Introduction - My philosophy in holistic healing is to root out the CAUSATIVE problem of the illness and pain. I do not advocate repressive medicine even with natural products. In my 40 years of veterinary medicine I have learned what makes an animal sick and what you have to do to make him/her well. My goal is to empower the animal owner to know exactly what to do, and that is in the form of education, and leading you to the products I have to accomplish this.

Please click on "Why do Animals Get Sick?" and "Energy Medicine-Blueprint For Glowing Health for Pets and People". Then go to my electronic store and search for the indicated products listed. For specific advice for cause and treatment of a specific illness, lameness and pain, please scroll down this page to the related article. Dr. Dodd

How delicate and beautiful. Everyone has thrilled to the loving ways of a pair of parakeets, softness and caring. They can teach us humans a great deal about compassion and companionship. How wonderful it is when they turn that love to us. From the diminutive, to the exquisite Macaws and Parrots. That is why it is so important to see that we keep these adorable creatures healthy.

SPECIAL COMMENTS ON BIRDS: in general the treatments outlined in energy medicine for all species are applicable to birds. By virtue of this pet's size, special handling is necessary when examining and treating the patient. Caution: do not hold bird tightly in hand with fingers completely covering the body - you will suffocate your bird. Oral medication also, is measured in drops, not squirts. Dose a single drop at a time. Mix your homeopathic remedies in a small squirt bottle (I sell the special ½ oz size especially for birds and reptiles), or you may want to use an eyedropper to apply to your bird’s beak. In examining the inside of the beak and throat, have a helper use a paperclip (on small birds) to pry open the beak, using a dry Q-tip to probe for mucous or seeds lodged in the throat.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy + Fear Factor Release works beautifully to ease anxiety and nervousness as well as to revive birds, even wild fledglings fallen from a nest. Just one drop with an eyedropper against the bill will be pulled in by capillary action. Be prepared for a sudden outburst of energy and flapping wings.


Regurgitation and diarrhea can be due to pesticide and herbicide contamination of the seeds and greens used during growing. ALWAYS wash your greens carefully before feeding and choose seed source from a reputable supplier. I'd assume probable pesticide poisoning and treat accordingly along with possible bacterial (Salmonella) infection, because I have seen this so frequently in birds. Give orally 1-2 drops hourly: Chlorinum 6x and Nux Vomica 6x as needed. For diarrhea, Arsenicum Album 6x with Hydrastis 6x, once hourly, can be quite helpful, no matter what the cause of the diarrhea is.

Or you can go to my electronic store and choose the Detox Formula and the Colon Support Formula. It is important that you do not let your bird become dehydrated and deplete his body’s electrolytes in chronic diarrhea that can greatly weaken your pet. As post treatment of any illness my Total Body Organ support for either Female or Male is very good. I have a good newsletter # 7 How to Detoxify the Food for yourself and your Pet. Always use only bottled spring drinking water for your bird. Tap water contains many pollutants (pesticides, PCB, heavy metals, especially aluminum and chlorine that can poison your bird.)


Respiratory conditions are very common, and can be due to infections, parasites, allergies and stress. It takes a specially trained veterinarian in avian medicine to help. Relief can be afforded with some homeopathic remedies such as those I have listed in my electronic store. All homeopathy should be given 2-4 tablets diluted in a small amount of water once hourly as needed in acute conditions. Then as a maintenance dose, 4 to 6 times daily until symptoms cease.

For the different types of cough, laryngitis, and bronchial type cough responds to Belladonna 6x, Bryonia 6x and Hydrastis 6x; for a wheezing, whistling type respiration use Belladonna 6x, Hydrastis 6x and Chlorinum 6x. For Pneumonia, add Arsenicum Album 6x and Hepar Sulf. 12 x. or go to the electronic store and choose any of my Custom Homeopathic Formulas for cough and pulmonary problems. Calming Essence is essential, one drop in beak, or if too stressful to handle bird, place ½ dropper in 4 oz. water in drinking water bottle.

Steam inhalation is helpful in bringing rich oxygen to the respiratory tract and to get the blood to carry out waste products. Also steam moisture soothes an inflamed mucous membrane of the throat and lining of the bronchi and lungs. For steam inhalation, make a tent for your bird with towels around the cage, open at one end where vaporizer is placed outside of the cage, with a towel draped over the steam vent to form a tube carrying steam into the cage.

Monitor CAREFULLY, that steam does not burn your bird or over heat it. Keep a small thermometer inside your bird’s cage to monitor internal temperatures. Protect your bird ALWAYS from drafts and sudden temperature changes - buy a good book on keeping your bird healthy. For diseases of cage birds, I like Margaret Petrak’s book, "Diseases of Cage and Aviary Birds." Lea and Feberger, 1969, it is very detailed.


