Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Dogs (CDS)
Or Dog Alzheimer's

What is CDS?

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome or Doggie Alzheimer's Syndrome is a condition that appears to be a geriatric onset of gradual behavioral changes in dogs and some cats, which are not entirely attributable to other general medical conditions. Research studies at the University of California at Davis who studied 139 elder dogs found 62 percent of dogs between ages 11 and 16 have at least one major symptom of cognitive dysfunction. I have seen and treated dogs with diagnosed CDS as young as 8 years old.


They are related to a cluster of symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer's patients; disorientation and confusion, memory loss and personality changes.

In addition to getting lost in their own yards, dogs with CDS may cower in the corners of familiar rooms unable to remember how to get past the sofa and chair. They forget the distinction between indoors and outdoors and soil the carpets and floors. Other signs:

  • They forget how to navigate the stairs
  • They stop greeting their master/mistress
  • Spend much time sleeping during the day
  • Forget they ate and want to eat again and again
  • Keep their owners awake at night pacing
  • Press their heads into corners of walls, or stare blankly at the wall
  • Become aggressive or develop separation anxiety
  • Cats howl at night for no reason, go into closets and can't find their way out
  • At the end, these animals fail to recognize their owners and friends.


Researchers have found autopsies of CDS animals show brains of old dogs and some cats are often clogged with globs of nerve-damaging beta-amyloidal plaques similar to those found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease. "The more amyloidal plaques a dog has in his brain the more severe his cognitive impairment was when he was alive, " says Brian Cummings, a researcher at the Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia at UC at Irvine. Amyloidal alters how nerve cells function so it messes up the messages sent between nerve cells, he said.
There is an increase in MAO activity, and decrease of Dopamine levels in the brain. These interfere with nerve impulse transmission. They have not found the knots of dead nerve cells called neurofibrillary tangles develop in CDS brains, that are the other brain characteristic of Alzheimer's disease.


Drugs used in the human treatment of Parkinson's Disease, (Pfizer's Anipryl) used in clinical trials of CDS dogs has shown 75% reversed most of the symptoms of CDS but 20 -25% of the dogs on Anipryl vomited and had diarrhea, and some exhibited behavior changes. Because chemicals are more toxic to cats, the company hasn't tested it on cats, and does not recommend it now. However the literature claims the symptoms that disturb the owners the most (keeping them awake by constant pacing, defecating and urinating in the house) are fairly controlled with this drug and thus these animals are allowed to live longer, but soon succumb after a year or two.


The first two questions I asked myself reading about CDS, were, is there a similar pattern both in symptomatology and necropsy findings in CDS dogs seen in cases I have treated holistically?
Was I seeing a pattern here that mimics human Alzheimer's Disease in people that many holistic
practitioners have treated with some success? The answer was yes to both questions.


Amyloidal placquing, lowered Dopamine levels and increased MAO activity in the brain with resultant behavioral and memory deterioration are only the outward manifestations of a CAUSE.
That cause invariably has been linked to CHRONIC ALUMINUM TOXICITY.

Dr. Elizabeth Reese, a psychiatrist in the San Francisco area, 25 years ago published her work in the reversal of early Alzheimer's and many psychiatrically disturbed mental patients with Chelation Therapy. She found these patients showed very high Aluminum content in saliva and hair analysis. Serial chelation treatments cleansed the system of this Aluminum, as shown by decreased levels found in post treatment saliva and hair analysis. Concurrently with the lowered Aluminum levels, symptomatology of memory loss, confusion, paranoia, schizophrenia etc. disappeared. The majority of the orthodox medical doctors have not followed through with this revolutionary treatment.

My EAV studies have shown me that Aluminum is omnipresent in all animals, each with varying levels of concentrations. Aluminum has a predilection for the brain and nervous system, thus touching every organ in the body and the immune system. I have found it to be at the core of all pathology as well as behavioral and memory loss. The more the concentration through time (the older victim) and increased content in the food consumed, the more dramatic the deterioration in health and memory.

Studies in kidney patient dialysis using municipal water containing high amounts of Aluminum were published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet. These studies show Aluminum can produce premature aging and Premature Senility in people. Is this not Alzheimer's and CDS in animals?

