Convulsions, seizures, or "fits" are seen commonly in dogs, cats and gerbils. These seizures are of two types: true epilepsy and epileptiform- type, not true epilepsy. The symptoms of either are indistinguishable: "Petit Mal" seizures are very mild and may consist of only a period of the animal being rigid, upright, staring off into space and unresponsive to owner. The "Gran Mal" type seizure is full blown, animal falls to the ground, usually lying on its side, with all muscles of the body in uncontrollable spasms, which may continue for several minutes. There may be foaming at the mouth or not. These may be multiple or single seizures at a time.

1.TRUE EPILEPSY (IDIOPATHIC) CONVULSIONS are caused by a dysfunctional firing of abnormal neurons in the brain, may be caused by metabolic disorder or inherited genetic misinformation. The abnormal nerve transmissions start in a small nucleus of cells then progress outward to involve numerous neurons in the brain. A Gran Mal seizure involves a vast majority of the motor area of the brain responsible for physical musculoskeletal movement. Seizures usually start after one year of age and are self-generating: they get progressively more frequent and more severe with time. They are usually brought on by some form of sudden stimulus; light, or noise

2. FOCAL EPILEPSY. Space occupying lesions such as tumors and local injuries to the cerebral cortex often result in convulsive disorders. The seizures begin in a single body part, such as a right forepaw, and gradually spread to other body parts until the entire animal is involved. These types of epilepsy are called focal epilepsies because the convulsive disorder is produced by a focus of abnormal activity upon the cerebral cortex, which gradually spreads to involve the entire cerebral hemisphere. Often removing the area initiating the convulsion will cause the disorder to regress. Convulsions due to tumors are usually treated with antiepileptic drugs.

3. EPILEPTIFORM TYPE CONVULSIONS are most common and not related to abnormal neuron formation. The literature is mute in its discussion of causes for this type seizure, but with my EAV research over the past 25 years of clinical practice, I have proven many of these to be due:

1. Toxic energy imprints in the brain from neurological toxins. I have found these to be: Pesticides (either sprayed on food consumed by the animal) or directly applied for pest control (such as inorganic phosphate insecticides, Advantage and Frontline); herbicides and fungicides contaminating food and water and environmental spraying. Animals walking through areas that have been sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides easily absorb these into the bloodstream through pads of the feet. Past vaccinations of Rabies and Canine Distemper Vaccine viruses, that have a predilection for the brain and nervous system. Their energy fields lodge in these tissues and are cumulative with each passing booster.

Heavy metals that contaminate the food and water (highest in commercial pet foods) such as lead, mercury, and aluminum. Others are toxic food preservatives and white sugar, which is so freely laced in some commercial diets-the moist pack type the worst. Neurological drugs that may have been given to your pet in the past, such as tranquilizers, pre anesthetics and anesthetics for any surgical procedures such as spaying, neutering, wound closures, etc. All of these affect the brain.

2. A second cause involves the imbalanced energy flow relationship of the liver to the brain. Everyone is familiar with the detoxification function of the liver. Any abnormal compound that enters the body is taken to the liver by the arterial circulation to be rendered into a non-toxic form of metabolite. This is self-preservation.

Many of us are also familiar with overindulgence in eating or drinking alcohol and suffering a horrible sick headache the next day. This is caused by an over whelming of the liver's function to detoxify the results of our overindulgence. Abnormal chemical metabolites are formed that affect the brain. So too, drugs, vaccines, pesticides, heavy metals, anesthetics and etc., are detoxified by the liver.

When the liver is unable to function properly, the organ starts to break down- certain liver enzymes are released into the blood stream that can be detected by blood serum tests. This allows a doctor to diagnose a toxic liver. The toxicity may take the form of a swelling of liver cells or death of the cells. Liver enzyme blood tests can indicate which process or if both are going on.

This destructive liver energy has an imbalanced relationship with the brain's energy field. Abnormal metabolites are chemicals that have their own energy fields that affect brain function energy. But sometimes, blood tests may be negative for liver damage, but the destructive energy affect of toxins in the liver on the brain function is still a reality. If severe enough, seizures occur.

Many doctors prescribe the traditional anti-epileptic drugs to control the seizures: first with the milder drug, Phenobarbital, Dilantin or in combination with Mebroin but when this doesn't control the convulsions, they choose the stronger drug, a derivative of phenobarbital, generally Primidone, alone or in combination with Valium.

These drugs in themselves are toxic to the liver and compound the problem of toxicity, until the only way to control the attacks is a general anesthetic. Eventually the pet owner gives up and has the animal euthanized. What proof do I have that this is the operating mechanism? By 25 years of practicing EAV (electroacudiagnosis by Voll).

This is a technique I learned in Germany from a German physician and genius, Dr. Reinhold Voll. Through the use of a sophisticated electronic machine, one is able to detect the acupuncture energy output of every organ in the body, and one is also able to detect normal values, values of inflammation or degeneration in that particular organ.

Through the same electronic circuitry one can test homeopathic remedies (called nosodes) made from all bacteria, viruses, fungi, vaccines, drugs and chemicals that affect the body and produce pathologies. One is able to detect the true causative agent of the disease, pain or pathology when the homeopathic remedy returns the abnormal readings of the organ to normal.

We now know the cause of the symptoms and what must be given to remove those symptoms and establish good health. This process operates in people and after two years documentation I found it also works in animals.

When homeopathic remedies were made from the aforementioned chemicals and vaccines, and were given in a sequential form over time, the convulsions disappeared and the liver and brain energy registered normal in the animals tested. If you want to explore my Nosodal Detoxification and Support Regime for your animal that has epileptiform seizures, I do some limited consultation and treatment of animals. You can reach me by phone or email.

Natural Treatment For True Epilepsy.

There is a simpler, nontoxic way to control true epileptic convulsions: by acupuncture treatments or implantation of a gold bead under the scalp at a specific acupuncture point. It works! Contact a certified veterinary acupuncturist in your area to do this safe alternative to drugs. These practitioners are listed in the IVAS directory (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society).; or Bead implantation does not work well if the seizures are due to toxicity.

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