Why do male animals spray their urine on objects (house furniture, outside yard perimeters of fencing and trees)?

It is to mark their territory perimeters telling other males, "you stay out" this is my territory." This behavior harkens back to the evolution of the species: it benefited wild carnivores in protecting their breeding rights with the available females, and protection of the water and food sources for themselves, their mates and offspring from other roaming dominant males..

Unfortunately it is not condoned in modern living societies. No one wants urine smelling up the furniture and floors, or soiling and staining the carpets in the home.

I don't recommend throwing anything at the animal in the act--you might break something and /or cause trauma to the animal (emotional and physical).

There is a much safer and successful way of training your dog or cat to stop this offensive behavior. Take a plastic spray bottle (one that you can adjust the flow of liquid to a fine mist), fill with a solution of 1/2 water and1/2 Household ammonia. Mix well.

Timing is critical in training your dog or cat to stop this behavior.

At the very moment of the animal committing the act, take the bottle loaded with the water/ammonia, and spray directly at the face of your animal at the same time making a very LOUD hissing sound. Repeat this whenever necessary.

Animals detest the vapors from the ammonia, but it is so dilute, it won't harm your pet. Animals also are instinctively alerted by the hissing sound--it may be a memory bank evolution of averting poisonous snake bites or battles with other cats. It won"t take you too many times performing this disciplinary action before all you have to do is make your hissing sound very loudly even from many rooms away and your pet will stop whatever unwanted activity he/she is engaged in. This can be cats clawing the furniture, or dogs chewing on the table legs, etc, etc. Try it It has worked with all my animals for years.

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