SIGNS : in dogs and cats: biting, scratching, excessive reactions to touch, hiding. Some dogs will attack other animals and kill them, or turn on the family members with aggressive behavior doing harm. Other signs are dogs snapping their jaws in the air, like chasing “imaginary” butterflies in the air.

    In Horses: behavioral problems may take the form of excessive biting, kicking, extreme nervousness, constant pacing in paddocks, excessive chewing on wooden railings, and fear. Uncharacteristic inability of the owner to load, ride or halter animal, and aggressive behavior to other horses.

    Orthodox treatment: in horses, dogs and cats, the first line of treatment is castration of males and spaying of female dogs and cats, then if that doesn’t work, administering tranquilizers and light sedation drugs. Some doctors prescribe dog obedience training classes. Some suggest the use of cruel devices on horses to force them into submission.

    My Holistic Treatment and Causation Factors:

    In my veterinary experience practicing EAV and other holistic therapies since 1976, I have concentrated on finding the cause of the symptoms, and removing these factors. I have found once that is done, the behavioral problems disappear. Some of the causes I have found are:

    1. Neurogenic toxins in brain and nervous system:
      from food and water contaminant pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals of aluminum, lead and mercury.
      • Drugs administered directly to the animal for pest control such as Frontline, Advantage, Heartguard in dogs and cats. In horses toxic pesticide sprays used as a fogging fly control in barns.
      • Vaccines that target the brain and nervous system: in dogs and cats: the Rabies virus vaccine has been the most serious; also canine Distemper virus vaccine. In horses, Western and Eastern Equine Encephalitis vaccines.

    2. Imbalance in the energy meridian flows of the Nerval Degeneration Vessels (brain and Nervous System), and Triple Warmer Meridians (Endocrine glands), and Liver Meridian ( I have found by EAV that a toxic liver many times is linked to the malfunction of the brain. In fact 80% of the “epileptic” dogs and aggressive dogs and cats have corresponding high energy values in both liver and brain. These high EAV energy readings correspond to inflammation in these organs.

    3. Animal, a captive living in noxious energy radiations environment ( EMF’s and Geopaths)

Three cases to illustrate my findings:

      1. Case #1: Canine, German Shepherd, intact male, family pet for years, suddenly turned on small 7 year old son of owner, bit head, tearing part of the child’s ear. The owner brought the dog in for euthanasia. I convinced him to let me do an EAV reading of the Central Nervous System. I found the Rabies Virus nosode lowered the extremely high inflammatory reading. I gave the dog (had to be muzzled) an injection of the specific potency of the homeopathic Rabies Virus nosode and kept the dog in hospital for a few days. The dog’s normal sweet nature returned and was taken back by the owner. I recommended never giving the dog a drug Rabies vaccine again and wrote a Rabies Deferral letter for authorities. To date the dog has been normal, healthy and loving ever since.

      2. Case #2, an intact male Doberman 6 years old, whose aggressive behavior with people and animals had gotten worse when he killed a small dog he encountered with his owner on a walk. Owner brought dog in for tranquilizers and my suggestions what to do. I noticed a “lick” granuloma on the dorsal side of the right foreleg. This granuloma was about 2 inches round, reactive thick, angry lesion and owner confirmed dog had been licking area for about 1 year. I noticed the lesion located on the Triple Warmer Meridian, master of the endocrine glands (pituitary, adrenals, thyroid, and sexual organs) – it is so important that one looks at the trajectory of acupuncture meridians for any signs of disturbance in the skin: discolorations, rashes, ulcers, lick granulomas, tumors etc. This is a sign that this meridian is imbalanced and producing physical changes. I suspected this was producing an overload of testosterone in this dog. I did electromagnetic sedation therapy via needles in TW 3 and TW5 acupuncture points bilaterally for 15 minutes. Within 3 treatments 3 days apart this dog reverted to a normal pet, who never again displayed the former aggressive behavior towards others. In fact he became a buddy of the neighbor’s dog and frequently played with him.

      3. Case #3 : Arabian filly, 3 years old suddenly became overly nervous, pacing in her paddock, chewing the railings, and uncontrollable to the owner. She began having difficulty catching the filly to bridle and ride. I was called in for consultation. I dowsed her paddock and found a serious noxious geopath running thro the area. Geopaths give up vertical noxious rays that affect all the body’s organ functions, but can also show disturbances and inflammations in the brain and nervous system. Coupled with the geopaths, the owner had an electric line installed along the top of the paddock’s wooden railings to stop the filly’s chewing. This was producing a noxious electromagnetic field within the entire paddock area- there was nowhere this filly could get away from this jangling energy. When you put an electric field on top of a geopath you are producing SERIOUS health hazards. In time this would have produced pathologies in heart, kidney, lung, endocrine glands (hypo, or hyperthyroidism) and eventually a breakdown in the immune system. I neutralized all noxious energies and the filly ‘s symptoms disappeared.


    1. Treatment: identify causes and remove them. Specific detoxification, support and prevention are absolutely necessary. You can order the Basic Health Packages for Dogs, Cats and Horses that have Detox nosodes for a lot of the offending neurotoxins (vaccines, pesticides and heavy metals). This basic package gives you Homeopathic Support of the organ systems for male or female animal and a way to prevent further exposures with information on natural home made diet , how to detox the food and water with the Detox blue green papers, and balancing and strengthening the EMF of the animal with a custom made Healing Halter.

    2. Certainly working with your animal is very helpful, putting your dog thro obedience classes, or “joining” up exercises with horses is very helpful. With cats, I find the Bach flower Calming Essence is helpful as an adjust therapy. With newly rescued animals or those suffering fearful behaviors my new homeopathic remedy "Rescue Remedy + Fear Release Factor (mimulus) 6x homeopathy in 1 oz brandy water extract: can be very helpful: give 4 drops 3 x daily as needed. Also Music, playing Mozart, blue color light sedation therapy for the nervous system helps to balance"..

    3. Having professional acupuncture balancing and then fortifying this at home as a maintenance by doing daily massage therapy of acupuncture points as outlined in my 3 chart sets for dogs, cats and horses.

    4. Deraying all noxious environmental radiations: place a Tripak on the main electric panel and a 3 hole resonator bead on the hot water tank to neutralize all noxious Emf’s in the building/ and a bead on any electric charger of horse paddocks and pasture enclosures. Order our Dowsing and Diverting Service to check the environment for noxious geopaths. These precautions will not only help your animal’s health and behavior but you and your family included. Especially if household members sleep poorly, have chronic fatigue, irritability, headaches, allergies and joint pain.

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