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There is something special about dogs; a unique bonding with man that goes back to antiquity when the wolf shared that first warming fire with our ancestors. Dogs care not what your economical status is, whether you are successful, or homeless; handsome or ugly. They were sent to us by our Creator to teach us Unconditional Love. Many true stores have been written about their loyalty and devotion-even sacrificing their own life to save their master, and expressing love for their master that transcends the grave.

I personally have been saved from two potentially dangerous incidents by my dogs. Once as a teenager, by my little Toy Shepherd alerting me to a burglar who had cut the window screen of my bedroom window while I was sleeping one night, and a second time by my German Shepherd who kept barking at a fire. It had started in the outside corner of the house by an overheated landscape light igniting a fir tree. But mainly it has been their unswerving love that has sustained me in my darkest hours. Is it any wonder I have devoted my life to help their pain and suffering?

In the coming months I will feature different problems dog owners face with their pets and how to prevent and treat them from a holistic practitioner’s view.


Wolfie Dodd Birthdate: Feb. 23, 1990


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Today I would like to discuss some very important issues:

Addisons Disease and Treatment
Administering Antibiotics
Allergies and Skin Problems
Basic Large Dog Health Package
Basic Small Dog Health Package
Basic Puppy Health Package (new)
Behavioral Problems in Animals
Cancer and the Autoimmune Syndrome
Cataracts in Dogs
Chronic Sinus Inflamation
Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Dogs (CDS) Or Dog Alzheimer's
Congestive Heart Failure and Lung Problems
Convulsions the Cause and Treatment
Cushings Syndrome
Diabetes Mellitus
EAV and it's Relationship to Dental cause of Disease, Illness and Pain
Ethoxyquin in Pet Foods a letter to the FDA
Feeding newborn puppies and kittens

Healing with Chiropractic Therapy
Healthy Teeth for Pets and People

Heartworm Infections
Heavy Metal Poisoning, the Silent Killer of people and animals
Hepatitis - Liver problems in your animal
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD),
Intervertebral Disc Syndrome
Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases in Dogs
Osteoarthritis and Hip Dysplasia,
Pancreatic Illness
Parasites - Internal and External - Cause, Treatment, Prevention
Thyroid Gland Imbalance Diseases: Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism and obesity

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