Egg-Bound (caged female, unsteady on perch, ruffled feathers, wagging or straining movements with tail, back and forth from nest, or standing on floor of cage, even resting on the tail with legs apart.) This condition can cause acute death due to compression of large blood vessels or intestinal and ureteral (tubes carrying urine from the kidneys) blockage. Inspection of the cloacal opening (common opening for the urine and feces) is evident.

Treatment: remove egg if present, clean and replace any tissue that may be protruding (use rectal thermometer to gently push tissue back in). Lubricate lumen with Calendula Ointment on a Q-tip. How to remove egg: Oral dose one drop each: Calming Essence to calm bird; then mix Cuprum Metallicum 5OMx, Arnica 6x, Arsenicum Album 6x and Hydrastis 6x together, administering one drop in the beak every five minutes; try to relax the cloaca by carefully holding area over a bowl of hot water, allowing only the steam vapor to come in contact with the bird - do not burn your pet. Place a small amount of Calendula Ointment with Q-tip between eggshell and cloacal tissue as a lubricant then carefully apply small amount of pressure to abdomen to try to "milk" egg down and out, taking care not to break the egg shell. Broken internal eggshells cause peritonitis and death. This attempt of trying to relieve egg binding should only be applied if the bird cannot be treated in a hospital.


Ecto-parasites (mites, etc.) can be controlled by good sanitation, cleaning feathers and other debris daily from the cage and replacing with fresh newspaper linings. A light dusting of the bird’s feathers with non-toxic diatomaceous earth weekly will kill what adult parasites are there as well as their immature forms without poisoning your pet with the more toxic commercial products.


Wounds can be cleaned externally with warm soapy water, and then dressed with Calendula ointment on a Q- tip daily as needed. My Tissue Injury 30c Formula orally dosed, can be helpful for any swelling, pain and bleeding. Dose on acute schedule as needed then 2-3 x daily until all symptoms subside.


Other than trauma, almost 90 percent of the emergencies that befall birds are related to nutrition. Malnutrition, and contaminated, polluted feed and water with pesticides, and heavy metals.

Cereals and legumes (alfalfa, clover, etc.) are plants that have a predilection for aluminum that is found in clay soils that are exposed to Acid Rain. Aluminum as well as pesticides go to the nervous system and touch every organ in the body as well as the immune system. I have proven this with hair analysis and EAV.

I have had many pet foods (as well as food and water consumed by people), tested and I am shocked at the level of pollution we have in this country. It is a serious health hazard for all species animals and people. I call it Environmental Illness- they produce chronic degenerative diseases of all organs of the body as well as tumors and cancer.

I have seen hind limb paralysis in animals show various pesticides on EAV analysis of the brain and spinal cord. In early cases of chemical poisonings, they can be reversed with homeopathic remedies made from specific identified pesticides and heavy metals under professional holistic veterinary care; If you suspect pesticide poisoning in your pet, dose orally Chlorinum 6x for 3-6 times daily for 1 week. If you aren’t sure, my Detox Homeopathy Formula and Total Organ Support for the Male or Female would be helpful.

Always try to buy organic fresh produce- I do not advise packaged foods- make your own. Be careful of peanuts, buy unsalted and from an organic store. Commercially there are a lot of peanuts contaminated with the carcinogenic fungi, Aflatoxin. Try to get Sunflower seeds and other seeds from organic farmers. I discourage feeding millet- I have seen a high percentage of fatty abdominal tumors associated with it, once the bird is taken off millet, many times the tumors will recede. If you can’t get organic food then practice the detoxification methods outlined in my newsletter #7, How to Detoxify the Food For Your Pet and Yourself.


As with all pets and animals, I like to place a quartz crystal stone within the pet’s water bowl, or water bottle. This energizes the water molecules. This good strengthening energy is passed on to the pet drinking the water and helps to keep him healthy and resistant to disease and parasites.


It is important for you and your pet be protected from noxious radiation within the home. The major source of this is the electrical lines running through your house. I advise placing a Tri-Pak anti-radiation device on the house’s main electrical panel where the electrical service comes into your home. It really makes a difference between health and chronic illness and weakness.

If your bird appears sick (ruffled feathers, drooping posture, not eating) don't lose any time waiting for it to recover. Birds die quickly; get it to a doctor. Keep your bird warm (90 degrees Fahrenheit INSIDE cage temperature) by fashioning a "tent" of bath towels covering three sides of the cage. Keep a light bulb near the outside of the cage for heat.

Monitor the inside cage temperature frequently. Keep tent on day and night and during his recovery when the doctor sends him home. Dose with Calming Essence and Arsenicum Alb 6x, 3-6 times daily-to lift the Life Force of the bird. Please check my complete list of Custom Homeopathy Formula Remedies, and my Emergency First Aid Kits with illustrative Handbook for treating the various illness in birds, and all species of animals. They can be found in the electronic store. They really come in handy.

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