruses, vaccines, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics, steroids and radiation from x-rays. He could determine which of these nosodes normalized the body’s abnormal readings registered on the Dermatron. This then told him what was causing the pathology in the organs and what had to be given to return his patient to good health. I took this method back to my practice, researched it for 2 years on animals, found it was the same in animals as in people, I published my work and taught other veterinarians over the years.









These energies (read by the Dermatron) coming from the cells of the body can be photographed using a Kirlian camera. What was being measured and photographed is the Chi, or Life Force of organ energy meridians flowing through the body, touching every cell of every organ. The sum total of these numerous meridians of energy make up the Electromagnetic Field of the body. This EMF contains a duplication of every organ in the body, hence balancing and strengthening the EMF will balance and strengthen every cell in the physical body. This then relieves pain and brings the body back to true health.

Energy can only be changed by Energy in the EMF. Like Dr. Voll, I found true health in the physical state comes only when you change the impaired EMF first, and then the physical changes follow. This is done by using energy medicine; homeopathy, acupuncture, pulsating electromagnetic energy fields by PEM machines, magnets, quartz crystals, colors, music, feeding good energies of clean, non-chemicalized food, and neutralizing any noxious energy fields in the environment that is impacting the body’s EMF.

During the 26 years of active, clinical practice in veterinary medicine, I treated every case this way.  Please see my photo album of recovered animals using energy medicine. The Recovered Animals link is in the Research Section of this website.  The number of specific illnesses that can be reversed is limitless, but it is mandatory that this change must be affected early in the disease, before irreversibility is reached.

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