I have discussed heavy metal toxicity, symptomatology, food and water sources contaminated with Aluminum, and treatment in my 3-part article in the research section of my web page. I refer you to this detailed description there. The ultimate solution is to stop burning fossil fuels which contribute to Acid rain that chemically frees bound aluminum in clay soils to be a free agent taken up by plants and polluting underground aquifers. Alternate energy sources such as solar, wind, and Fuel Cell energy is the answer.


"Bogie" Scott: Boston Terrier, male, 8 years old. Gradually developed signs of increased aggression to other dogs, and people. His own owner and friends, or anyone making a sudden movement, or loud laugh or noise around the dog would precipitate a sudden attack. He would show dilated pupils, and growling fiercely try to bite legs, hands or anything in his view. A period of disorientation, and unresponsiveness to owner's command, would follow. In a few weeks, his owner was kept awake by his constant pacing in her bedroom. Then she would find him with his head pressed into the corner of the bedroom. Later he would stand staring blankly at the walls.

His appetite and energy level were good, and appeared in good health otherwise. His diet had been one of a highly promoted commercial kibbled pet food supplemented with some scraps from the table. I have found all commercial kibbled pet foods contaminated with Aluminum and the kibbling concentrates the Aluminum content (in some over 800 times) by virtue of its dry matter nature over canned pet food. Also the high content of cereal content to meat protein in these commercial diets concentrates the Aluminum further. Cereal crops and legumes have a predilection for Aluminum, and concentrate it in their tissues.

Bogie's EAV and hair analysis revealed very high Aluminum concentration in the dog's tissues, especially brain and nervous system. The hair analysis showed 6.68 mg% Aluminum. Dr. Eck at the ARL testing labs in Phoenix, Arizona and I collaborated in studies of cats and dogs over 17 years. We studied the heavy metal content in the hair of sick and "healthy" animals. We found these animals showed a tolerable level of Aluminum to be .05 mg%. If there were levels above .05 mg%, animals started showing symptoms of failing health, memory and behavior.

The higher the Aluminum level, the more severe the symptomatology. Heavy metals like Aluminum also deranges the nutritional minerals in the body with a lowering of the calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron and sometimes potassium. Other normal metals in the body such as copper, and zinc can be secondarily toxic by the Aluminum's ability to concentrate these in the body. We tested the foods and water consumed by these affected animals.

We found the commercial diets to be the highest source of contamination. Most municipal waters use Aluminum hydroxide to process water and show high Aluminum content. Aluminum feeding and water bowls should be replaced with stainless steel or glass. Never use aluminum foil to wrap food for yourself or your animals ever!

Treatment for Bogie consisted of:

1. Treatment of Bogie required a consultation with Dr. Dodd to determine what specific Detox Toxins and Supports were needed. He required sequential detoxifcation of all veterinary drugs given,  vaccinations administered, and  heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and fungicide pollutants of his food and water consumed and petroleum hydrocarbons inhaled in the air of his environment. He also needed professional removal of all noxious environmental radiations in the home for geopaths by detection and clearing by our Dowsing/Diverting Services. He also needed antiradiation devices placed in the home to neutralize electrical wiring and plumbing in the walls producing noxious EMF's.

2. Changing his diet to home made, detoxed, food: 60% protein (raw when possible)-beef, chicken, lamb, cottage cheese, hard cheese, cooked eggs- organic when possible- but even organic in this country is polluted with heavy metals; 20 % organic cooked rice, 20% raw veggies plus Virgin Olive oil, vitamin and mineral supplementation. Drinking only bottled Spring Water. Detoxification of all food, water and supplements were made by cleansing with my Detox Blue Green Papers before feeding Bogie.

3. Supportive treatment of homeopathic Total Organ Support for the Male, Geriatric, and Endocrine Balance for the Male.

4. Wearing my Custom Healing Halter to balance and strengthen the body's Chi, ( or Life Force) and protection from environmental noxious energy fields,  by a device built into the Halter. Noxious home environment radiatons were corrected with our antiradiation devices: Tripak to neutralize electrical wiring, and a 3 hole resonator bead placed on the hot water heater to neutralize plumbing in the walls.    Detection of a serious  noxious geopath was removed by our Dowsing/Diverting Service.

Within a week of instituting treatment, Bogie stopped his night pacing and pressing his head into corners, of a room, or staring at the walls. His aggression and aluminum toxicity level has decreased. Please see photo below of now lovable "Bogie", still wearing his Healing Halter, in baby carrier sling, ready for a long trail walk with his owner, Ms. Marlane Scott:

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